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Πολλοι μεν θνητες Γλται, μια 4' Αθανατοισιν.

Multe terricelis lingue, eælestibus nsa.





The plan of this POLYGLOTT BIBLE or bound so into the back of the book as not displays an arrangement in a Folio size to be easily read. with eight Various Languages at one view On all these accounts, it has long appeared cu the une opening, or, in tight distinct exceedingly desirable, that a NEW Bible of Pocket Volumes, of which this is one; or, convenient size for the Pocket, oriyinal in its of any two of the Languages combined in' plan, purpose, and execuion, should be putOle Porter Volume,

lished, in which a MORE APPROPRI. It became an important consideration in ATE and ACCURATE selection, adaptawh: way rack past could be employed, so tion, and urrangement of References inicht be

to make it, ja either mode of Publication, introduced; both for the assistance of Pritrost usefalia promoting the desigu of the vate Readers, and to facilitate the ready exwhicle; samely, the attainment of Lan- amination and quotation of passages, which (22ges, and the advancement of Scriptural the Preacher, or the Biblical Student, may Auledge. Not only, therefore, is the form

have an immediate occasion to cite, or to in which the English Volume now appears consult. And wo opportunity to supply this digatte different from any thing which has desideratum seemed more suitable, as the Weeden pioen to the public, but its origi. English language is of necessity a part of váry will be found pre-emjuently to con- the present plan, for diffusing the Original LR laborious and entirely nere Sclection Text, and its inost important Versions.

Tangement of References, in which it Convenience and utility were, however, to beheer endeavoured Faithfully to exhibit be equally consulted in all the parts of the Ihe ripture as its own Expositor,

undertaking. If the size of the book were The greatness of the advantages that must too large, or the page too crowded, so as to be to a sincere and diligent reader of the made wearisome to the eye, its convenience Secini Pages, from having constantly before would be lessened; and if, in the limits

a feterence to similar and illustrative which these considerations imposed, great Bebetes, carefully investigated, and suit- care were not employed in esamining and

oplied, must he obvious to every applying the References, its utility would, table and has been well understood by many in a great degree, be destroyed. On mature Press and able men, to whose diligent and deliberation, therefore, it appeared best to labours the Public is unspeakably adopt the plan here presented to the notice

of the Public; in which the Markinal Read. Relaces, however, have hitherto been ings and References are all contained in a priced, almost exclusively, in the margins

MIDDLE COLUMN Bibit of a large size ; and the benefit re- between two of text; and the number introbaitug bore, them has, in consequence, been

duced is sufficient, except in a few pages Periye pestricted, the only smal Bible oply, completely to fill that column. st: ketrectes, in ine English Language, The Chronology is always placed at the top Bene bet published by Mr. Canne, the of this middle coluinn, where it denotes the deereich are many: for though he Date of the writing or transaction contained * as a diletat student of the Scriptures, and in the text, at the beginning of the page. is Wets kas at that time eminently service- The Marginal Readings contained in the Lyset, as he was not in possession of those folio and quarto Bibles are all introduced ; eft the accomplishment of the task the idioins of the original languages which

betad undertaken, that are now af- are preserved in many of thein, and also tije based by many valuable editions and com- various senses of particular words or phrases, Beats

, which have been printed in different being in inost instances instructive, and it lases since his time, and being, there- all worthy to be known. But it has not been

pader the necessity of relying chiefly thought necessary, in giving these readings, stis own industry, it is not surprising that

to insert such words as are repeated in the Puld have been less successful thau he text, and which would therefore have fruit. Duke otherwise bave been. His references lessly occupied it portion of the space alDuro only remotely applicable: he seems

lotted to references. titly to have been guided more by The Various Readings are referred to by flenty of expression, thau by illustra- letters of the Greek alphabet, placed immedi.

the errors in the letter-press are nu- ately before the words for which they are to Res; -many of the Marginal Readings be substituted; and the References by Italic laitted :-the Chronology is altogether letters, which are placed above the line,

ut ;-and all the References in this, as and generally after the first or second word margar Bibles, are placed in the margin of a verse, or clause of a verse, when they text; by which they are rendered liable are intended to illustrate the whole of that fake cut in bunding, or worn away by use, verse or clause; but when the principal

Languages that the large volume contains are Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, h, and German. Each language is also prioted of pocket size and separately sold. The Reader rred to the Publisher for å faller detail of particulars

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