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and progress, I have been thoroughly pleased. They gave me, likewise, much satisfaction as to their attention and diligence in reading and hearing the word.”

“I had frequently an opportunity of observing that the word of God made an impression upon them, and heard them speak with interest of what they heard and learned. I understood, likewise, that they tell their parents what I teach them from the Old and New Testament. Thus, many a word finds entrance into the hearts of the little ones, and by means of them, into those of their parents, which, as I hope, will not be lost entirely.'

On December 24th, two members of the Posen committee visited the school. When they stepped into the school-room they saw their “ Christmas tree" standing, which the teacher, according to the German custom, had fitted out with lights, and apples, and other things. Around this the children were gathered, with a cheerful countenance, while the teacher told them its meaning and signification, and catechized them on Genesis xlix., Micah v., Isaiah ix., and others; and referred them to the history of the birth of Christ. The children were quite at home in all passages, and when they had finished this, they sung a Christmas hymn ; when this was at an end the teacher applied all to their heart, and after this, he gave the things from the tree to the children, and concluded with singing several verses of another very good spiritual hymn, which referred to the history of that feast. They left the school very joyful. One of the two gentlemen, on leaving the school, said to the other, “ what would the one or the other friend of our cause in England have said, if he had been privileged to be with us this hour, in which

so many Jewish children sung Hosanna to him who has been rejected and is still rejected by their people?' The reason that this school has now so many children, and that it is so well attended, is mostly owing to the circumstance that the Jewish boy's school, which was in the same street, opposite to ours, has been removed to another street of this place.

LOVE TO THE JEW. At a recent Meeting of an Association in the Metropolis, auxiliary to the London Society for the conversion of the Jews, a highly esteemed Barrister, whose genius and eloquence are employed for the advancement of every righteous cause, observed, towards the close of an excellent speech : “ In the storms and turmoil of human passion, when political agitation shakes kingdoms to their foundation, watch-words are often used, short and pointed, but full of stirring effect,such as · Down with the Tyrant!' Liberty or Death !! • War to the Knife!' Now, in this blessed work of seeking the good of Zion, we may adopt a watch-word, which should always stimulate our Christian efforts, and indicate the spirit with which we should prosecute the work. It is

“ LOVE TO THE JEW!” Suggested by the words, He loveth our nation.”—Luke vi. 5. LOVE to the Jew!” let Christians feel,

When, at the close of day,
They softly to their closets steal,

And to their Father pray :-
Pray that Jerusalem once more,
May flourish as in days of yore!


“ Love to the Jew!” let Christians show,

For benefits bestow'd;
When, in the morning, forth they go,

To bear Life's daily load :
For Jewish care preserv'd, of old,
“ The Book,” more precious far than gold !

“ Love to the Jew!” let Christian hands,

By Christian hearts impell’d,
Display, through Missionary bands,

Who have the Cross upheld;
And “ fought the fight,” and “kept the faith,"
And told the Jew what Jesus saith.

** Love to the Jew !"_be this, in peace,

The motto Heav'n will bless ; “ Love to the Jew!”- should strife increase

The spell-word of success ; 6 Love to the Jew !”—the conqueror's song,

When victory rolls its tide along.

6 Love to the Jew!”_shall Israel own,

When, in the promis'd land,
Before the steps of Shiloh's throne,

Its tribes adoring stand :
And hail, with mingled grief and pride,

The Priest—the King—they crucified.
“ Love to the Jew!” will CHRIST the Lord,

A thousand-fold repay ;,
When, to his gracious smile restor'd,

They shall his will obey:
And with the Gentile, “bond, and free,”
Be “one in Him,” eternally.

LONDON : Printed at the Operative Jewish Converts’ Institution,

Palestine Place, Bethnal Green,


MAY, 1848.


PATRONAGE OF THE SOCIETY. We have very great pleasure in stating that his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury has accepted the Office of Patron of the Society. The late lamented Archbishop was its Patron for several

years, and on many occasions manifested a deep interest in its affairs. The present highly esteemed and excellent Primate has, in accepting the Office, assured the Committee that he will gladly forward the interests of the Society, as far as shall be in his




It has seemed good to the infinitely wise
and gracious Lord, to remove from these
scenes of change and frequent sorrow, the
beloved President of the London Society
for promoting Christianity amongst the
Jews. For thirty-three years Sir THOMAS
BARING, BART., discharged, with unabating
and enlightened zeal, the duties of Presi-

[blocks in formation]

dent. He accepted the high office at a time when great difficulties pressed down the weak and struggling institution ; he befriended it, in its weakness, and when derision and obloquy were its portion ; he saw it rise from the dust, and stand up strengthened by the God of Jacob; he was gladdened by seeing nobles and prelates become its fosterers and patrons; and, beyond the happiness which arose from hence, he had the far deeper joy of knowing that its labours were largely blessed in the conversions of thousands of the dispersed of Judah, and in the carrying of Scriptural truth into many of the lands whither the Lord their God hath driven them.

When in London, Sir Thomas was regular in his attendance at the Committee Meetings of the Society. Patient gentleness, Christian kindness and charity, distinguished his conduct, united with an earnest desire that all things should be done to the glory of God, and the highest interests of his ancient people.

He has entered into rest, and many a benevolent and Christian institution will mourn its loss. To him we believe death was no minister of fear; but rather a welcome messenger sent to call him to the reward of his labours—to await the coming of his beloved Lord, and the resurrection of his redeemed. May we follow him, as he followed Christ!

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