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Royal Asiatic Society, 1834

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Page 21 - ... proportions of symmetry." (p. 15.) The third chapter treats of the nature and quality of ground on which buildings are to be erected ; it is very copious and very curious. Minute directions are given for constructing a plough, and for ploughing the ground on which the house is to be built. This being done, " let sesamum seeds, pulse, and kidneybeans be sown, with incantations pronounced over them; and let due reverence be paid to the spiritual teacher ; and let the oxen, and the plough to which...
Page 17 - Wo to them who dwell in a house not built according to the proportions of symmetry. in building an edifice, therefore, let all its parts, from the basement to the roof, be duly considered.
Page 18 - The ground to be avoided is described in a special manner as follows : " That which has the form of a circle, a semicircle, containing three, five, or six angles, resembling a trident or a winnow, shaped like the hinder part of a fish, or the back of an elephant, or a turtle, or the face of a cow, and the like ; situated opposite to any of the intermediate quarters northwest, and the like ; abounding with human sculls, stones, worms, ant-hills, ON THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE HINDUS.

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