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peaceably unto us*. And they spake in the ears of the nobles of the city, and in the ears of the priest San Dominicot, who preached in those days; and it came to pass, on the second day of the feast of unleavened bread, as he was in the pulpit, that he spake evil against the Jews. And three of the nobles who were there heard it, and these were confederate with the physicianst, and went speedily into the palace, and spake in the ears of the rest of the nobles the words of the priest; and two of the physicians were in that counsel. And the senateş could not stand in the gapll, for they were many who spake evil at that time. On that day, which is the second day of the month of April, we were driven out from abiding in their inheritances, the decree was given with trumpets and the sound of the horn; according as they did in the days of my fathers. And I went out from the midst of it on the third day of the month of June; and the Lord brought me into favor with the men of Voltabio**, for there was mine house before. And they sent men unto the lords of Genoa, and permitted me to dwell in the midst of them, and gave me my hire from that day and afterward; is it not a little? yet my * Gen. xxxvi. 4.

I Gen. xiv. 13.

|| Ezek. xxii. 30. 1 Sam. xxvi. 19.


.סאן דומינגו +

.וולטאביאו 88

ASP THE KIRVANITES VEX THE TURKS, 1551. 469 soul shall live*. The Lord's name be praised for all the kindness he hath shown unto me; and unto them who have driven me away he will recompense sevenfold unto their bosomt. Amen and Amen.

1235. And Edward, king of England, made a covenant with the king of France, and gave unto him Boulogne ; and King Henry put a garrison into the midst thereof; and he also gave unto the king of England the money which he had vowed, and the country had rest.

1236. Then Andrea Doria went with his ships unto the land of Ishmael, and took Monasterio; and the Turks who were therein were slain with the edge of the sword; and some also of the people who were with him fell by the sword at that time.

1237. And he went from thence and encamped against Africa, the fenced city; and they besieged it many days. And the men of Kairvanf helped him, and gave him provision, for they vexed the Turksy from the birth, from the womb, and from the conception|l. And they sent unto Sicily and unto Naples, to fetch soldiers and brazen rams, for it was fortified; and the men who were in the

* Gen. xix. 20.

.קירואן £

† Ps. lxxix. 12.
§ Numb. xxv. 18. || Hos. ix. 11.




midst thereof were men of renown*. And the city was besieged on the twenty-seventh day of the month of June; and they cast up banks against itt. And they drew nigh to fight against it, but could not prevail against it, for the men of the city fortified themselves, and smote them with guns; and the rest drew back, for they feared lest some evil should take them. And they again cast up banks against it, and battered its walls, and thought to fight against it on the twenty-fourth day of the month of July, which is the fifth month. And this was told unto Dragut; and he also gathered soldiers together according as his hand could attain untos. And he said in his heart|l, “When the uncircumcised fight against the city, I will fill mine hand behind them, and I shall deliver the city from their hand." And the Nazarenes could not do anything; and many went out from the camp, and Dragut met them, like a bear bereaved of her whelps; and he arrayed a battle against them, and many fell to the ground. And Dragut returned unto his place. And Andrea Doria sent again eight ships into Italy for help. And it came to pass, when they returned, that they drew nigh to fight against it by

Gen. vi. 4.

† 2 Sam. xx. 15. 1 Gen. xix. 19.

§ Ezek. xlvi. 7. || Gen. xxvii. 41. Est. vi. 6.

Gen. xvii. 33.




sea and by land. And the city was broken up on the eighth day of the month of September, at the end of the sixth month; and they gave it up to be plundered, and the women were ravished, and they went into captivity before the enemy*, so that none remained nor escaped on the day of the Lord's angert. And the Jews also who were found there went into captivity before the enemy at that time. And of the men who were in the midst thereof, some were slain by the edge of the sword, and some became a prey; it was better with them who were slain by the sword. And of the uncircumcised there died from the first day, until now, about four thousand men in that battle. And the viceroy who was in Sicily and Andrea Doria put a garrison therein, and went their

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1238. And it came to pass, after some days, that they sent thither three ships, bearing corn and bread, and gunpowder; and Dragut met them like a bear that is bereaved of her whelps. And he burned them with fire, and went his way.

1239. The raging of the sea also, and the multitude of the waves thereof§, fought against the ships of Andrea Doria, and most of the galleys

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were broken, and the soul of the people was much discouraged because of the way*. And he returned unto Genoa on the fifteenth day of the month of November, which is the ninth month.

1240. And there was peace between Henry, king of France, and between Ottavio, the son of Pier Luigi, duke of Parma, at that time; and he delivered Parma into the hand of the king in the month of March, in the year one thousand five hundred and fifty-one. And they both made a covenant together, and set up the banners of the king upon the walls. And the captains of the emperor were wroth and sent soldiers unto Piacenza, for they feared lest there should come out a fire from Parma and devour the foundations thereoff.

1241. And it came to pass, in the month Abib, that Andrea Doria armed his trained soldiers and went unto Naples; and they said unto him, “ Is not Dragut in Gilbi ?f Go down unto him, tarry notę.” And he hastened to go, and shut him in||; but he came not near him, for he could not come with his ships into the river. . And Dragut strengthened himself on the coast of the sea, and builded a fort and put therein a garrison. And they fired guns daily upon the ships of the uncir

Num. xxi. 4.
I abia. Comp. 1 Sam. xxvi. 1.

ll Gen. vii. 16.

+ Lam. iv. 11.
§ Gen. xlv. 9.

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