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A.D. 1542.


the ships of the king pursued after them, but overtook them not. And he returned and abode in Genoa, until they had prepared six galleys; then he went his way to the land of Spain.

1048. In the year one thousand five hundred and forty-two, which is the year three hundred and two, Solyman sent his hosts unto the borders of Buda* to help his men. And Ferdinand and the cities of Germany also filled their hands, and went out against them with a strong hand. And they sent unto Ferdinand from Italy, mariners, that go down to the sea, to fight with them in ships upon the river Danube, lest provision should be given unto the Turks who were in Buda; but they could not do anything, for the men of the Turk came into the city before their arrival, and put into it corn and bread and meat in abundance; and seven thousand Turks and camels according as their soul desiredt, and it grieved the uncircumcised much. And the Germans could not do

any thing in that year, but returned back with shame, for the Turks were marvellously helped and fortified its walls, and their fame was noised throughout all the country.

1049. And the king of France gathered together soldiers and weapons of war, and came into the

.בודואה *

+ Deut. xii. 20; Job. xxii. 13; Ps. X. 3; Ps. xxi. 2.
# 2 Chr. xxvi. 15.

Josh. vi. 27.


borders of Italy in the beginning of the barley harvest*. And the whole dukedom of Milan trembled much; and the heart of the people melted away and became as waterf. And he sent three galleys to the east unto Solyman, saying,

" Come thou also out, I pray thee, that we may fight against the emperor, and we will see what will become of his dreams.” But Solyman would not hearken unto himț, for he feared lest peradventure mischief should befall himg; and they returned to their own country, even into France.

1051. In that year there were burned in Germany, many cities, both large and small, and their smoke went up toward heaven; and it was not known who had kindled the fire||. wrongfully accused the Jews and the shepherds, saying, “ Ye have done this wicked thing;" and they chastised them, and afflicted their souls, so that the Jews confessed what never came into their hearts; and they burned them with fire.

1052. Then Bohemia rebelled against her king and her God, because of the wrath of the Lutherans; and in those days they drave out the Jews from the provinces of Bohemia and from Prague, the capital; and they removed from thence in waggons in the month Adar three hundred and two, after

And they

* Ruth i. 22.
$ Gen. xlii. 4.

+ Josh. vii. 5. # 2 Sam. xiii. 14–16.

| Exod. xxii. 6.




the smaller date, and went into Poland and abode there. And many died on the road, and many were slain by the edge of the sword. And the Jews had dwelled in Prague from the day they were led captive from their own country until that day*. But the Bohemians turned to be their enemiest, saying, “They were among those that troubled ust in the wars of the Turks, and joined our enemies; and now let them get up out of the lands, and we shall see what will become of their dreamsl.

1053. And God took away their reproach, and Lienz was burned after they went out. And it was a great city, the perfection of beauty, the joy of the whole earth**, and only twenty houses were left in the midst thereof; and it was a lasting heap for many daystt.

1054. And it came to pass, after some days, that King Ferdinand returned unto his former throneff, and spake kindly concerning the Jewsss, to bring them back; and many returned to their country, and unto their kindred ||| as at the first [.

* Comp. Deut. xxix. 28. + Is. lxiii. 10. I Jud. xi. 39. $ Exod. i. 10. || Gen. xxvii. 20. Comp. Gen. xxx. 23. ** Lam. ii. 15.

++ Deut. xiii. 16; Josh. viii. 28. 11 90877 1803 by 2104, ad solium suum primum rediit ; i. e. He recovered his former power. Comp. Ps. xlv. 7; lxxxix. 4 (5); Chr. xvii. 14. $6 2 Kings xxv. 28 ; Comp. 1 King xxii. 13. All Gen. xii. 1.

1 Is. i. 26.




And great

1055. And there was a great earthquake in the borders of Florence on the twelfth day of the month of June, which is the fourth month. And all the people of the country feared much, and many fled from before the earthquake, according as they did in the days of Uzziah, king of Judah*. and mighty buildings and towers it cast to the groundt, and much people died. And in Scarpariaľ, which is a little city, nigh unto Florence, about twenty houses only were left; but the rest of the city the earthquake cast down, and the pit swallowed them up alives. This was the finger of God|l; there was not such an earthquake in the borders of Florence since it became a nation.

1056. In Milan also was the hand of God in the month of July, which is the fifth month. And they kindled a fire in the gunpowder at the gate of Como, and there fell about twenty houses to the ground, and they that died in that slaughter were but few in number; and they carried them in their coats**, and all the city was moved. And they bewailed the burning which the Lord had kindledtt.

* Zech, xiv. 5.

,סקארפראריה *

|| Exod. viii. 19.

† Comp. Ezek. xxxviii. 19, 20.
$ Comp. Numb. xvi. 30, 32, 34.
9 Exod. ix. 24.
++ Lev. x. 6.

** Lev, x. 5.




1057. From the uttermost parts of the earth we have heard songs*, that in Anatolia also was a great earthquake; and it cast the city of Tirof to the ground, and there was only a small number of all its inhabitants left; and the son of the Turk was not there, for he went out to war against the Sophi, king of Persia, and the Lord delivered him from that great earthquake.

1058. And the king of France did not hasten to go into Italy$, but turned his face toward Perpignan, and the French besieged it many days, and they cast up trenches against it, but could not do anything, for the Spaniards had fortified themselves much; and the French returned unto their country with shame. And war was also in the border of Flanders at that time, for the duke of Cleves gathered together about twenty thousand men, and went to war against Antwerp; but could not fight against it, so he drew back. And there met himg about four thousand men who were sent to their help; and they discomfited them with the edge of the swordll, and he returned unto his own country. And also in Navarra they fought with the emperor in that year, but could not prevail against him, and returned unto their own country with shame, * i. e. Vague reports. Comp. Is. xxiv. 16.

. Jos. i. 13. § Gen, xxxii. 1. || Exod. xvii. 13.


.טירו +

.נאבארה 4

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