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The ark, mercy-leat, table, Exodus.

candlestick, and altar, wood : five for the boards of the one 9 And the cherubims spread out their side of the tabernacle,

wings on high, and covered with their 32 And five bars for the boards of the wings over the mercy-seat, with their other side of the tabernacle, and five faces one to another; even to the mercybars for che boards of the tabernacle for seat-ward were the faces of the cheruthe sides west-ward.

bims. 33 And he made the middle bar to 10 And he made the table of shitshoot through the boards from the one tim-wood : two cubits was the length end to the other.

thereof, and a cubit the breadth there34 And he overlaid the boards with of, and a cubit and a half the height gold, and made their rings of gold to be thereof. places for che bars, and overlaid the 11 And he overlaid it with pure gold, bars with gold.

and made chereunto a crown of gold 35. And he made a vail of blue, and round abour. purple, and scarlet, and fine 'twined li 12 Also he made thereunto a border men: with cherubims made heit of cun- of an hand-breadch, round about : and ning work.

made a crown of gold for the border 36 And he made thereunto four pil- chereof round about. Jars of shictim-wood, and overlaid them 13 And he caft for it four rings of with, gold: their hooks were of gold, gold, and put che rings upon the four and he cast for them four sockets of corners chat were in the four feet thereof. filver.

14 Over against che border were the 37 And he made an hanging for rings, the places for the staves, to bear the tabernacle-door, of blue, and purple, the table. and scarlet, and fine 'cwined linen, of 15 And he made the staves of thittimneedle-work,

wood, and overlaid them with gold, to 38 And the five pillars of it with their bear the table. hooks: and he overlaid their chapirers, 16 And he made the vessels which and their fillers with gold; but their five were upon the table, his dishes, and his sockets were of brass.

spoons, and his bowls, and his covers to CHA P. XXXVII. cover withal, of pure gold. 3 The ark. 6 The mercy-seat with cheru 17 9 And he made the candlestick of

bims, 10 the table, 17 the candlestick, pure gold: of bearen work made hc thé) 25 and aliar of incense.

candlestick, his shaft and his branch, his Nd Bezalcel made the ark of shit- bowls, his knops, and his flowers were

tim-wood : two cubits and a half of the same. was the length of it, and a cubit and a 18 And six branches going out of the half the breadth of it, and a cubit and a fides thereof : three branches of the half che hcight of it.

candlestick out of the onc fide chercog, 2. And he overlaid it with pure gold and three branches of the candlestick within and without, and made a crown out of the other side thercof. of gold to it round about.

19 Three bowls made after the fashi. 3 And he cast for it four rings of gold, on of almonds, in one branch, a knop to be set by the four corners of it: 'even and a flower ; and three bowls made like two rings upon the one side of it, and almonds, in another branch, a knop two rings upon the other side of it, and a flower : fo throughout the fix

4. And he made ftaves of fittim- branches, going out of the candlestick. wood, and overlaid them with gold. 20 And in the candlestick were four

5. And he put the staves into the rings, bowls made like almonds, his knops and by the sides of the ark, to bear the ark. his flowers.

64 And he made the mercy-feat of 21 And a knop under two branches of purc gold : cwo cubits and a half was the the same, and a knop under two brane length thereof, and one cubit and an ches of the same, and a knop under two half the breadch thereof.

branches of the same, according to the 7 And he made two cherubims of gold, fix branches going out of it. beaten out of one piece made he them, 22 Their knops and their branches on the two ends of the mercy-seat: were of the same : all of it was one bea

& Onc cherub on the end on this fide, ten work of pure gold. and another cherub on the other end on 23 And he made his seven lamps, and Chae fide : out of the mercy-seat made he his (nuffers, and his snuff-dishes, of pare

cherubims on the two ends the sof. gold.


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The court of the tabernacle. Chap xxxviii. The sum of the offerings.

24 Of a talent of pure gold made he Touch-fide Touth-ward, the hangings of it, and all the vessels thereof.

the court were of fine twined linen, an 25 ( And he made the incense-altar, hundred cubits. of Thittim-wood : the length of it was a 10 Their pillars were twenty, and cubit, and the breadth of it a cubit (it their brasen lockers twenty : the hooks svas four-fquare) and two cubits was the of the pillars, and their fillets were of height of it ; che horns thereof were of silver. the same.

11 And for the north-fide, the hang 26 And he overlaid it with pure gold, ings were an hundred cubits, their pil both the top of it, and the sides thereof lars were twenty, and their fockets of round about, and the horns of ir: also brass twenty : the hooks of the pillars he made unto it a crown of gold round and their fillets, of filver. about,

12 And for che west-fide were hang 27 And he made two rings of gold ings of fifty cubits, their pillars ten, and for it under the crown thereof, by the their sockets ten : che hooks of the piltwo corners of it, upon the two sides lars, and their fillers, of silver. thereof, to be places for the staves to 13 And for the east-fide caft-ward bear it wichal.

fifty cubits. 28 And he made the staves of shitcim 14 The hangings of the one Gde of wood, and overlaid them with gold. the gate were fifccen cubits, their pillars

29 ( And he made the holy anointo three, and their sockets thrce. ing oyl, and the pure incense of sweet 15 And for the other fide of the courespices, according to the work of the apo- gate, on this hand and that hand, were checary.

hangings of fifteen cubits, their pillars CH A P. XXXVIII. three, and their sockets three. 1 The altar of burnt-offering. 8 The la 16 All the hangings of the court

ver of braß. 9 The court. 21 The fum round about, were of fine twined linen. of the offerings,

14 And the rockets for the pillars offering, of fhirtim-wood : five and their fillers, of filver; and the overa cubits was the length thereof, and five laying of their chapicers of silver; and cubirs the breadck thereof ( it was four- all the pillars of the court were filleted [quare) and cree cubits the height with silver. thereof.

18 And the hanging for the gate of 2 And he made the horns thereof on the court was needle-work, of blue, and che four corners of it: the horns chere- purple, and scarlet, and fine twined li

of were of the fams, and he overlaid it nen: and twenty cubits was the length, with brass.

and the height in the breadth was five 3 And he made all the vessels of the cubits, answerable to the hangings of the altar, thc pots, and the shovels, and the court. basons, and the flesh-hooks, and the 19 And their pillars were four, and firo pans: all the vessels thereof made their sockers of brass four, their hooks he of brass.

of silver, and the overlaying of their cha4. And he made for the altar a brasen piters, and their fillets, of lilver. grate of net-work, under the compass 20 And all the pins of the tabernacle, chereof, beneath unto the midst of it. and of the court round about, were of

s And he cast four rings for the four brals. ends of the grate of brais, to be places 21 [ This is the sum of the caberna. for the staves.

cle, even of the cabernacle of teftimony, 6 And he made the staves of shitttim. as it was counted, according to che com. wood, and overlaid them with brass. mandment of Moses, for the service of

7 And he put the staves into the che Levites, by the hand of Ichamar, son rings on the sides of the altar, to bear it to Aaron che pricft. wichal; he made the altar hollow with 22 And Bezalecl che son of Uri, che boards.

son of ur, of che cribe of Judah, made 8 And he made the laver of brass, all that the LORD commanded Moses. and the foot of it, of brass, of the look 23 And with him was Aholiab, son of ing-glasses of the women assembling, Ashisamach, of the tribe of Dan, an enwhich

assembled at the door of the ca- graver, and a cunning workman, and an bernacle of the congregation. embroiderer in blue, and in purple, and

99 And he made the court; on the in Scarler, and fine linen.

The clothes of service.


The breaft-plate, 24 All the gold that was occupied for that was upon it, was of the same, acehe work, in all the work of the holy cording to the work chereof; of gold, place, even the gold of the offering, was blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine kwenty and nine talents, and seven hun- twined linen ; as che LORD command. dred and thirty shekels, after the shekel ed Moses, of the sanctuary:

6 And they wrought onyx-stones 25. And the silver of them that were inclosed in ouches of gold, graven as liga numbred of the congregation was an nets are graven, with the names of che hundred talents, and a thousand seven children of Israel. hundred and threescore and fitteen The 7 And he put them on the shoulders kels, after the ihekel of the sanctuary. of the ephod, that they should be stones

26 A bekah for every man, that is for a memorial to the children of Israel; half a shekel, after the shekel of the fan- as the Lord commanded Mofes. Etuary, for every one that went to be 8.9 And be made breast-piate of mun bred, from twenty years old and cunning work, like the work of the upward, for six hundred thousand and phod; of gold, blue, and purple, and three chousand and five hundred and scarlet, and fine twined linen, fifty men.

9 It was four-square, they made the 27 And of the hundred talents of fil- breaft-plare double : a span was the ver, were cast the sockers of the fan&ua- length thereof, and a span the breadth ry, and the lockets of the vail; an hun- thereof being doubled. dred sockets of the hundred talents, a

Jo And they ser in it four rows of talent for a socker,

ftones: the first row was a fardius, a to28. And of the chousand feven hun- paz, and a carbuncle : this was the fift dred sevency and five fhekels, he made row. hooks for che mallars, and overlaid their ni And the second row, an emeraud, chapiters, and õlleted them.

a sapphire, and a diamond. 29. And the brals of the offering was 12 And the chird row, a ligure, an afeventy calents, and two thousand and gate, and an amethyst, four hundred shekels.

13 And the fourth row, a beryl, an o 30 And therewith he made the fock- nyx, and a jasper : they were inclosed in ets to the door of the tabernacle of the ouches of gold in cheir inclosings. congregation, and the brasen altar, and 14 And the stones were according to the brafen grate for it, and all che vessels the names of che children of Israel, of the altar.

twelve, according to their names, like 31 And the rockets of the court round the engravings of a signes, every one wich about, and the lockets of che court- his name, according to the twelve tribes. gare, and all the pins of the tabema 15 And they made upon the breastcle, and all the pins of the court round place chains, at the ends, of wrcathen abour.

work of pure gold. CHA P. XXXIX.

16 And they maderwo quches of gold, 1 The clothes of Service, and holy garments. and two gold rings : and put the two

2 The ephod. 8 The Treafi-plare. 22 The rings in the two ends of the breal-plate. robe of the ephod.

17 And they put the two wreachen scarlet, they made clothes of ler ends of the breaft-plate. vice, to do service in the holy place, and 18 And the two ends of the twowreamade the holy garments for Aaron; as chen chains they fastned in the two the LORD commanded Mofes.

ouches, and put them on the shoulder2 And he made the ephod, of gold, pieces of the ephod, before it. blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine 19 And they made two rings of gold, twined linen.

and put them on the two ends of the 3 And they did beat the gold into breaft-plate, upon the border of it, thin plates, and cut it into wires; to which was on che side of the epbod inwork it in che blue, and in the purple, ward. and in the scarler, and in the fine linen, 20 And ekey made two other golden with cunning work.

rings, and put them on the two lides of 4 They made shoulder-picces for it, to the ephod underneach, toward the forecouple it together :oby the two edges part of it, over against the other coupling was it coupled together.

chercof, above the curious girdle of the $ And the curious girdle of his ephod ephod.

de rings on the

and other holy garments.

Chap. xl. The tabernacle is reared up. 21 And they did bind the breast-place 38. And the golden altar, and the a. by his rings unto the rings of the ephod, nointing nyl, and the sweet incense, and with a lace of blue, ihat it might be a- the hanging for the tabernacle-door, bove the curious girdle of the ephod, 39 The brasen altar, and his grace of and that the breast-plate might not be brass, his staves, and all his veftels, the loosed from che ephod; as the LORD laver and his foot, commanded Moses.

40 The hangings of the court, his pils 22 And he made the robe of che e- lars, and his sockets,

and the hanging for. phod of woven work, all of blue. the court-gate, his cords, & his pins, and

23 And there was a hole in the midst all the vessels of the service of the raberof the robe, as the hole of an haberge- nacle, for the tent of the congregation, on, with a band round about che hole, 41 The cloches of service to do service that it should not rent.

in the holy place, and the holy garments 24 And they made upon the hems of for Aaron the priest, and his lons gardhe robe, pomegranates of blue, and ments to minister in the priests office. purple, and scarlet, and twined linen. 42 According to all that the Lord

25 And they made bells of pure gold, commanded Moses, so the children of and put the bells between che pomegra- Israel made all the work, naces, upon che hem of the robe, round 4} And Moses did look upon all the about between the

pomegranates. work, and behold, they had done it as 26 A bell and a pomegranate, a bell the Lord had commanded, even so had and a pomegranate, round about the they done it : And Moles blessed them. hem of the robe to minister in; as the

CHAP. XL. LORD commanded Moses.

1 The tabcrnaclc is commanded to be regra 27 ( And they made coats of fine li ed, 9 and anointed, 13 Aaron and his pen, of woven work, for Aaron and for fons to be sanctified. his fons,

saying, goodly bonnets of fine linen, and linen 2 On the first day of the first month breeches of fine twined linen,

fhalt chou set up the tabernacle of the 29. And a girdle of fine twined linen, tent of the congregation : ani blue,and purple,&scarlet, of needle 3. And thou shalt put therein the ark work;

as the LORD commanded Moses. of the testimony, and cover the ark with zo ( And chey made the place of che the vail. holy crown,of pure gold, and wrote upon

4 And thou shalt bring in the cable, it a writing, like to che engravings of a and set in order the things that are to fignet, HOLINESS TO THE be set in order upon it, and thou shalt LORD.

bring in the candlestick, and light the 31 And they tied unto it a lace of lamps thereof. blue, co faften it on high upon the mitre;

s And thou shalt set the altar of gold as the LORD commanded Moses. for the incense before the ark of the te

32 (Thus was all the work of the stimony, and put che hanging of the door tabernacle of the tent of the congrega- to the tabernacle. tion finished: and the children of Israel 6 And thou shalt set the altar of the did according to all char che LORD com- burnt-offering, before the door of the manded Moles, so did they.

tabernacle of the tent of the congrega33 [ And they brought the taberna- tion. cle unto Moses, the cent, and all his fur 7 And thou shalt fet chelaver between niture, his taches, his boards, his bars, the tent of the congregation and the aland his pillars, and his sockets, tar, and shalt put water therein.

34 And the covering of rams skins 8 And thou shalt set up the court died red, and the covering of badgers round about, and hang up the hanging skins, and the vail of the covering, at the court-gate.

35 The ark of the reftimony, and the 9 And thou shalt take the anoincing ftaves thereof, and the mercy-seat, oyf, and anoint the tabernacle, and all

36 The table, and all the veffels chere that is therein, and shalt, and of, and the thew-bread,

all the vessels thereaf: & it shall be holy. 37 The pure candlestick, with the 10 And thou (hale anoint the altar of lamps thereof, even with the lamps to be the burnt-offering, and all his vessels, set in order, and all the vessels thereof, and fanttihe the altar; and it shall be an and the qyl for lights,

alcar most holy.





Moses reareth the tabernaclee Leviticus.

A cloud covereth it. 11 And chou shalt anoint the laver gainst the table, on the side of the taberes and his foot, and fan&ifie it.

nacle south-ward, 12 And thou shalt bring Aaron and 25. And he lighted the lamps before his sons unto the door of the taberna- the LORD, as the LORD commanded cle of che congregation, and wash them Moses. with water.

26 ( And he put the golden altar in 13. And thou shalt put upon Aaron the tent of che congregation, before che the holy garments, and anoint him, and vail. fan&tifie him ; that he may minifter un 27 And he burnt sweet incense thereto me in the priefts office.

on, as the Lord commanded Mofes. 14 And chou Malt bring his sons, and 28 ( And be set up the hanging, at cloche them with coats:

the door of the tabernacle. 15 And thou Male anoint them, as 29 And he put the altar of burnt-ofthou didst anoint their father, that they fering by the door of the tabernacle of may minister unto me in che priests of- che tent of the congregation, and ofterfice: for their anointing shall surely be ed upon it the burnt-offering, and the an everlasting priesthood, throughour meat-offering ; as the LORD commandtheir generations.

ed Moses. 16 Thus did Moses: according to all 30 q And he set the laver between the what the LORD commanded him, so did tent of the congregation and the altar,

and put water there, to wash withal. 17. And it came to pass, in the first 31 And Moses, and Aaron and his month, in the second year, on the first sons, washed their hands and cheir fece day of the month, thai che cabernacle thereat. was reared up.

32 When they went into the tent of 18 And Moses reared up the taber- the congregation, and when they came nacle, and fastned his fockers, and ser near unto the altar, they washed; as the up the boards thereof, and put in the LORD commanded Mofes. bars thereof, and reared up his pillars. 33 And he reared up the court round

19 And he spread abroad the cent o about the tabernacle and the altar, and ver the tabernacle, and put the covering set up the hanging of the court-gate: so of the tent above upon it; as the LORD Moles finished the work. commanded Mofes.

34 ( Then a cloud covered the tent 20 ( And he took and put the testi- of the congregation, and the glory of mony into the ark, and set the staves on the LORD filed the tabernacle. the ark, and put the mercy-feat above 35 And Moses was not able to enter upon the ark.

into the tent of the congregation, be21 And he brought the ark into the cause the cloud abode thercon, and che tabernacle, and set up the vail of the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle. covering, and covered the ark of the 36 And when the cloud was taken ap

testimony; as the LORD, commanded from over the tabernacle, the children Mofes.

of Israel went onward in all their jour22 And he put the table in the neys : tent of the congregation, upon the side 37 But if the cloud were not taken up, of the tabernacle north-ward, without then they journeyed not, till the day chat the vail.

ir was taken up. 23 And he set the bread in order up 38 For the cloud of the LORD was on it, before the LORD ; as the LORD upon the tabernacle by day, and fire bad commanded Moses.

was on it by night, in the light of all 24 9 And he put the candlestick in the house of Israel, chroughout all cheir the tent of the congregation, over a- journeys.

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The Third Book of MOSES, called LEVITICUS. СНАР. І.

2. Speak unto the children of Israel, 1 The burnt-offerings, 3 of the herd, and say unto them, If any man of you 10 of the flocks, 14 of the fowls. bring an offering unto the LORD, ye shall

ND the LORD called unto Mo- bring your offering of the cattle, even
ses, and spake unto him out of of che herd, and of the flock.
the tabernacle of the congre: 3.If his offering be a burnt-facrifice
gation, saying,

of the herd, let him offer a male wich


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