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Halleck and Grant—Reorganization—The three army corps-Grant snubbed and
humiliated-The abuse heaped on him-His reply to a correspondent-Halleck's
loss of time-A digging and shoveling campaign-Slow progress toward
Corinth-Results of Shiloh lost-The Confederates strengthen Corinth—And
play a trick on Halleck-Cornith an empty capture-Further waste of time—
The army of 120,000 men divided up-Buell off to Chattanooga-Halleck to
Washington-Grant's army reduced-Forced to defend a wide section against

odds-His plan of operations-Kept constantly on the alert by Van Dorn-
Battle of Iuka-Getting ready at Corinth-Strategic disposition of his forces-
Wisdom of his work on the fortifications-Van Dorn's attack on Corinth-The
two days' fight-Confederate defeat-The losses and pursuit-West Tennessee
out of danger-Grant's congratulatory order-His modesty and the misrepre-
sentations-Character as an officer, .





Importance of the Mississippi Valley-Meaning of Grant's victories-Object of
the respective armies-Opening of the Mississippi-Farragut and his fleet-
Defences of Vicksburg-Combined Federal fleets-The canals-Bombardment
by mortar flotilla and gunboats-Running past the batteries-Failure of the
seventy days' siege-Grant's new plan of attack-He moves from Grand Junc-
tion toward Grenada-Sherman goes to mouth of Yazoo-Pemberton falls back
to Grenada-New arrangement of forces-Grant's communications cut at Holly
Springs Forced to retreat Northward-Sherman's Yazoo enterprise-He fails
to get a foothold-Grant's determination-He organizes a third expedition
against Vicksburg-Takes command in person-At Milliken's Bend and
Young's Point-Trying expedients-Failure of the different plans-He sees
what must be done-His persistency and originality,



Vicksburg-Situation and fortifications-Department of Tennessee-The army
at Young's Point and Milliken's Bend-Grant's move to the south of Vicks-
burg-Meets with disfavor among his officers-The movement begins-To New
Carthage and Perkins-Grierson's cavalry raid-Porter running the Vicksburg
batteries-Naval attack on Grand Gulf-Its failure-Grant crosses the Missis-
sippi with his army-Lands on East side at Bruinsburg-Gets a foothold on
Mississippi soil-Sherman's diversion at Hayne's Bluff-Grant's quick march
inland-Battle of Port Gibson-Abandonment of Grand Gulf-Manoeuvers to
keep Pemberton and Johnston apart—Johnston driven from Jackson—Pember-
ton beaten at Champion Hills-Battle of Black River Bridge-Pemberton's
retreat upon Vicksburg-Grant's investment of the place-His danger from
Johnston-Grant's right reaches the Yazoo-Capture of Hayne's Bluff—Com-
munication opened with the upper Mississippi-Sherman's opinion of the cam-
paign-Grant assaults the enemy's entrenchments-They prove too strong for
capture-A second and more general assault-Porter co-operates with the fleet-
The terrible fire-A second failure-Regular siege operations begun-The

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Burnside and Longstreet-Knoxville attacked-Effect of Chattanooga on Longstreet
-His retreat-Congratulations for successes-A medal to Grant-Busy with other
plans-Feeling Bragg's position-Winter quarters-Perilous trip to Nashville--
Sherman at Vicksburg-A winter expedition into Mississippi-Features of the
Western campaigns of 1863-What they proved-A single leader demanded-
The Confederate situation-The Federal situation-Bill to revive the grade of

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