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the sufferings due to the
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should have suffered for
amount of suffering gre
Saviour of sinners. F
the theory of atonemer
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plained, namely, that th
be regarded in the ligh
law and justice of God
quisite had there been al
and had that sinner has of
have been adequate had
to any conceivable ex
this view of the s
as the merit of t
according to this,

3. The universal has been urged as a

The fact on which mit without reservat mited extent of the tempt to restrict it the spirit of the go 'every creature''whosoever will,' & tation of which the gion ought to este not less than a d sadors for Christ, come within the

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when all else has perishe
his years shall not fail.
the book, the blood of Chris
ing its superiority over th
from its being offered
SPIRIT-a phrase underst
eminent critics and divin
dignity of his person. I
blood of Christ, who
offered himself withou
conscience from dead
God.' It is because Je
that his blood possesses in
from all sin. The value of
ency of the propitiatory
same circumstance. God
propitiation for our

II. But this is no
those for whom the at
tial element in its vali

Christ required to much as the true God. atonement he must p fonode frail and mortal nature


nity of person. We al sity of the incarnation to ing, to render him suscept make the offering of hims possible. We refer rather

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