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addressed the Jury ip a charge of great eloquence all was over, now thouglit of ler own safety, and, and impressiveness. He peenlarly animadverted opening the window of the workshop, clambered upon the language of soine of the letters, aud out on the roof, from whence she made her way after giving an abic view of the innocence of the to the windows of the garret of her neighbour plaintiff's objects, and the manifest injury which | (Mr. Breach, the baberdasher, the corner of had been done to her, he left the reparation to the Duke-street, in Aldgate), and here fortunately Jury.

two shoppen slept.

They were aroused by the The Jury, after a few moments consultation, || crash of a pave of glass, and having been informfound a verdict for the plaintiff-damages five ed of their perilous situation, they received Virs. hundred pounds.

Noves in their arn's, aud carried her down stairs, MARCH 15. This morning, at half after two alarming the family, who had just time to escape o'clock, a fire was discovered in the premises of before the flames made their way through the Mr. Coe, oilman and tallow-chandler, in Holles- | party wall. In a few minutes the two houses were street, Clare-market. From the combustible in one awful conflagration, the horrors of which nature of the materials the fian es in a short tiure were considerably increased by the sbrieks of the blazed up with the utmost fury. The family, affrighted females who rushed from ibe adjoining however, and several of the inmates were sared houses, with scarcely any cloathing. Nearly as through the active exertions of the firemen. The hour elapsed before a sufficient supply of water next door on one side was a liquor shop, and it was procured to stem the progress of ibe flames, was thought to be in the most inminent danger, which threatened destruction to a great extent. but owing to the protection of a strong party ed, and, by the unremitting exertions of the fire

An abundant supply, however, was then obtainwall, and the judicious play of the engines, it was entirely saved. The stock, furniture, and pre- men, the Hames were extinguished before four mises of Mr. Coe were totally consumed ; and the o'clock, without having extended beyond the two flames extended to the house of Mr. Smith, a houses of Mr. Noyes and Mr. Breach, the shells broker, the next on the other side. On the two- of which only remain. A small quantity of the pair floor in the back room there was an elderly stock in the shops of each house was preserved. female who had been hed-ridden for a consider- MARCH 16. An inquest was held at the house able length of time. She crawled to the front of Mr. Hunt, the Grange Inn, Carey-street, og room window and gave the alarm, when two of the body of Hannah, the wife of Alex. Brodie, the firemen with the utmost intrepidity and at the

who losi her life in the fire in Holles-street. hó most imminent risk of their lives' ruslied forward decased was turned of sixty years; she had been to her assistance. The poor fellows, however, i upwards of nineteen years married to Brodie, were too late; she was totally destitute of life, il who was her second husband; they were both though she was but slightly burnt, her death was natives of Scotland. He kept a shop as a master evidently occasioned by fright and suffocation. Itin-man, for several years after he was married, The men lowered the body with a rope into the but failing in business, worked as a journeyman, street, and happily escaped unhurt. 'There are

until by å sudden stroke of affliction froin the four or five people at present missing; who were

hand of Providence, he was almost totally depris. in the house of Ir. Coc. Mr. Smith's house was ed of all means of subsistence, and was under the only partially injured; but the embers of the fire necessity of receiving parochial relief. A few at Mr. Coe's burst out again several times in the days, however, before the inelancholy accident course of the day. They were both insured, but took place, he received the most agreeable intelthe latter was by no means sufficiently secured to ligence, that a suit in which he was engaged st cover the extent of his loss.

law for the recovery of the suin of £2,60 was The same morning about half-past one, as the brought to a favourable issue, and that he would watchman was going his rounds in Duke-street, shortly be put in possession of that money; He Aldgate, as he passed the house of Mr. Noyes, il is supposed to be buried in the ruins. “There Jeather-seller, he observed the flames issuing from was no account whatever as to how the fire origithe window of the first floor; he instantly gave nated; there was no one at work making candles the alarm to the inhabitants by loud and reiterated at the time, nor for some time before it, and it knocks at the door, and at length Mrs. Noyes, is supposed that the fire was entirely accidental. who slept in the third story with her servant maid, || Among the number missing is one poor woman a girl of about pineteen years of age, and her who supported herself and her daughier with the grand-daughter, an infant but five years old (Mr. mouey she hud saved froin living many years in Noyes being out of town), opened the window, the service of a nobleman, and had £20 io begir and on being apprised of her danger, rushed to some small business with. The girl escaped, but the room doer, leaving the window unclosed; but the mother is not yet found, and the money (the the moment she opened the door, the draft created greater part of which is gold) is entirely lost. by the window instantly drew a column of the Two dashing belles have been for some time devouring element up the stairs communicating past attempting to swindle several jewellers, de. with her room. She rushed through the flames in Oxford-street, Bond-street, Piccadilly, &c. and up another flight of stairs, calling on the servant have obtained goods to a considerable follow her, and made her way into the work- Their method has been to drive to a shop immeshop at the top of the house. Here she stood for diately after some person of consequence has left some time in a state of distraction, anxiously it, for whom enquiry was made, with an afectawaiting the approach of her grand-daughter and tion of knowledge of the parties, to give etlect to the servant. "Vain however were her hopes, for their proceedings; they travel iú an elegant 80 irresistible and treniendous was the volume charioi, sccompanied by a footman, well adapted of Naine whicl: ascended the moment she quitted for his business. Sometimes goods were handed her bed-chamber, that the retreat of the unfor- into the carriage, and at other iimes ordered home Tunaie servant and the infant was cut off. They to Coram-street, Gower-street, and Queen Anneapproached the window to call for aid, but in less street, at which places they had temporary lodgthan two minutes, the floor sunk, and they bothings.' One person is said to have lost £500 by fell into the heart of the fire. Their remains have these means. not yet been discovered. --Mrs. Noyes having MARRIED.-At St. James's, T. F. Dollman, beard their last agonizing shriek, and concluded)Esq. of Cravea-sireet, to Jaue, eldest daughter of F. Dollman, Esq. of Gower-street.-G. Wilson, 1-In the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, aged 79, Fsn. of Saville-row, to Anoa, daughter of Sir J. Lieutenant Wm. Hunter, of the Royal Navy: Taylor, Bart.- Renton Dickenson, Esq. late of At the Parsonage House, Hampstead, Emily the Coldstream Guards, to Lady Broughton.-At Sarah, daughter of the Rev. S. White, rector of Mary-le-bone, E. Darell, Esq. to Mary Ann, only that parish. -at St. Ann’s-place, Limehouse, aged daughter of the late T. Bullock, Esq.-H. Duke 52, Adam Steinmetz, Esq:-In Bulstrode-street, Lotius, Esq. to Miss Loftus, daughter of Lieut.- | Sir Charles Hoare Harland, Bart.- it Brompton, Genera! Loftns. - At St. George's, Hanover-N. Stockhouse, Esq. late of the East ludia Comsquare, E. Vernon, Esq. of Dee Bank, Cheshire, pany's service, at Bombay.--In Green-street, to Miss Morrice, youngest daughter of the Rev. Grosvenor-square, J.S. Ilarcourt, Fsq.-In News BIr. Morrice, of Flower, Northamptoushire. -Atstreet, Hanover-square, Mrs. Bromfield, relict of Si. Martin's, R. R. Knipe, to Harriet, daughter the Rev. Mr. Bronfield, of Wormwell, Dorset:of the late T. Willard, Esq. of East Bonrne.--At In Kingsland-Road, in' his soth year, Mr. John Greenwich, H, Nunn, Esq. of the Madras esta- Cooke, formerly of Paternoster-row, bookseller.blishment, to Miss Flood, daughter of W. Hood, In Lower Thames-street, Mrs. Siinson, wife of Esq. of Blackheath. - At Putuey, J. P. Kensing- 1 W. Simson, Esq.-In Conduit-street, J. Methuton, of Lombard-street, banker, to Anne, eldest sius, Esq. one of the Pages of his Majesty's bed. daughter of the late Rev. E. Rawlins, rector of chan ber-In Park-street, St. James's, T. GodDorsiugton, Gloucestershire.

frey, Esq. M. P. for Hythe.- It Clapham Com. DIED.-It his father's house, in Cleveland-mon, the Hon. Henry Cavendish, cousin of Lord eourt, St. James's, the Kev. W. Davies. He was George Cavendish, and nephew of the Duke of alternate morning preacher at Percy and Gros- Devonshire. He has left funded property to the Tenor Chapels, and afternoon lectiirer at St. amount of £1,200,000, of which £700,000 are beJohn's, Westminster. This excellent young inan' queathed to Lord G. Cavendish, £200,000 to the fell a victim, at an early age, to a disease which Earl ot' Besborough, and the remainder in lega. baffled all the exertions of medical skill; it was cies to other branches of the Devonshire funily:produced by a pleurisy, occasioned by a cold At Fulham, at the house of her brother, W. Sharpe, caught in the discharge of his professional duties Esq. Mrs. Pronse, relict of G. Prouse, Esq. of in the severe winter of 1808. - In George-street, Wishain Park, Northamptonshire-n JamesPortman-square, Lady Field, the widow of Sir Street, Buckingham-Gate, Mrs. Colquhoun, wife C. V. Field, one of the daughters and co-heiress of Patrick Colquhoun, Egs.-In Lincoln's-Inn, of Sir Francis Head, of Hermitage, Kent. - At Old-square, aged 33, E. Vi arren, Esq.-In UpChiswick, Mrs. Whalley, relict of the late Rev. per Gower-street, Mrs. Cancellor.--!n Ely-place, W. Whalley, rector of Presteign.-In Charlotte- suddenly, aged 37, J. C. Saunders, Esq. late De. street, Fitzroy-square, age 71, Sir Robert Bur- monstrator of Anatomy at St. Thomas's Hospital; ton, Knight, M. P.-In Westminster, the Rev in him the world has lost a man of science, and J. E. Herbert, vicar of Ledbury, Herefordshire. the poor a friend.






University of Oxford, late Rector of Tilehurst, The following curious circunstance happened in Berks, and Vicar of Worldham, Hants; the some time since at the Golden Jnn, Reading :-Alatter of which preferments is in the gift of the yanng fox had been taught to lodge in a wheel and President and Fellows of Magdalen College. turn the jack. Afier some time he escaped, and

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. regained his native fields. Here he met the fate The following original letter was lately recommon to his species : he was pursued by the ceived by a clergyman in this county :-“For the hounds, and in his flight ran through the town of Revnant Mr. T at Bin the countray of Reading, and springing over a balf-door of B Good Sir-This coines with any buma kitchen, jumped into the wheel, and resumed bol dutay, begin parden for trobolen you to coal his occupation in the very place where he my neam and Mary Wover in the chorch, it had formerly been brought up; and thus saved was nothing more than a dronken magot for his life.

wbich I am verey sorey, for as to heaven of hur Some thieves lately entered the gardens of a it is wat I cannot think of, for I am ingag'd with gentleman near Windsor, and took down a most a yong woman in Oxfordshear us I cannot get off Leantiiutand valuable staine of Venus de Medicis, on, pray good Sir dont cal] iny neum over no made of copper, which they carried, however, more, as to the money as I sent to the clarek, I only as far as another place in the garden where shod wish you to have a drop of something to stood the staine of the Devil, at which they drink with, or any think else as is in my power, were so much attrighied, that they dropped for I am a sheamed to so a front you. J. S." the Venus, and made away as fast as they could, Dies),- At Stowe House, aged 83, Mr. Par. without any plunder at all. Thus, for once, the rott, near fifty years Steward to the late Earl Deril stood the friend of beauty, and rescued Temple and the Marquis of Bucking bam. her, by a louk, out of the band of her ravishers.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, Diev.-At Tileburst, aged 73, Richard Chand. On the 28th of February, a gentlemon of King's ler, D.D. celebrated for his learned travels in College, Cambridge, whilst amusing himself with Greece and Asia Minor. He was formerly Fel- a gun at the College, was assailed by a dog below of Magdules Coilego, and Proctor of the Ilonging to a gang of gipsies enouinped near. One of the gipsies repeated!y dared the gentleman

DERBYSHIRE. to shoot ihe animai, which, unfortunately, he A survey was lately made by Mr. Hatchinson, at length atte:n pted to do, but missing his aiın, Chapel-en-le-tiith, author of ile" Tour through Jodged the contents of the gun in the head of a the High Peak," and soine old experienced child, who had just emerged from the tent, miners, to ascertain the most proper place for and she died instantly. A coroner's inq!!est on laying a stage, and fixing the necessary appa. the body has returned a verdict of accidental ratus for a descent into Eldon Hole; and there death ; but the accident inade such an impres- can be no doub:, but this adventurous undertak. sion on the gentleman, that he has never spoken ing will prove highly interesting to the public, since.

as well as useful to the scientific geologist. The CHESHIRE.

length of the line let down into Eldon Hole kas Dild:-At Chester, Miss Roberts, a maidenbeen stated by some writers to have been two lady. It has been observed, that no person in thousand eiglit bedred fathoms, while others the family ever quitied this world without a look. give a very ditierent and far less calculation. Be ing-ulass having been broken ; and on this oe- this however as it may, it is very probable that dif, casion the largest ove fell, and vas shattered into ferent subterraneous paysages will be discovered a thousand pieces ! - Mrs. Egerton, aunt to John by the adventurers, extending in various direcEgerton, Esq. M.P. for Chester, aged 78.-in tions, and communicating perhaps with the great her goch year, Mrs. Witters. Mrs. Mout, Peak's Hole, or some other dark some caverns of aged 78, mother of Mr. John Moult, Pro- the earth. There is no one person now bring prietor of the Chester Courant.-- At Stock- who has descended into Eldon Hole, and indeed port, Mr. Smith. He was walking in the street, the descent formerly made by a person of the when he down and expired without a adjacent country, wlio was let down only to the struggle.

first perpendicular landing, to discover whether CORNWALL.

a human body, suspected to bave been inur. DIED:-Suddenly, the Rev. Arthur Wade,

dered, was thrown into this pit, eould not be esVicar of Tintageli, near Camelford, in this pected to produce auy very authentie account, as county. It was remarkable, that this inan made

ibe inducement arose froni a mere casual circumhis will above fourteen years since, but it was

stance, without any preparation, and perhaps not executed till about four hours previous to his

without the spirit of investigation. The must death, as his wife was conscious (she said), that

minute attention is required on such an occasion, wbenever he should do it, he would depart this

as the smallest cranny or aperture is often kdown life; and so it came to pass, about four bours after

to open into the most magnificent apartinents of the solemn document was signed.- At St. Co

the mineral kingdom. lumb, in liis 70th year, Mr. John Rouse, an

Died.-At Derby, in St. Werburgh's work. opulent farmer. Under his bed were found house, Hannah Wood, aged 105. fiiteen hundred guineas, besides bills, &c.-At

DEVONSHIRE, Lanherne, aged 84, Ann Theresa Butler, of the On the 19th of February, Mr. Hall, a miller at Society of Carmelites, who took refuge in this King's Bridge, having enployed a butcher to kill country from the fury of the French revolution.

some pigs for him, during the absence of the latter CUMBERLAND.

to get some refreshment, who left his knife be. A dog, the property of Mr. Teasdale, of Ousby, Lind, four young children, who had been witlately took the quest of a fox, which he ran föll nessing the operation, agreed to play at kill-pig; the extraordinary time of thirty hours, four of others, who acted the part of the butcher, stuck

youngest was to be the pig, when one of the which were run within the view of soine miners, 1 lim in the throat, and killed him on the spot: the who at that time were upon Duftou Fell. The

other three, alarmed at what they had done, man doy and his intended prey were at that time running round the bottom of the bill, the arch

into the adjoining mill, and hide themselves under dog (still keeping that side of reynard which led

the wheel," which was not working at the time, to his cleft in the rock) at last came 'np with

but was set going almost immediately afterwards,

and crushed them all to death! him, but being so much exhausted by his toilseine chase, was unable to attack bim for soine

MARRIED.-George Diake, Esq. Captain in time, and they both lay as lifeless together. The

the ist Devon Regiment of Militia, to Maria Sal. mipers then made to bis assistance, but so ardent

tern Knighton, eldest daugbter and coheiress of waz bis desire to make reynard his prey, that he

the late Sohn Moore Knighton, of Greenosen, would not suffer them to come near till he had

in the same county.--At Totves, Lousia, the destroyed him himself.

second daughter of William Bengal, Esq. of that ALARRIED.-A1 Carlisle, Christopher Bou place, to William Marshall, Esq. Assistant Pays stead, Esq. to Miss Hannah Robinson.-It Grey

inaster-General at the Cape of Good Hope. s'ok, illiain Topping, Esq. of New Rent, to

DIED:- At Exeter, Lientenant Darby, of his Miss Arabella Willia Chid, third daugliter liajesty's ship Impetueux. He put an end his to of Jaeah Chikl, Esq.-At Gretna Green, John

life by shooting himself with a pistol : it appeared Lawson Swallow, Esy. of Knorren Lodge, near

in evidence before the Coroner's Inquest, that he

had written several letters, to his father, sister, Brumpton, in this county, to Miss Richardson, daughter of J. Richardson, Esq. of Cumcatchi,

&c. informing them of the rash act he was about Died.-1t Stanwix, aged 81, Mr. John An

to coinmit, aitributing his unhappiness of mind

to an unfortunate love attachment; and that havdrews.- It Keswick, iu ber süth year, Mrs. ing received a challenge from a rival, which, at Jave Seoit.- 1t Carlisle, aged in, George Ross, ihe earnest entreaties of his friends, he had de. Esq.- it Armathwaite, in consequence of a fall

clined accepting, the dread of the imputation of from his horse, John Fisher, Esq. of Caikeld, in cowardice had reudered life miserable:-Verdirt, Loweswater. - At Whitehaven, aged 06, Mrs. teio de se.-At Lympstone, Lady Charles FitzPrerry, reliet of the Rev. Mr. Piercy - Mrs.

roy, eldest daughier of the Eurl of Londonderry, Mary Bruce, in her sóth year.- 10 Peeletown, 'l and sister to Lord Castlereagh.-The Rev. Dr. Isle of Man, James Birchill, M.D.-At Douglas, Henry Manning, Rector of Stoke-in-teignhead Joba Livesey, Esq.

aud Drewsteiguion.

sequence of her

for the county.


fire; the almost immediate explosion of these Died. At Blandford, Ilarriet Jane, yoongest combustibles was dreadful, that although all were danghter of ilie Rev. Thomas Diggle, Rector of desirous, none could afford timely assistance : Tariant Hinton.–At Upwood, Edward Brickley relieve himself he used first his right hand, then Parsoll, Esq. - At Witcbampton, Mrs. Saruh his left band, until by explosions in both they Nicholls,

were dreadfully burnt, torai, and useless ; in this DURHJM.

shocking state of inisery, and by the explosions Died.-At Durham, in ca

in his pochet, he fell on the ground in a state of clothes taking fire, Miss Maria Agar.–At Dar- | insevsibility, where he was rolled about imti tie lington, in her enth year, Mrs. Baines. - It Bar combustibles were extinguished or exhansted. nard Castle, aged 104, Varguret Gowland. For many wecks after, the extent of the wounds, ESSES

particularly on his breast and side, could not be The steeple of Harwich church, on a late sur ascertained, owing to the consolidation of part of vey, has beeu pronounced in so ruinous aud dan his clothes in a mass with the wounds." This gerous a state, as to render it necessary to be statement of a melaueboly fact, it is hoped, will taken down and rebuilt. It having been for a be remembered as a caution in the use of firo greut number of years a conspicuous sea-mark, works.--At Portsmouth, Mis. Case, wile of Capt. ihis circumstance is mentioned for the informa Case, late in the Revenue service.--I Southanipo tion of mariners.

ton, aged 93, kichard Verpan Sadler, Esq. DED:- 11 Chelmsforul, in her 20 year, Mrs. father of the corporution and a justice of the peace Mary Ishley. -At Purley, the Rev. Roger Ilayne, Curate of that place --In hier 6;th year, Ma

KENT. demoiselle Geneviere Gaudoin, upwards of torty MarrieN.--At West Malling, Richard Des years superintendant of the late boarding-school bary, Esq. of the Temple, to Miss Ame Dowman, of Mis. Pagh, at Great Badon.

second daughter of Lieutenant-Colouel Downan. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

10 Canterbury, Charles Tudor, Esq. to Miss A few days since, a travelling Jew who sells Moore. spectacles, &c. called at a public-house in Braut Died.-17 Dartford, in his 100th year, James Broughton, for refreshienis. Some of the com Gibson, a natite ot' Dover. Ile retained bis inpauy Here, inclined to miscbief, thrust a lighted | telleris almost till the hour of his death. At lvy pipe-head into his bundle, just as he was leaving cburch, Mr. Joseph Sacree, parish-clerk of that the house, and as soon as he had got into the li place 52 years. During which long period be fields, the bundle caught fire, and his whole stock liever omitted bis duty except on the Sunday preju trade and himself were enveloped in flames --- ceting his death. - It Rochester, the Rev. Dr. Tlie abominable wantouness of those who could Nicholas Brown, 41 years rector of logoldsby, enjoy a sight like this, reminds us of the scriptile Liucolnshire. ra! words “they scatter tire-brands, and arrows,

LANCASHIRE. and death, and say, Are we not in sport?"

MARRIED: -- 1t Childwall, Richard MeadowMARRIED.-At' Cheltenham, Dr. Benjamin croft, Esq.uf Manchester, to Mrs. Hutchinson of Hayward Brown, to Elizabeth Selina, eldest liavertree.-Iuliverpool, H. H. Juvex, Esq. of daughter of Eyles Irwin, Esq.

Llynon, Anglesea, to Jave, eldest dauglier of Died. At Newuham, at the very advanced Robert Scott, Esq.. age of 108, Anne Robins. She had been sexton Diep).-)1 Bolton, in his sath year, Mr. G. of t'iat parish upwards of fifty years; gave her Grundy. -At Paradise Hall, Salford, Manchester, esidence, in a cause tried at the assizes in this Mrs. Grey, aged 57, sister to the only beperolent city, about eight years since, with astonishing James Nield, Esq. of Chelsea - It Liverpool, elearness and perspicuity, and retained all her Nathaniel Jetlery's, Esq. foroverly N. P. for faculties to the last.–At Wotton, in her 92d | Coventry.- 11 Manchester, to which place she year, Mrs. Brown.-At Tetbury, Lientenant had gone to attend the funeral of her sister, Miss "Colonel H.H. Sloper, commandant of the llors Susannah Bakewell, of Spring Vale, Stordley Volunteer Infantry, aged 43.


LEICESTERSHIRE. MARCH 3.- As some boys were lately walking An attorney, of Hinckley, bas absconded,alter along the beach at Portsmouth, one of them dis laving committed a forgery on the Hinckley covered an old leather glove washed up on the bank, to the amount of £2006), as well as negoci. beach, which contained one hundred and fifty- ating bills of exchange, and holding money beeight guineas, and a few half-guineas.

longing to respectable farmers and other persons, MARRIED.-At Kingston church, Lieutenant which he pretended to invest for them, amounting Colonel White, of the sith regiment of foot, to to near 100). Miss Greig, only daughter of the late Williain DieD.-A Mountgorrel, in ber 83d year, Mrs. Greig, Esq. of the Island of St. Vincent.-ju

Wainwrighi.- It Barron-ipon-Soar, S. Brava Jersey, Captain Philip Patriarche of the Royal unont, gent. -At Upton, aged 46, Mrs. Grew, Marines, to Miss Elizabeth Patriarche, second and a few days afterwards her fourth son, Williain daughter of William Patriarche, Esq.

Grew. DIED.-At Winchester, aged 19, Mr. T. Fin.

LINCOLNSHIRE. don, son of Mr. Findon, attorney, Shipston-upon Mr. Tooley, liquor-merchant, of Horncastle, Stowr, Worcestershire. The death of this aini- lately received an anonymous letter, cautioning able young man was occasioned by the following him to take care of himself. This letter he did melancholy accident :-On the evening of the not regard, conceiving it to be only meant to Jubilee, in October last, the deceased, with some frighten him. However, on the 25th of February, other young gentlemen, being furnished with as lie was in his bed-room uudressing to go to bed, some serpents or fire-works of a somewhat formidl a slug was fired at bim through the window, able description, joined the multitude assembled which passed over bis head and lodged in the round a large boui-tire opposite St. John's House, ceiling of the room. Mr. Tooley immediately Winchester. He had placed bis serpeuts, with threw up the sash of the window, and jumped out the fuses upwards, in the inside breast pocket of into the street, but the perpetrator of the deed his great coat, and by soine accident they caught in escaped.

Died.-Ir. Kitton one of the porters of the 1 Died - At Ahergarennp, in his Azd rear, Mr. London tvarchous ar Boston; he was found sit. W. Powell, attornos-at-law, the oldest, and while tirg in his chair a lifeless corpse. He always re- able to sperintend his business, the most extezsided by himself, and has died without a will; on sive practitioner in the county. searching the longe, apwards of 5:*; guineas were

NORFOLK found in three bags, a large quantity of copper There is now living at Ozvargh, in this county, and viher coins, &c-t Carllo', aged ai, r. W'. Durani, cardener, who annualy consumes Taverner, who had been a noc westler, and 1005 red herrings, cheve lɛlbs of tobacco, and won thirty-two prize hats.--At Little Steeping, ia feeds the frontispiece of his face with 305 oences her oth year; lirs, Chapman,

of snuff. The total suin of tobacco,, snuff and red kemiskaible instances of Longevity in this herrings, is £13 18 10. County --Dieslin 1765, John Dorsc, near Louth, MARRIED.-T. B!nke, Esq. of Yelvertos, to aged 106.-1917, Mrs. Nerran, of Harlaxton, Miss Nicholls, donginer' of J. Nicholls, Esq. of oged 105.-11 1768, Nr. Ilcigion, of Nlarsto: Hales.- 11 Yarmouth, Capt. T. Guyton, of Ber. med 100.--!p 1780, Mrs. Poulard, of Stamford, l, mondsey, Sourhwark, to Alisa Marr Smith, pgal 107.-191783, Willian Thompson, of North Dren.- Norwich, agar! 74, 1r. W. Foster, Kymir, oged 108. He enjoyed a good state of allorrey.--In his Ojst year, Mr. Joseph Thomphealth, soroaked tsvo pipes, and drunk some ale son.--At Great Dunhain, in her 93th year, Vis. on the day of his death.-willian birkby, of Churchwan.. At Yarmouil, aged 94, John Spur. Bopby, near Barton, aged 102.-In 1789, Marygeon, Esq. town-clerk Kam, or kexby, widur, aged 1.7.-In 1;, John

NORTHAMPTON. Quaubrough, of Burn, aged 112. He was up- The law (says Stecrons) is as nice as a newly wards of forty years collecior of the tolia of laid egg: take the following as a proof:- At the thar place. He lived alone in the most parsi- Peterborough Quarter-sessions, Daniel Bigley vodious manner, and was found dead in his and Isaac Bowers were convicted, the one of bed. Upwards of £300 was discovered in holes stealing three, and the other five pigs; but an and corners of his room, which he had not quitted arrest of jmegment was moved by the prisoners' for the last seven years:-In 1792, Virg. Lovdis advocate, upon the ground that the property was doa, of Boston, aged 1(3.--Ann Frost, of West not described with sufficient certainty io the inHasin, aged 1!. - Mrs. Pape, of 'Lincoln, dictment, insomuch as there w29 vo such word as widow, szed 102:-In 179?, Job in Burg, of Spalda pig to be found in i ke law books, and therefore it ingaged 100.--In 1797, Winifred Foxton, of lesingist as well be applied to a pig of lead as to a Bingham, nged 104.-10 1800, Elizabeth. Shaw, ph of the species of swine; and in the county of of heal Cores, aged 117.-In 1901, Nr. Con-Cornwall, or any other mioing county, would greve, of Deeping Fen, aged 100:-In isize have beeu so considered. It was contended on Elizabeth Stothard, of Kirton, near Brigs, aged the other hand, by the advocate for the Crown, 103. She was scarcely ever known to have had that as the law oily required that degree of cera a day's iilness, In her youthful days she has tainty in the judictment by which the prisoner been seen to shear, biod, avd stack an acre of miglit know upun what he stood indicted, and as curn per day, for forty days successively. She the evidence froin the beginning to the end dekad many children,, grand-children, and great- seribed the property as pigs, by w lich descriptioi grand-children. -- Mrs. Palmer, of Siontord, they are universally known at Peterborough; Widow, aged 100. Her brother and sister died and further, that as the indictinents stated, “ did this year, the foriner aged 75, and the latter 57. steal, take, and drive away,” and not carry away, Two other brothers died about two years liefore, as would have been the case had they been pigs of the one 95, and the other 77. A surviving lead. After a long argument, the court remaoded brother was this year 83. Their father also at- the prisoners, and respite their seutences natil tained the age of 103.-In 1804, Mrs, Dewick, of the opinion of the twelve Judges could be taken. Grantham, aged 100.-Benjamin Overton, of The indictment has since beeu submitted, and Seanced,' aged 100.-Saruh Green, of Gains- pronounced correct. borough, widow, aged 100.--Elizabeth Bullard, MARRIED.-John George, Esq. of Bythorndies i infrey, of Gainsborough, widow, aged house, Huutingdonshire, to'Miss Angrave, of 29, --!111807, Mrs. Saunders, at Easton, nrar Halton-house, Dear Northampton. Simord, aged 100.- Mary Alcock, of Aby, DIED. Mrs. Wanchope, wife of the Rev. Mr. near Louth, aged 300.. From the foregoing in- Wauchope, rector of Warkton.- 1t Sudboroughstanices of advanced life, it will be seen that in house, Catharine Mary, only daughter of the late this county, (which, in other parts of the king- || Morgan Vane, Esq. down has been usbully deemed unhealthy), people

NORTHUMBERLAND. can live to as protracted a period, as in ihose

A curious well of Roman masonry has lately which are thought to be climates more favourable been discovered by the workmen employed in to the prolongation of human existence. We digging the mound on which the Half-Moon batsholl close this account by stating, that there is tery lately stood at Newcastle. It is situated now living in St. Martin's parish, in Lincoin, # thirty fcet below the surface, and is formed of fine person, who, thongh nearly 100, walks several hewn stone. Within a few yards of the well, two miles every day, when the weather will permit, i very large horns and the jaw-bones of a stag were and a short tiue ago, walked to Louih in one found. On digging further, a great number of day, and came back to Lincoln the next,

large beams of solid oak, was met with. The MONMOUTUSTOIRE.

above circunstances have given rise to a variety MARRIED.-- It Caerwent, near Chepstow, Mr. of speculations as to the probability of the whole James Price, i qed 4:2, to Mrs. Bullock, a widow, of that immense ground being the production of or the study side of eighty-iwo. Ontheir return fronn churok, the road was strewed with burdock DIED.-At Earsdon, T. Fenwick, Esq. a Jus. hood, rue, hox, netties, and other herbs, syinbolic tice of the peace.--At Newburn, Mr.T. Taylor, of their expected connubial harmony: The dain principal colliery agent to the Duke of Northumgol weighs 300 weight, and has five hunderd berland. charms, which the enamoured youth could not

NOTTINGHAM. mithsiaud.

DIED.-Mrs. Mary Holland, a widow lady,


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