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pamphlet in our review of the Answer a succellion of splendid and important to it, p. 341, and the bill aboie-men- victories by fea and land ; but, above tioned having been at the time dilmiffeil, all, the visible interposition of that it is unneceffary to lay any more on the Providence which has showered vpon fubject at present.

our heads tinch accumulated blessings ;

there are fubjecis of triumph which 103. A Sermon preacbed in the Parish Cburcb demand of us as a vation and as indi.

of St. Liurence, Jury, before the Right viduats every effort of gratitude and Honcurable the Lord' Mayor, &c. on Sunday, renovated duty.” The Bishop proceeds June 10, 1802, bring i be day appointed for to observe, that “ A reflecting mind, acminifiering ibe Holy Communion to ibe

that looks to the origin of the misforMembers of the Corporation. By the Rev. tunes which have desolated Europe, : John Hutchins, M. A. Cbuplain to his

must ardently wilh, that means might Lordskip. BRIEFLY inculcares the duty and of such ditaliers." There causes he

be found 10 provide against the eaules obligation of the Holy Cominunion states to be, the corruptions of Chriftifroni Luke xxii. 19.

anity by Popery, the decay of spiritual

religion, and ihe weakness of the reli104. The Urility of Country Banks considered. ARGUMENTS in their favour con

gious principle, which in other and

nore fcriptural language is termed firmed in many respects by Mr. Thorn

want of faith, acting as a principle of ton in his Elay “ on Paper Currency," though differing from him on joue good works, acquieicence in the cut

toms of others well reputed in the topics.

werld. Thele are impediinents which

concern the people. Worldly-minded105. A Charge delivered 10 lbe Clergy of ile

nels is highly unfuitable to ihe minif Diocese of Durham, at the ordinary l'ifica teriat charačier. The preacher who tion of ibat Diocese in July 1801. By would make a proper impreffion on the Shole Bifhop of Durham.

hearts of his hearers must be deeply THE Bishop introduces this folemn

imprefled himlelt' with the truth and address by a firiking picture of our own

importance of the doctrines which he country at the opening of the present preaclics ; fixed in his religions opicentury: “ Wie fand," fuys he, “on

vious, founded on clear and definite an eninence which gires us a nar prospect of an ocean apparently lubii principles; and zealous in the dif

charge of his duty: ding into a calm, but covered with

• The period of time to which we wrecks, and will agitated by ihe tempest that bas filled it with the fpoil of vourable for tiniting the piety and zeal

are ajrived appears to be highly fahations *. When we consider that the of all licere Chriftians in the fupport awful power • which rode on the whirl and ditution of our holy religion. wind and directed the furni' has not only defended us from the calamitous fruits, has been greatly benefited by

Christianity, after the most violent are effects of much complicated ruin, but

the evidences of its truth which thole lias ditinguiflet us by other eminent marks of farcur, what a multitude of experiment which has been made in

allaults have extoried. The political mixed cunctions of triamph, gratitude, France, while it has shewn the falfehope, and pious resolution, crossed upon neis of those principles which were the mind! A national enabliment disseminated for the subversion of esta. of Christianity, uincumbered by the blitheit governments

, has alto evinced corruptions of Popery, and unendan: the inestimable valne of religion by its gered by the leaven of Republican ditcordance ; a king who holds himself temporary loss in the wide range of

anarchy and desolation. For it was bound by principle and conscience to maintain it, and whose virtues have Christianity ; it was necessary to em

neceflary to attack the very vitals of been the palladium of our internal plov the whole artillery of Atheiím peace

and lecurity ; a fittem of laws, and Deilm, and all the dreadful com. which, while they give liberty and pro- busibles of irreligion, 10 give full section to the poorest fubjects, affond effect to the long.prepared conspiracy no invidious inimunities to the richeli;

againsi the established governments of * Suava, mari nuagno turbantibus æqura Europe. The enemies of Religion

knew the importance of Christianity 10 E tenâ inag:um alterius speclare laboiem. fociety, is the supporier of civil order,

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law, peace, and domestic viriue. It And scorns weak imitation. There are toils, was an object, therefore, of their opeu

The free indeed aod the spontaneous lois, hostility and secret treachery. With Which nurture Genius, and which conttitute the power of religion funk inne fabric His fineft ple Sures. of civil order. But anarchy has apparently done its bloody work ; order is 107. An Examination of the Strictures of be in a great degree reltored ; and religion,

Critical Review on the Translation of Juvea

nal. By W. Giftirl, Eja. we may hope, begins to relume its

(See val.

LXXII. Pp. 889, 993 ) influence in the world. While then the results of this tremendous experi

Our Brethren of the Qurill have ment are most fewlibly felt, let' the drawn an old boule over their heads: friends of religion feize the favourable and the Britisha Juvenal has given them opportunity of difiuting and enforcing,

a Rowland for their Oliver ; - but, by their example and infiruction, the

Non nofirum cl buntas componere lites. principles of viialand spiritual religion."

108. Uloful Hints to ikafe tubo are affit:eted 106. Infancy, or tbe Vanagement of Children :

w th Rip'ures; on the Nurure, Cure, and a Didactic Pem, in Six Boras The Sixth

Confeqisiaces of ibe Dilene; and on tbe ema Edition. To which are added, Poems nit

pirice! Praélices ,6f 15: present Day. By' betore publ.foed. By HugliDivu.nin,M.D.

T. Shurane, Trufs-maker 10 obe West

miner Hospital THE union of Poetry and Vedicine has been long conspicuous; and inc

EVERY "attempt," from a man of votaries of Apollo, in his medical ca- reparation,." 10.ctablith rational prinpacity, have been ofien rewarded by ciples of treating a difeafe, that has been his choicest inspirations. We need

100 much abandoned to the practice of scarcely recall the Theriaca of Mean- Quackery," muti necessarily prove acder, the Tabacologia, the Siphilis of ceptable, and the title of the present Fracaliorius, and other didactie poems

work fufficiently explaius its purpori. of authors of an early age; nor come excellent medical precepts in verse, in

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. our own time, by Dr. Armstrong and

Mr. H. Ruff, of Cheltenhain, has others. The present work merits a arranged materials for a History of that very considerable distinction in this place, which he intends to publis, by class ; but we need not enlarge on it, fubfcription, under the paironage of as the publick have already decides in the Marquis of Worcelier. It will its favour, by calling for numerous

conlist of a pleasant yet accurate selecluccellive inpretlions. The present tion of the most important and enteredition does not greatly differ from the laining subjects relating to the hifiory Jast edition ; but that was greatly im- of that celebrated (pot. proved in many respects. Indeed we Mr. Painter, of Wresham, allilled inight have wholly omitted noticing it, by Mr. Yorke, of Ertbiy, and the but for fome additional poems, which Rev. W. Davies, of Meirod, will pubare truly spirited and poetical.

lich, in the courle of this year, the We thall select a pallage which ap- Twenty Tribes of Wales, with the pears to us particularly happy, and will

arms of the tribes at the head of each. give an adequate speciinen of the poetry ham, author of a Continuation of Wil

The Rev. Mr. Edwards, of Wrexo now first published.

lis's Survey of St. Afaph, is preparing From the Poem on Gexive.

to publish a Continuation of Willis's

Observe Where youthful raptore gazes on the page prefent time, with the addition of the

Survey of Bangor, from 1721 to the Of fairy Pnery ; seizing the peil, He tries, le fils; again, again le tries,

names of the vicars-choral, and the inte As often fils; yet eagerly pursues

cumbents of the different parishes in His daring plan, to equal, lo lurpass the diocese, from the earliest dales, His favourite prototypes, and r und is brow with memoirs of some of them. Twinc laurel wreaths. He darts his condus eye

INDEX INDICATORIUS. O'er Niluie's fice, examines, and compares In the accoun: of Swan cymhe Church, The copy with the orginal; acquires p. 401, for " Mr. Oliver Bradley," read Himself ideas new; anttracts, combios, “ Th- Rev. Mr. Oliver, rector, and Mr. Altimulates, and modifies them all

Bradlev, curate. A thou and different ways; a style, a grace,

INDAGATOR WINTONIENSIS in our n xt. A mener of his own at length he boasts, H. Ni's : IY GROMETER shall loo aspire


Nec noftri lîc qui qum arbiirii est, immo
For His MAJESTY'S PIRTHDAY, 1803. his quoqhe landis

By HENRY JAMES Pre, Esq. P. L. Jira dai, & ceriam ignat Eliza viam.
RITAIN, las! has weoi" vain, Nulla elenim noftra eft, proh sanctum no.

Reluct.12 Peace, thy pl. cie charms; men Eliza!
Conspell, me reads once more thi' enfan? - Quæ non imperiis paveit hora tvis.
cuin'd pliin,

{for arms. Tu, Musa, aichas taceant aliquando severa, Where Fame, where Freedom call aloud Alque suas habeat fefta Thalia vices;

Yet he awhile the battle's found Dummodo nec penitus ftudiis ea dislona
In roles of futtive triumph drown'd:

Whether the fiends of Discord fly Nec laude, aut fructu fit caritura fuo.
Portentous through the fiery sky, Iphea fil-plenis oli m quam Roma theatris
Or, bound in Faie's coercive chain, Mirata cit, fimplex,docta,venuita,decens.

Howl'mid tl'infernal leais in vain; Et vetet læc quisquam ? & quæ tu, quæ
On this auspicious day ihe Mule,

prima deditti
Jocond, with graceful voice, dier wonted Ifta veler pueris jura manere tuis?
theme puríues.

Nequicquam-Haud quovis temere, hæc
Amid the boaft of tyrant pride,

antigua columna The pomp of fale, the urm'array,

Perftans mole fuâ, concurienda pede eft. Çin all the thouts of Dav'ry hide

Si liber, accipiat pugnas, atque omnia contra
Thae llaves un willing homage pay?

Totis connixus viribu', hortis agat.
Nu, force can fhield Anbilion's head

Al meminit credo quam nuper curpia paflus
Fiom noontive care, from midnight

El quo muletatus vuinere, tergi dedic. drea,

Chare piter *, lua vis animi, qua vivida
When the till monitor within

Seaches the abode of blood and fin : Dextraque in has pugnas sufhcit una tua ;
Wlule hewboruleswt': virtuous sway, Anunc, seralicet,tanjem iibi jufta laborum
Whom freemen glory to whey,

Præ.nia, cumque novo est munere parta
Spes ev'ry breast the buluark of a throne,

quies. His people's lurest guard, its faci eu rights

Et tu macte esto, fed uec libi cura tuorum ther own.

Nec quamvis alio nomine, ceffet amor. Then let the Muse, with dutenus hand,

Odia jam læ!us carpas; loosuíque futu'æ Strike the bold lyre's respondie frugs, Nec nos, Siena tibi quotics le pandit,

Decurfus viize fil, placidu que tenor.
While ev' y tongle through Albion's Land

alu unos
Juilis in the liyma of praise the frigs;
And Labour, from the fwr w's plain,

Degeneres videas, immemorelve lui.
And Commerce, from the hillou y main,

With voice symphonious bd arise

TITH thee, divine Matl.elis, lel me
That purest incense to the skies,

Above the proudeft useath of fame,
Which ever grac's the victor's name,

Effufive fource of evidence and truth!
A nation's volive breath by ruil confign's

A luftre spreading o'er the mind of man,

Nobler than that whole mild vibrations Toilers - Purriot King-the friend of bil

foothe man kind.

The parted foul, when from the body freed,
Mr. URDAM Haflings, June 3.

Her corporal prison, in celestial day
S your valuable Milcollity is the

She nilas oll-uumphant, all-inspir'd,

A!l-glorious, to her new fupreme abode. receptacle of every thing curious,

So tlou, divine Mathefis, foar it high permit me to l'equen the intention of the following leife and clitical lines, ipoken 'Tis thou that born of Heaven, and angel

Above the mass of earthly low desires! al the lat Wefiminder Play. The u vole of this performance is indeed


[reigns worthy of the lemmary from whence, it Tigou'd in eternal slay, with Nätveround;

Gainest llie heighis of Science where ihe Sprung; but the len concluding Ines ale

And in the starry regios, or th'abvis, peculiarly clegant, and niunt live proved

Tu Reuron's and to Fancy's eyes dispodays highly gr cifring to the legs of the Dean.

The chain of causes, from the dreary void

Of first Cication, up to Him whole vast
PROLOGOS IN ANDALAV, 1802. + Ompetent Ip'rit alone pollencs that
NIL pater folium auermus, vetera Liflial cens, wbicle preserves and made
oinnia, & uru

The whole angnificence of Heaven and
Cogniti, Perfiæ, Fabuli, Scena vetus;

Alyttailem vobis vinni peseus'ellec:mbii Tutoi'd hy thee, Mathenis, let me live!

C-cropios jieral Mula Libia tales.
Acc pile liac qus animis etiain ipsa * The Dean of Westminter, formeriy

[huhet. Head Mafir.
No mum, ut defint cæc, lawwis + Miltou's dise Lost.



tion reigns.

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This divine particle of breath by thee * Sent furib an ambient rich perfume,
Is render'd more divine, and thines abroad Our inip reluctantly unfuu's the fail;
In its own native colours. Heav'nly Nymph! Delin'd to fail, with commerce, o'er the
Without thee what were incolighren’d man?

deep, A savage roamog through the dreary woods To hores far East of fair Indottan's plains; In queit of prey, wand'ring v'er endless Safe from tile eleniy our trade to keep, wilds

Guarding it on to China's aft domains, Jn darkest night ; devoid of every art O'er the dread wal'ry walte, where defolaAnd elegance of life! Nor gold were his, Nor local happiness, vor various skill To curn the furow, or to guide the plough

In torrid climes, oppressive was the heat ; Mechanic; nor the Hear’ı-directed prow

Where, vernicil, the orb of day

Sent downward his most potent ray ; Of Navigation hold, that fearless hraves The toisid zone, or dares the wintry pole.

When, with wild thicobs, each fevernih pulse

did best: + Thy influence is like the balmy Jew

But Providence divine, with watchful care, That Auws from clouds, when firit the

Sent his selecteit healing influence down, mm awakes;

To turn aside each peftilence fevere; Thy powers retocour minners; thy regards Profusely were his bleitings on us chrown, Emheiluth life; for, while laborious crowds

Who gave us health and peace beneath the Tol ind ik ignoranc , thy hand directs

burning zone. Oor wand'ıing ininds; they ow'r invifible Swells out, and bears this lower world Great was the war of Southero seas and skies; along. A WRANGLER.

Where torms, in dire fucceflion, roll

Frim the bleak ice-higirt South Pole, As a SEQUEL 10 tbc STANZAS written on From whence it'ofuriate maddening temCbrifimas Eve, during ib. absence of

an only
pet flies.

[liev'd ; : Son at Seu, obe following were comp: fed or

Yet was our refuge present, known, bereceiving Letters from bim, coniaining In- For o'er this ever rettiess wat'iy road, telligence of bis safe Arrival in India, and Profiles th' unutierable, unconceiv'd, other Particulars of the mot favorable Import., yet demonftrable great God; LET those whu hope for life y

And jarring feas and skies obey his awful On the “rock of ages” reit;

nod. Power Eternal I thou hast nearume, Jehovah reigns ! the elements proclaima Be thy name for ever bleft.

Him, who, from chaos and old right, On the wide expanse of waters,

Cali'd them to harmony and light,
O'er th' diftihonale deer,

T'exalt ind magn fy his matchlets name. Amidit tempefts, tol, inu dangir,

Check'd by the power of dread O.noi.

potence, Thou my S.10Bij dida keep.

Ob-dieni winds and waves at once decrease: Thougli, remov'd froin m; proiection, 'Tis tie that bid, their fury to commence;

sidl were chearful days to come, He also bids their foaming age to ceale ; Other friends, almost parental,

'Tis his omnific will, “ Ye waves, be toll Well fupply buis distant home.

in peace." To chat home, cho' long a stranger,

Long was the voyage exempt from earthly May his constant wurbes tend;

bliss, Yet refign'd to thy allotment,

Yet smiling hope did ofc emerge,
Who will guide him to the end!

Although Destruction's dreary verge Through this world's alternate changes, Frown'd near us, a tremendous dark abyss. Ever mindful they are thine,

A. length our wave-worn bark did safe Let him noi exulc in fortune,

arve, Nor in adverse fate repine ;

Shatter'd by billows, on the Atlantic main. Still preserve those grateful feelings, How glad the happy few, who yessurvive, Which his warmeit teims declare,

Their highly favour's Illand to reg-10! Evermore to Thee devoted,

Where knowledge in divine pre-eminence For thy providential care,

doch reiga. IVejler bum, May 12.

W. B.

But yet indulgent Heavenwas ftill more kind;

Tiding of Peace we gladly heard, On a Voyage to CHINA, in a Ship of War. A. by the chalky chilf, we iteer'd, WAS Spring; and May wid ter best Borne by December's chilling North-west I weets exhale;


[thores, Wben me dows, in their roseate bloom

Our anchor cast near Albion's tranquil

Hope to the mind a pleasing scene convey, ; # Horace, Odes.

She, on triumphant wing, exuiting foars, f Young's Night Thoughts.

And prompis the soul, with energy, to raise uz?' en desacowwe worso: Še wwwxco perz?ce ion. In themes of adoration, gratitude and praised Hom. Odyfi. lib. . Frederick fr. Pasijea, Marcb 23.


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our race.


June 12. Mufa vital mori.

S a kind of fupplement to the very AS

interesting account of the feftival of N Irsk-Ajemi's * far fam'd clime, When great Al Rashid fill'd the seat beg you will further gratify the friends of

the Royal Jennerian Society, p. 416, I fublime, There dwelt a family; a race approv'd;

that incomparable Institution by the inser

tion of the inclosed. Barmak th' illustrious name, the family

The first is a long happily adapted to belov'd t.

the occasion, which was sung by Mr. DigLike the far spreading vig'rous treeit food, The pride, the honour, glory, of the wood.

num immediately after the eloquent eulo

gium of Mr. T. F. Dibdin, on the health Transplanted now to hetv'nly Eden's land,

of Dr. Jenner having been given. A tree of Paradise behold it ftand.

The second will require no other tefti. Yet thail its glorious fame ne'er cease on

monial of merit, than the information that earth,

(cond birth;

is is from the pen of Mr. R. BLOOMFIELO, But rech, through Time, to Nature's seTransplanted ilius, from Gaul's divided land,

who very kindly at a short notice under

took to produce something in honour of Behold, in Britain's Itle, Bufanquet land !

the natal dy of bim, to whole genius and O PL-1 t hely'll, dear as our nalive oik, Securely fourith here, nor dread the hutile persevering philanthropy all are fo infafuroke!

Ditcly indebted. Still in the British Eden be thou found !

1. THE FOE OF THE FACE. Lo! all our choicest plants do thee surround. LET Antiquiry tell of her heroes so bold, Flourish thou still, 0 Theme of Poet's Wholiydras have vanquish'd in fables of old; i hyme!

Our Hero we hail and the day of his birth, Bear thou thy honours to remotest time! Who foils a dread moniter that ravag'd the Thy much-lov'd name mall in duration last,


(the Face, And every coming day prove brighter than For thus will we fight the dire Fve of the past,

Who spoils us of beauty and murders Till Britain's boundaries and Fden's join ; Then Type and Antily pe alike shall mine.

The foe at whose fight the gay palace has mourn'd,

[adoriid, To JACOB BOSANQUET, Esq. Who rifles the bloom that the cottage Cbairman of the East India COMPANY. Who marrs youth and age with his horrible Wubibe foregoing Pom.


[no quarter.

We'll join heart and hand and allow hin CCEPT this off'ring from a Muse

For thus will we fight, &C. uukou, Deterving as thou art of fair renown; Ye soldiers all ardent your courage te Only the truly vir!!ous meril profe;


love; Astuch icceive thou these unpurchas'd lays. In defence of the land and the lavies you Thou who in Virtue's path art ever found, To arms ! let us save the fair liopes of the Wealth, Honour, Glory, ever the surround! nation,

(pation. To perfect Virie null direct thine eyes, And this lyraat pursue, 'til he mcet ex!iiUnul thou thin'it a Dumond of the Skies. For thus will we fight, &c. June 11. Musa PARADISI: And ye whole calm boloms contention

(of war; * The central province of the Arabian Who thrink at the sounds and the weapons Empire whun 10t lendeur; in which

Yet hafte to our aid at lumanity's call, the City of Bagł «ad was fituated. There Till Nature prevail, and the Monster muf

fall. are in other pro.inces hearing the name of Irak: one c lled Irak Al jehâl, or Par

For thus will we fight, &c. thia; the other, Jiak Arabi, or Chaldea.

All nations, all ages, all ranks thall conIrak Ajemi is the persian Ir k.

bine, + The family ihus nomoed, known in

In this war of benevolence just and divine: Europe by tlie appellation of Brmacidæ or

O'er the world betwixt man and its bro. Barm.cites, were one of the most deser

ther be peace,

[never cejle, vedly celebrated of the Oriental families;

But with man's cruel foe may the strife ad-tned with every virtue which can grace For thus will we figlit, &c. humanity. Perfecuted in a tyrannic reign, they futtered with the dignity of Martyrs: 2. COME hither, mild Beauty, that dwell'it their memory, emhalmed by the love of

on the mountain,

[vay; their country, has been prelerved altke by Sweet handmaid of Liberty, meet us tothe hiftorian and the pel.

Thy votary's philanthropy; ask from thy 1 Allonding to the Revocation of the


(he gay. Eict of Nan12.

A soul-chearing nectar wherewith to



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