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Journal of the
Asiatic Society of Bombay

Asiatic Society of Bombay, Royal Asiatic
Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Bombay Branch


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March 25th, 1846.
The Council, with a view to the convenience of the Fellows gene-
rally, and to the better care of Works that are easily injured, have
deemed it expedient to make the following regulations, in conformity
with Section XIX. Art. 1. of the Bye-laws.
1. The Books shall only be delivered to a Fellow of the Society, or

to some one producing a written order from such Fellow; and
a receipt shall be given by the person to whom the book is
delivered (expressing the name of the Fellow for whom it is

received), in a book kept for that purpose.
2, Any Fellow failing to return a book on the application of the

Council, or returning books torn or defaced, shall be consi-
dered as liable for their value; and if they are separate volumes,

for the value of the whole work rendered imperfect.
3. All books allowed to circulate may be retained a fortnight; after

the expiration of that time, every book shall be immediately
returned so soon as the Fellow shall receive an intimation
from the Librarian that it is wanted; and every book shall be
returned after the expiration of one month from the date of

its having been delivered from the Library.
4. All books shall be returned on the 1st of November for a

fortnight, at which period the Librarian shall deliver a report

to the Council on the state of the Library.
5. No Fellow shall have in his possession at one time more than


Volumes, without the permission of the Council.
6. Any Member failing to comply with the above regulations after

receiving notice from the Librarian shall be fined half-a-crown
for every week that a volume is detained beyond the time al.
lowed; and the privilege of having books from the Library

shall cease until the fines are paid and the books are returned. 7. All charges of carriage and delivery of books, &c. to and from Fellows, shall be defrayed by the Fellow borrowing the same.

I. There are certain books which cannot be allowed to circulate.

A list of these shall be prefixed to the printed Catalogue of the
Library, and a notice of such additions to that list as the
Council may from time to time feel it necessary to make shall

be fixed up in the Library:
II. No Map, Section, or Drawing can be allowed to circulate with-

out permission in writing granted by the Council, or by the

President or one of the Secretaries.
III. No book or illustration in loose sheets shall be allowed to cir-

IV. No Periodical Publication, and no Volume or part of the

Transactions of any Society shall be allowed to circulate until
after the expiration of four months from the date of its having

been received at the Society.
V. All new works shall circulate amongst the Fellows after the

expiration of a fortnight from the time of their being received,
unless the Council (or, during the recess, the President or one

of the Secretaries) shall determine otherwise.
No Book lent to the Society is allowed to circulate without a written

order from the Proprietor.


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