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I must add one word upon the celebrated foramen. It is well known that caverns of this nature are not unfrequent in limestone countries. At the foot of a great mountain range like Parnassus there might be several ; some it appears even now exist, but it is said that the spiracle of the prophetic vapour is now unknown. We have, I think, ascertained the site of the temple beyond dis

. pute; and I rejoice to find it must be very near the spot fixed on by our enterprising and scientific friend Dr. Clarke in the fourth volume of his most interesting Travels. We have ascertained farther, beyond dispute, that the sacred fissure was in the adytum of the temple. That it may be searched for there now in vain, supposing the site of the temple accurately described, is not impossible. It may be covered over with the ruins of the temple, or by injuries of the weather in the lapse of ages ; but I conceive it to be merely covered over, and not actually filled up, because such fissures are usually very deep, and we know this to have been also very small, so trat a tripod could stand over its mouth, and therefore a large stone placed were by design or accident might easily cover it. Now my belief is that it was covered by design, having been closed, as I suppose, by order of Constantine, when he removed the brazen tripod from Delphi which is now at Constantinople, an account of which may be found in Eusebius de Vita Constant. iii. 54, and Sozomen Eccles. Hist. ii. 5, who, after speaking of the statue and tripod of Apollo brought from Delphi, and some other statues, adds, respecting the temples themselves-Néw de os pèr Qupão, οι δε ορόφων εγυμνώθησαν" οι δε και άλλως αμελέμενοι ΗΡΕΙΠΟΝΤΟ ΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΔΙΕΦΘΕΙPONTO. I will only add, that if I could be at Delphi with the power of making excavations, I would try to discover the spiracle at the risk of becoming φοιβόληπτος by the exhalation.

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