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hated, loathed, crucified, mortified, denied, and put under; and all by the power of mighty grace. And while the blessed privilege of emancipation from its curse, and wrath, and condemnation, is claimed and appropriated by faith, that same faith inscribes on Zion's portals the motto-—"Sin shall not have dominion. Grace shall reign through righteousness unto eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

But mark the importance of deliverance and emancipation from selfthe great difference--I beg you to observe it closely—the great difference between the religion of the Christian and the religion of the hypocrite is this: the Christian gets all his from Christ; the hypocrite gets all his from himself. I have heard persons talk of having their resources in themselves, and of being able to live so entirely in retirement, that they did not want the engagements of the gospel of life. Why, if I had no better resources than those which I find in myself, I should indeed be a wretched being. Oh, no! my resources are only in the fulness of Christ, in His glorious covenant headship, in the fulness of that covenant of which He is the Head. All my resources are in Him, and they comprise a boundless store which can never, never be exhausted. Á whole eternity must roll away ere they can be exhausted. Let the poor being who lives upon his own blood be content if he can. The emancipation from sin, which glorifies Christ, delivers the poor soul from itself and its indwelling corruption and defilements, and gives it power to live above its own vain mind, its own free-will, and all the religion which had its origin in himself, is rejected and trodden under foot that he may find his all in Christ. And, oh, how He is glorified then! And mark now how all the infinite perfections and attributes of the Deity are glorified and honoured in our precious Christ. The justice of God is ever exercised upon fallen angels and lost souls in pouring out vengeance and “wrath to come.” “ Wrath to come !" and it will still be ever “wrath to come. But when our glorious covenant Head stood forth to meet inflexible justice, He poured out His wrath upon Him, so as to completely empty the vial, the cup of His wrath; consequently there is no wrath to come for His elect, for those who confide in Him. It is exhausted. It is poured out. He drank it up in His own personal sufferings, and there is no wrath to come, therefore, for the followers of the Lamb. Glory to His name! That mercy was honoured by Him, love displayed by Him; “ For God so loved, that He gave His only-begotten Son.” Glory to His most precious name! that His truth is honoured by Him, that His faithfulness is honoured by Him, and that His immutability is honoured by Him; for though He had sworn that He would by no means clear the guilty, yet said the glorious covenant Head, "I will take away their guilt, and they shall no longer be guilty.” So that in taking their guilt upon Himself, and suffering the consequences in His own person, He by no means changes in His determination.

Now mark the most important reply to the most important question that a Christian can put. Methinks by this time a number of my hearers may be saying, “If God has glorified Jesus thus, how shall I glorify Him? Oh that I had the power, in some measure, and in some sense, to glorify Him!" I will tell you. The most effectual way in which a poor sinner can glorify Christ, is by trusting to Him, and leaving everything with Him. I know there are lesser ways: in glorifying Him by the proclamation of His name, in singing His praises, in letting your light shine before men, in walking circumspectly, and in bringing forth the fruits of righteous

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ness. But the way that leads to all the rest, is that of trusting the soul and all its concerns in His hands—your entire salvation, perseverence, and growth in grace, leaving all in His hands to be advocated by Him, sustained by Him, preserved by Him, and consummated by Him, that He may eternally wear the glory.

IV.-A word or two, in the fourth place, relative to the dignity of His throne. The prophet Daniel had a beautiful vision of this, when he was directed to speak of the different kingdoms that should be set up. “In the days of these kings,” said Daniel, “shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces, and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” That is no other than the kingdom of Christ. Moreover, says he, the glory and riches of the kingdom shall be given to, and be possessed by, the saints of the Most High in the kingdom that belongeth unto God—the kingdom that is His own, and which shall be exalted above all kingdoms and over all dominions. Now, this exactly accords with the language of the apostle, who, speaking of this glorious kingdom of Christ, says, “ that it is at the right hand of the Father in the heavens,' " far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come.” Surely, Paul, thou wert caught up to the third heaven, when uttering and penning these expressions. Is it possible, then, that Christ's brethren can lack anything, that they can be lost, or that any one of them can perish, when Jesus is thus 'exalted, and is not ashamed to call us brethren, and to plead for us as such?' This is the way in which He is glorified.

Oh, could we look within the veil of bliss,
And hear the golden harps—the rapt'rous sounds,
That echo thence, amidst ten thousand times
Ten thousand tongues, of ransom'd souls,
With hallelujahs glorifying Christ;
How should we long to quit the cage of clay!
Freed from the earthly house where we have dwelt,
And soaring to the house not made with hands,
To join the amen chorus near the throne;
We would ascribe all glory to the Lamb,
Whom God the Father hath so glorified!
Well, then, roll on revolving suns-go round
Succeeding weeks-draw to the ev'ning tide
Old worn-out e; my soul shall outlive all,
And soar away to gaze on Jesus' face,
Where clouds and darkness never intervene.
No foes nor fiends shall interrupt the joy,
Nor wandering thoughts, nor vile corruptions rise
To chill the love, or dim the glorious blaze,

Where all are wrapt in Deity!!! One word more. Christ, in His dignity and glorification, upholds the national glory of Zion; the national glory of His redeemed kingdom ; the national glory of the holy nation, the “peculiar people" that He claims as His own, and that must spend an eternity in His presence. We hear mortals talk a vast deal about national glory, and almost all nations seem to have claimed it in their turn. I bless God, however, that dear old England shines brighter than them all, and that she is preserved in peace in the midst of all her wickedness and sins—the worst being her encouragement and countenance of Popery; but even this she shall see by-and-bye. But what national glory, looked at literally, as compared with the national glory of the kingdom of Christ? They talk of national glory, in the wisdom of the senate, the excellence of the law, the privileges of the subject, our prowess in arms, our wealth, and many other things might be enumerated. Well, perhaps in all these England excels and has excelled all the nations of the earth. But what is there in England's national glory as compared with Christ's glory? Talk we of the wisdom of the senate; in the counsels of the Prince of Peace there is infinite wisdom. Talk we of wholesome laws; here is the Statute-book, and this precious code, the Word of God, copied from the counsels of peace and the covenant of grace. It must never be infringed upon; it must neither be added to nor taken from ; it is a perfect code of itself; its laws are divine, infallible, and immutable. Talk we of prowess in arms; why, "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty, through God, to the pulling down of strong holds, casting down imaginations, and and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” You never knew a conqueror who did that on earth; "cast down every high thought." Supreme prowess in arms belongeth to Zion. She shall overcome and be more than conqueror, through Him who hath loved her. She shall overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. Death itself shall be overcome for her. “The last enemy that shall be overcome is death." And as to wealth ; the riches in glory by Jesus Christ all belong to Zion, and are enjoyed by every broken-hearted sinner who is drawn to the feet of Jesus. Blessed Son, and blessed covenant Head! Blessed glorious Father of mercies, for appointing the Covenant Head, accepting His bond, and then sending down thy Spirit to reveal it to our hearts, to constrain us to love, trust in and adore Him, and long for grace to honour Him more and more, until we dwell with Him within the veil. May He command a blessing on these few hints, and His dear name shall have all the glory. Amen.

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It has pleased the covenant God of Zion to put a signal blessing into the perusal of the Lectures delivered on Wednesday Evenings at Jewin Crescent, which have been published in the Thursday Penny Pulpit. Many destitute congregations, as well as private individuals, have been instructed, fed, and strengthened thereby, who, in the providence of God, are placed out of the reach of a sound gospel ministry.

But it has long been a subject of regret to the saints assembling in Grove Chapel, Camberwell, that scarcely any of the Discourses delivered in that honoured edifice have reached the public eye, and that the soul-refreshing truths which have afforded them so much comfort have not been published far and wide, that others may partake with them in the feast of fat things which the Lord of hosts has made upon their mountain.

At length the Lord has sent among them a Christian brother, who participates in this regret, because his own soul has been richly fed with the old stores of covenant love set forth in the gospel.

This gentleman has, on his own responsibility, engaged a reporter to take the Lord's-day morning Discourses in shorthand; likewise a publisher to publish them uniformly, in order to scatter the incorruptible seed of pure truth all over the world, in humble hope, and with fervent prayer, that the Lord of the harvest may gather in multitudes of His elect thereby, and nourish the life of godliness in the souls of those who have believed through grace.

It is hoped that the whole congregation assembling in Grove Chapel will feel the importance of embracing this providential opening for every one of them to become useful in the Lord's vineyard, by distributing as widely as possible the Weekly Numbers of Grove Chapel Pulpit, regarding Nehemiah's injunction as a paramount duty, that they who "eat the fat and drink the sweet should send portions to them for whom nothing is prepared " (Neh. viii. 10).

At the request of our Christian brother, I have written this short address, to testify that the enterprize has my full approbation and earnest prayer that from us, beloved, may be sounded out the word of the Lord; and not only in Camberwell, but also in every other place, our faith to God-ward may be spread abroad as the faith of God's elect (1 Thess. i. 8). Never was there greater necessity for such an effort as this than in the times in which we live, when the press is teeming with Infidel Tracts, Popish Tracts, Puseyite Tracts, and other Arminian Tracts. Surely the people of God ought, one and all, to be engaged in “making manifest the savour of divine truth in every place."

It is not now in my power to travel far upon my Lord's errand, being, as I anticipate, near my journey's end, and feeling a desire to limit my personal labours as much as possible to the endeared people of my charge; but it is now in your power to catch the certain sound from the gospel trumpet, blown in “our holy and beautiful house,” and to echo it to the ends of the earth.

May Jehovah, our Triune God, water his own incorruptible seed with His own blessing, so as to produce an abundant harvest to His own glory, is the prayer of your devoted pastor,


P.S. I have promised to read the proofs of all the Numbers as they come out, in order that they may go forth with all possible correctness.

GROVE CHAPEL Pulpit will be published in Weekly Numbers, price One Penny, each containing one Sermon, carefully printed on fine paper; and, for the convenience of country Subscribers, Monthly Parts will be issued in a handsome coloured wrapper, price Fivepence.

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