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A fow words to our readers on the DEATHS

opening of a new year. Page 6 Coleman, the late Mr.

Page 276

A new year's gift for the living church Creasey the late Mr.


of the living God.

1 Dixon, the late Mary


Apollos and our supplement.


Francis, the late George


Another poor prodigal returned.

Gladwish, Thomas


Anna Catherina Merks, the God-dis- James, Mr., late of Hartley Rów 5

honouring life, and God-glorify. Jacobs, Pamela


ing death of


Morgan, the late Caroline


Acknowledgment and apology 138 Muckle Kate

An important letter to Mr. Sidders,

Norris, George, late of Harwich


concerning his views of Mr. Phil.

Strachan, the late John


pot's public acknowledgment 17 Smith, Susannah


Additions to the churches

Upton, Mr.

37, 117, 137, 157
A wholesome letter to a brother in Walker, Mrs Hannah


deep affliction

44 Enquiry


A useful hint for all faithful minis:

Evangelical repentance, and gospel


55 liberty truly set forth .


Answer to Mr. Hall's letter concern: Every man's work shall be tried of
ing Mr. Milner and Mr. Meeres 63 what sort it is

Anniversary of Surrey Tabernacle 44 Exeter, tidings from


An encouraging epistle to a minister Editor, to his friends and correspond

of the gospel


ents, the


A gospel minister's life

141 Fellowship with Christ; the best an:

Awful death of a mere professor con.

tidote for Zion's sorrows

trasted by the peaceful departure Fowler, (late Henry) life of

of a real saint.


35, 67, 141, 179, 241

A good day

186 Foreman's (Mr. John) charge to J. B.

A ray of glory from heaven, and a




dart from satan

204 Fountain of life


An epistle from Manchester

211 Grace and works reconciled


Am I one of the church of Christ? 220 Gad Huntington, Mr.

Bethlehem, a visit to .
73 Great self and little seif


Brotherly love continued

64 God's comforts for God's children 220

Bidder, W., a letter to.

89 Guildford, the cause of God at


Bidder' w., a letter by, to his son in Greenwich new baptist chapel


the faith

107 Herbert, (Daniel) à visit to the grave

Baptism by immersion–Is it unscrip-



tural, unnecessary, or unbecom- Holy anger no sin an old soldier's


90 address to his comrades


Bodies of the saints the residence of Hawker's (Dr.) Dying Pillow

the Holy Spirit; substance of a Harp taken down from the willows,
sermon by Mr. John Corbitt 139 the.


Baptising in the river

167 Henry Fowler's removal to London


Blood sprinkled on the conscience 211 Infant salvation

Bunch of grapes
218 Is not the glory departed ?

Bunhill Memorials, the; a letter to Journeying mercies a few words ad-
the reviewer of the Gospel Maga-

dressed to the church at Crosby


233 Row


Banquetting house, the-what it is, John Bradford's conversion.


and how the redeemed soul is John Corbitt to the church of Christ

brought into it

250 at Manchester


Clark (the late George) memoir of 58 Kershaw's, Mr., protest against cer-
Cowper (the poet) his happy deliver-

tain erroneous doctrines, and the


107 church of Christ at Oldham Street

Christ coming from Edom, with dyed



garments from Bozrah .

148 Labour and rest


Cherubim, the 149, 177, 232, 257 Lily among thorns, the


Chelmsford, opening of the new bap- Living souls (a) examination of itself

tist chapel

194 before God, as to its interest in

Christ died for me

210 Christ, and the comfortable as-

Calling of the Lord, the

245 surance of the same


CHRISTIAN Reviewer-48, 70, 96, 121, Langham, Henry, a letter addressed

128, 145, 168, 191, 218, 242 to


Division and distraction
278 Lucas, Mr., a letter to .

Day of judgment
· 14, 42, 86 Letter to a Wesleyan

Death dreaded yet desired :
123 Letter addressed to Mr. Garrardi

Drawing water out of the weils of

Milner (Mr. Samuel) restoration of 46


156 Marriage, a few words addressed to a

Death, what it is

224 believer on her


Disunion among ministers

271 | M'Cure (Mr. J. B.) proposed settle-

Delivered out of the mouth of the lion 244 ment at Hadlow


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May not a christian be carried out of The state of things at the period in his way, as was David, Noah, and

which we live

Page 93 Peter Page 112 The set time is come

110 Mystical body of Christ

222 The afflicted soul looking to, and longMade nigh by the blood of Christ 243 ing for Christ

111 Ministerial Correspondence

247 The apostle of the Gentiles versus the Nevertheless

277 preachers of the middle of the Osbourn, James characteristic

nineteenth century

165 sketches of the life, experience, This is the truth

24 present views, and spiritual en- Two ministers of the gospel walking joyments of

91 in the ordinances of the Lord's Osbourn, James, a letter by 213 house

259 One of the Lord's huntsmen 287 Things as they should be


Three-fold view of the knowledge of Bonner, Mr. W. H.

284 God, and a thirteen-fold view of Corbitt, Mr. Jno.

222, 269
the grace of God

230 Moyll, Mr.

131 There is a vein for the silver, and a M’Cure, Mr. J. B.

173 place for the gold where they fine Stringer, Mr. Thomas 118 it

235 Panting for prayer

73 Unity of the Spirit among saints 171 Pulpit sayings of the late Dr. Hawker 106 Voice of the Lord upon the waters, the 163 Prosperity in Zion 202 What is the soul?

5 Precious blood of Christ 225 Who, and what was Nebuchadnezzar

49 I'rayer : 255 Why is thy countenance sad ?

62 Rutherford-Some of his last words What our Gospel Zion has beenduring his sickness and before his

what she now is—and what she death, February, 1661

103 will be ; a living picture of . 99 Ready to depart

154 Webb, Mrs., a few blessed words out Receiving of Christ by the blood of

of many spoken in her dying moChrist 225 ments

188 Stevens, the late John, copy of a letter Willing ministers made welcome for written by him at Gravesend 45 their work's sake .

190 Some account of a child that died one What is a havenly call ?

203 hundred years old

260 Watchman's Complaint and his ExStrict communion, a few remarks up


251 on the controverted sentiment 105 Spiritual life and eternal life insepa

POETRY: rable

103 See what sin hath done 115 A Spiritual mariner

261 Satan's fiery darts levelled against a Bidder W., an acrostic

23 servant of Christ 155) Consolation for the Christian

201 Some solemn things

160 Christ's continual care of his chosen 268 Separating the precious from the vile 161 Christ and a crust

287 Scripture, the literal interpretation of Desire at death

96 the. 168 Divine instruction

162 Solemn circumstance 183 Fountain of life

202 Sherman's, Mrs., last moments 193 George Greenhough; in memory of 178 Skelton's, Mr., farewell sermon at Al- Grave, thoughts on the

112 dringham 195, 227 God's people dwelling alone

270 Smiting a neighbour 217 Heart religion

10 Satan sifting a minister of Christ 256 It is good to be here

146 The work of God's grace 286 Judgment, the last

88 The natural man and the spirituai Justice and mercy

112 280 Lines addressed to a young minister 258 The experience of a converted curate 279 Lines on the death of a member at The divine faithfulness; its precious.

Pent Side chapel

210 ness, perfection, and perpetuity 2 Ministerial encouragements

22 The good old way. 200 Marks of salvation

116 The communion of saints; or the loop On the close of the year

282 and tatchet becoming one 21 Prayer, the blessings of

120 The place where two seas meet 23 Prayer

162 The christian looking at the cross 33 Safety of the church in troublous times 182 The good work of grace in the heart of Security of the church in Christ. 182 a poor sinner: 53 Spiritual desires .

229 The silver trumpet, and the certain The church of Christ hidden in the sound 56 secret places of the stairs

40 The exploits of a saving faith

57 The Lord is on his people's side 237 The hidden glory of the church of God 65 Twelve fruits found on the tree of life 263 The Bible, what is it?.

75 Verses written after reading an artiThe stone with seven eyes, the candle

cle in the December number, stick with seven lamps, the book

headed, what is thy name?

64 with seven seals 77' Waiting near the gospel pool


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hearse the mighty and righteous acts of divine faithfulness then implies, that the Lord, in saving us from Satan's certain engagements have been entered snares, preserving our steps while pass-into, which are, that Jehovah, Father, ing through perilous places, and deliver- Son, and Spirit, will be the God of his ing our souls out of dangers, difficulties people Israel, even their God for ever and and distresses innumerable, and to re-ever; and they, his people, shall be his count the manifold proofs and matchless portion, even his eternal inheritance ; gifts of love bestowed upon us, in order answerable to the inspired statements of that we may record his faithfulness who the prophets, Hosea, Moses, and David. has followed us with favour day by day, (see Hosea ii. 19, 20; Deut. xxxii. 9; thereby fulfilling that sweet and sacred Ps. xxxiii. 12.) Again, that certain propromise, penned by Isaiah (58 chapter, mises arising out of the solemn engage8 verse), · Thy righteousness shall go be- menţs previously mentioned, have been fore thee : the glory of the LORD shall be made, viz., to bless with all spiritual thy rereward.

blessings, to comfort with all heavenly The divine faithfulness is abundantly consolations, to save and strengthen, to declared in the revelation Jehovah has sustain, supply, to pardon and pacify, to been mercifully pleased to give of his direct and protect, yea, to satisfy and mind and will concerning his church. glorify the objects of Love's eternal choice, It is brightly displayed in the redemption with the glory given to them in Christ wrought by Jesus, even a complete re- Jesus before the world began. Also, demption from sin and Satan, law and that certain offices have been created for justice, death and hell. It is also bless- Him who is our surety, substitute and edly discovered in the regeneration of sacrifice, viz., the offices of Prophet, sinners, in renewing their souls, and Priest, King, Shepherd, Advocate, and raising them up from the horrible pit, or Judge, in all of which he is found faithpit of horrors, and revealing in them ful, not as a servant only, but as a son i the Christ of God. And it is gloriously over his own house, (see lleb. iii. 1-6.) developed in the ultimate reception of all Moreover, he is the Mediator of the such renewed and redeemed sinners into New Testament, the Messenger of the the blissful presence of the Three-one covenant, the Messiah promised, and the Jehovah, there to abide, and therein to Minister of the true circumcision, making rejoice for ever and ever.

anifest the fulfilling of these sacred In attempting a glance at the divine offices his eternal power and godhead. faithfulness as spoken of in the above- And, finally, that certain relative characnamed text, let us notice :--1st, The ters have been and are sustained by him, preciousness of the doctrine; 2nd, Its he being our master, friend, brother, perfection; and 3rd, Its perpetuity. father, husband, and head, in all of which

First-Thy faithfulness. There is a his goodness shines, his greatness stands peculiar preciousness realized in the soul confessed, his love abounds, his tenderof the believer when contemplating the nesso appears, his constant care is felt, fact, that whatever the Lord in his infinite

And his faithfulness both strong and sure, wisdom may suffer, permit, or allow, we Abides the same for evermore. are assured he will not suffer his faithfulness to fail, verse 33; from age to age Thus then, to those that believe, and do the righteous seed have found amidst all the truth of God receive, this doctrine the treachery, trickery, twistings, and is precious, and daily experience of the turnings of ungodly and unfaithful men, same will render it increasingly precious. from which they have sadly suffered, and In the second place let us notice the sorely smarted) the faithful God,'(Deut. perfection of the divine faithfulness as vii. 9,) has been their alone rock, refuge, expressed in our text, ' thy faithfulness and resting place. In order that we may shalt thou establish. To establish, sigbetter understand the subject, let us first nifies to settle, confirm, ratify; or, in observe what is involved in, or implied plainer words, to make good; therefore, by the term faithfulness, viz., 1st, that to establish his faithfulness, Jehovah certain engagements have been entered must make good all that relates thereto, into; 2nd, that certain promises have been thereby proving its perfection to all such *made ; 3rd, thatcertain offices have been as know the preciousness of the doctrine, created ; and 4th, that certain relation. To aid us in understanding more fully ships have been and are sustained. The what is intended by God establishing his

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