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THE merits of our great dramatick Bard, the pride and glory of his country, have been fo amply difplayed by perfons of various and first-rate talents, that it would appear like prefumption in any one, and especially in him whose name is subscribed to this Advertisement, to imagine himfelf capable of adding any thing on fo exhaufted a fubject. After the labours of men of fuch high eftimation as Rowe, Pope, Warburton, Johnfon, Farmer, and Steevens, with others of inferior name, the rank of Shakfpeare in the poetical world is not a point at this time fubject to controverfy. His pre-eminence is admitted; his fuperiority confeffed. Long ago it might be faid of him, as it has been, in the energetick lines of Johnson, of one almost his equal,

"At length, our mighty bard's victorious lays
Fill the loud voice of universal praise;

"And baffled fpite, with hopeless anguish dumb,
"Yields to renown the centuries to come."


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