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For since the paffing of that useful Law in the Reign of our glorious Deliverer, King William, the whole Face of this Country hath been changed's so that from being subject to a Famine every five or fix Years, we are now become the Granary of Europe, to the unspeakable Advantage both of the Landed and Commercial Interest; having a Sufficiency of Corn for ourselves, and some to ex: port in the worst of Seasons. For the Downs and High Lands will generally furnish a Supply, when the Low Lands fail,—and vice versa:

-Not to mention that when both succeed, the Farmer is ftill encouraged to plow again for a next Year's Crop, as he is sure of a Price for the Produce of his Labour, either at Home or Abroad.

XI. These Considerations are humbly submitted to the free and unbiaffed Judgment of every bonest Man, and Lover of his Country, of whatsoever Denomination.-And if it should appear, that there can be no juft Motive for Disaffeation to the prefent Royal Family on account of either Principle or Interest, may we not hope, that all Opposition, derived from that Source, to the Naturalization of our persecuted Fellow Protestants,

will entirely cease? And would it be too much to expect, that this Affair should be determined by every Man, in his own Conscience, according to the intrinsick Reafon of the Thing, and not according to the Dictates of Party, or former Prejudices and Prepossessions - It is surely a strange Proceeding, that an innocent, distressed Protestant, should be denied a Shelter in this Country, merely because he cannot to pay the

high high Fees for Naturalization, which the poor Remains of his plundered Fortune cannot reach; of is disliked for his Affection to the present Royal Family;—but stranger still, after it has been proved, that his Labour, Skill, and Industry, would be a new Acquisition of Strength and Riches to our own Kingdom and People; or that his Affection to His Majesty, and his Family, should be the very Inducement with every loyal Subject, and Lover of his Country, to receive him with

open Arms.

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N the Preface, Page iii, Line 3 from the Bottom, for the read

that. Page v, Line 3 from the Bottom, for Articles read Article. In the Queries, Page 6, Line 6, for rational read national. Page 31, Line 15, for cheaper read lefs.

TRACTS Published by the same Ausbor.

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All these Printed for T. Trye, Holborn.

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