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NOTES TO CONTENTS OF VOL. I. I. The object of the Prelude is to discover the locality of this age in the moral sphere of the race. To this end the signs of the times are considered; error is, without apology, called by its true name. fessions, and not the true church are opposed. And while the untrue and unfaithful are exposed, the truth and its lovers are revered. The Church of Christ is sought and the true christian defended.

II. Being-its state, is the philosophy of Religion and man's religious nature epitomized. This forms a key to succeeding subjects.

III. The « Review of A.J. Davis,” exhibits the emptiness of Pantheism: and “Nature's Divine Revelations' is selected becanse it comprehends the fundamental arguments of the philosophy opposed to christianity.

IV. This volume is the first step in our expose of false metaphysics and the defence of Christianity; as such it is the base of the Ant-Pantheist.

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