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DARNARD AND JAALEY, Skinner Street, London.

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Ali turns the Siege of Suli into a Blockade---Brave Action of the Suliots, in which Foto Tza-

vella is wounded---Stratagem of the Suliots--- Treachery of Ali---Letter of the Suliots---

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Proposal of Ali to purchase Suli---Answer of the Suliots---Attempt made to bribe Dimo

Zerva, but fails---Distress of the Suliots--- Assistance sent by the French---Effects of Famine

---Supplies gained by a desperate Effort---Two Suliot Captains yield to the Vizir's Bribes

---One of them repents---Stratagem of Strivinioti---Confederacy of the Tzamouriot Beys

against Ali---How dissolved---Ali joins the Army of the Grand Vizir against Paswan Oglou

---Endeavours to impose upon the Saliots at his Return---Persuades them to banish Foto

Tzavella---Foto goes to Ioannina--- Thrown into Prison there---Attack of the Fortress of

Villa by the Suliots--- The Vizir, indignant at their Valour, collects a vast Army under the

Command of his Son Vely---Kiaffa taken---Foto Tzavella being released, returns to his

Country--- Last Action of the Suliots---Kako-Suli surrenders---People emigrate--- Treacher-

ous Conduct of the Albanians---Suliots attacked---Affair of Zalongo---Desperate Revenge of

Samuel the Caloyer---Suliots again attacked---Affair of Rhiniasa---Action at Vurgareli---

Emigration of the Suliots---Song of Suli---Story of the Traitor Palasca---Ali's Quarrel with

the Beys of Tzamouria --Suliots return from Corfu, in hopes of recovering their Mountains

--- Ill treated, and regain the Islands---Enter the Russian Service---Ali alarmed at the Pro-

gress of the French arms in Dalmatia---Recovers the goodwill of Bonaparte---French Con-

sul established in Albania --Ali gains Pashalics for his two Sons by the Interest of Sebastiani

---Rupture between Turkey and Russia--- Ali reoccupies the Continental Dependencies of

the Seven Islands---Ruins Prevesa---Receives Artillery-men and Stores from his French Allies

---Colonel Vaudoncourt is sent to Ali--- His Opinion of the Vizir---Fortifies Prevesa---Joint

Insurrection of Tzamouria, Delvino, and Berat against Ali---Reduced by him---Admiral

Duckworth's Expedition against Constantinople


Ali deserted by his French Allies---Sends an. Envoy to the Conference at Tilsit---Seven Islands

conceded to the French---Ali endeavours to gain Parga, but fails---His impolitic Revenge---

Admits an English Agent to a Conference---Assists the English in making Peace with Tur-

key, and publicly espouses the British Interests---Expulsion of the French from five of the

seven Islands--- Ali takes Berat---Endeavours to gain possession of Santa Maura and Parga,

but fails---Makes a Gain both of the English and the French---Conquers the Tzamouriot

Beys---Subdues Kimarra---Mission of Mr. G. Foresti as English Envoy to Ioannina---Ali

escapes the Danger of a powerful Invasion by the French Troops from Dalmatia and Corfu

---Avlona taken and Ibrahim Pasba made Prisoner--- Ali attacks Gardiki, conquers it, and

massacres the Inhabitants---Murders the Pasha of Delvino---Takes Measures preparatory

to putting Ibrahim to death--- The Porte sends an Officer to inquire into his Conduct---

Ali's Cunning---His Treatment of the French Consul---Alarmed at the Conduct of the

Porte---Averts the Storm---Endeavours to bribe General Denzelot and Mr. Pouqueville to

surrender up Parga to his Arms---Failing in this 'Attempt he attacks it with his Troops---

Defeated before the City---Parga surrenders itself to English Protection--- Subsequent

Transactions relative to its History and final Delivery into the Hands of its inveterate Foe---

Summary of Ali's Character---Views regarding his Successor, &c. &c. ...


Departure from Berat--Route to Klissura--- Description of the Town and Fortress---Fauces An-

tigoneæ---Route to Premeti---Lustral Eggs-Town of Premeti, Serai, and curious Rock on

the Bank of the Voïussa---Interesting Route to Ostanitza---Castra-Pyrrhi ---Ostanitza-- Route

to Konitza --Picturesque Situation of that City--Mountain of Papingo--Albanian Governor's

Hospitality--Ascent to the ancient Fortress.-- Beautiful Crystals found on the Hill--Route to

Mavro-vouni, and from thence to Ioannina---Ceremonies of Easter---Greek Fasts---Visit to

the Vizir, Mouchtar and Mahmet Pashas---Money Affairs at Ioannina, Rate of Interest, &c.

---Visit to Signore Logotheti of Livadia--Excursion to the Island in Search of MSS.-

Dinner with Mouchtar Pasha--Vizir sends his Chaoushes for us.--Translation of his Papers

--Interesting Conversation with Ali--Sudden Change of Weather -- Visit to the Convent of

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