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Of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and of the Colonial Office

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Though MSS. of the śānkhāyana Āraṇyaka have for many years been available in Europe, that text as a whole has been unfortunate in remaining unedited, probably owing to the fact that most of it is not of special importance or originality, and that the part of greatest value and interest, the Kauşītaki Upanișad, was published as long ago as 1861 by the late Professor Cowell in the Bibliotheca Indica. It forms, however, in many respects a close parallel to, and commentary on, the Aitareya Āraṇyaka, and I have thought it desirable to complete my edition and translation of that work by a literal rendering of the Šānkhāyana Aranyaka.

I am aware that in several places my version is unsatisfactory, and I should have preferred if I could have found it possible to obtain further manuscript material for the constitution of the text of Adhyāyas vii-xv. But I am inclined to think that it is important in Sanskrit studies to observe some proportion between the effort expended and the value of the result, and I trust that this translation will afford students of the Veda a means of seeing, with the least expenditure of time and trouble, exactly what the sānkhāyana Āraṇyaka contains. A full comparison with the Aitareya Āraṇyaka will be found in my edition of the latter work, in the Indexes to which I have included the lexicographical and other matter of the Šānkhāyana so fully as to render an Index to this translation needless.

I have added, as of more general interest, an Appendix on the Mahā vrata rite. This paper was prepared for the recent

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