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In the fecond PLATE.

The two undermoft Coverings, namely, that of Goats Hair, and that of fine Linen, were divided into feveral Curtains: but the two uppermoft were not. The Covering of fine Linen was ten Curtains; the Covering of Goats Hair was eleven Curtains, that one Curtain might hang down on the five Pillars before the Entrance of the Tabernacle, or be doubled backward upon it, Exod. xxvi. 1, &c. And yet befides this there was a Hanging or Vail of fine Linen for the Door of the abernacle, of blue, purple and scarlet, wrought with Needle-work, like the Vail that hung at the Entrance of the Holy of Holies: And therefore St Paul calls that the fecond Vail, Heb. ix. 3. in reference to that Hanging at the Dour of the Tabernacle, or Holy Place, which was the firft.

The five Staves or Bars thrust through all the Rings on the Boards of the Tabernacle, held the Tabernacle together.


Several of thefe Vestments, (even all in the upper Rank) belonged to the common Priests, as well as to the High Priest; namely, B. the Linen Breeches, and C. the Coat, G. the Girdle, and M. the Mitre: Yet thele Veftments of the common Priests are not supposed to be embroidered, but all white. We read alfo of Samuel, when a Child, wearing a Linen Ephod, 1 Sam. ii. 18. and of the common Priests having a fort of Ephod, 1 Sam xxii 18. but what that was, is not ealy to determine; probably it was like the High Priest's, but plain and not embroidered.

Learned Men have generally supposed the curious Girdle of the Ephod to be always fatened on to the Ephod, because it is faid, Exod xxviii. 8. The Girdle which is upon it; and that it hung out on each Side, like two Ends of a Girdle, to bind it round the Body; which therefore I have described in the fame Manner, in conformity to Cuftom, though I think Scripture doth not certainly determine it; and on this Account I call the other Girdle G, the Girdle of the

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