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WASHINGTON, Norember 1, 1916. The following is a compilation of general orders, circulars, and bulletins of the War Department, issued since February 15, 1881, the date of General Orders, No. 20, of that year, the last order included in the codification of the regulations and general orders in force on February 17, 1881, which codification was published as the 1881 edition of Army Regulations.

This compilation includes general orders, circulars, and bulletins issued up to and including December 31, 1915, which are still in force, which are of general application, and which have not been incorporated in Army Regulations or other regulations or manuals of the War Department, and it supersedes all orders, circulars, and bulletins, or parts thereof, that are contained in it.

In addition to the orders, circulars, and bulletins which are still in force, but which have been omitted from this compilation because of their limited application or because of having been embodied in Army Regulations, or other regulations and manuals of the War Department, other orders, circulars, and bulletins have been omitted

(a) Because of their unimportance; or

(6) Because the customs and practices of the service in the particulars they covered were believed to be so well established that their republication would be superfluous; or

(c) Because of recommendations of the staff bureaus concerned that they be not republished; or

(d) Because of their periodical character; or (e) Because of their bulk.

Orders, circulars, and bulletins of classes (d) and (e) are referred to by notes in the proper places in the compilation.


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