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GULIELMUS D:Gratia Angliæ, scotiæ.Franciæ, et Hiberniæ Rex fidei defenfor etc,

An Account of the

Reformation of Manners,


And other Parts of the Kingdom.


Persons of all R A N K S,

Zealous and Diligent in Promoting the Execution
of the Laws against Prophaneness and Debauchery,

For the Effe&ting
A National Reformation.
Published with the Approbation of a

Considerable Number of the Lords

Spiritual and Temporal.
Who is on the Lord's fide, let him come unto me? Exod.
Who will rise up for me against the Evil-doers? Who will ftand up
for me againff the workers of Iniquity? Psal. 94. 16.

3 2. 20.

LONDON: Printed for B. Aylmer, at the Three Pigeons
in Cornbill; and are to be Sold by the Booksellers of

London and Weftminster. M DC XCIX.

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Piekening 5-18-29 19270

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For Preventing and Punishing Immorality and prophanenets. WILLIAM R.

bereas We cannot but be deeply Senlible of the great boodness and Mercy of almighty God, in putting an End to a Long, Bloody and Erpengve War, by the Conclusion of an po

nourable Peace, so We are not less touched with a Relentment, that notwithtanding this and many other





great Blessings and Deliverances, Jmpiety, Prophaneness and Jminojality do till abound in this Dur Kingdom : and whereas nothing can pzove a greater Dishonour to a well oudered Government, where the Chustian Faith is Profefled, nor is likelier to provoke God to withdraw his Percy and Blessings from us, and intead thereof, to inflict heavy and severe Judgments upon this Kingdom, than the open and avowed Practice of Wice, 3m mozality and prophaneness, which amonga many gzen has too much prevailed in this Dur® Kingdom of late Pears, to the high Displeasure of Almighty God, the great Scandal of Christianity, and the ill and fatal Erample of the rett of Dur Loving Subjects, who have been Soberly Educated, and whose Inclinations would lead them to the Erercile of Piety and Wirtue, did they not daily find tuch frequent and repeated Jnttances of Diflolute Living, Pophaneness and Impiety, which has in a great peasure been occasioned by the

Neglect of the Magistrates not putting in Erecution those food Laws which have been made for Suppressing and Punishing thereof, and by the ill Erāmple of many in Authority, to the great Dishonour of God, and Reproach of our Religion : Wherefore, and foi that we cannot erpect Increale 02 Continuance of the Blessings Tue and Duč Subjects Enjoy, without provide ing Remedies to prevent the like evits for the future, we think Dur Selves bound


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