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Enoravm vir die 2011 imier: A in Series, or La Belle Assemble, Nardi 11310.


Engraven for the 2 nd Number of the New Serus of La Belle Assemblee I Bell March 1 1810



MARCH, 1810.



twice round the head; it is worn under the

hair on one side the face, which is dressed very No. 1.-HYDE PARK WALKING DRESS.

full in ringlets, and falls over; on the other, A pelisse of black Merino cloth or velvet, it is contined under the band, and merely buttoned from the throat to the fect, made to

curled in simple round curls. Earrings and ft tight to the shape with a band and crape,

vecklace of pink topaz. ornamented with a double row of gold braiding, 2. A gown of Egyptian brown velvet, emor an oriental embossed silk trimnining, worn broidered round the neck with shaded brown over a cheinisette of French lawa). A Spanish chenilles, a small shell silver trimming round hat and Aat drooping ostrich feather tipped the bosom and sleeves; a drapery of yellow with orange. Haif boots of black or orange crape showered with spangles, crossing the coloured Morocco, Angola muff lined with shoulders, and confined to the waist before yellow; the hair lightly curled on the left side by a silver band. The head-dress a band and with a thick braid crossing the face. Ear

crescent of topaz. Diamond necklace and rings of gold, or amber. Gloves of York tau. i earrings.

3. A gold coloured satin dress, embroidered No. 2.EVENING FULL DRESS.

round the bosom and sleeves with silver. A white satin round dress, with half yard | The bead-dress a gold elastic chain band, with train, laced up the back and seains with gold a demi-train of yellow foil. Necklace and twist, ornamented round the neck with a full earrings of diamonds or pearls. luill of frosted satin or white crape, and down 4. A satin robe of maiden's blush, confined the front and at the wrist with gold braiding, to the waist by a clasp or girdle of diamonds; and small drop buttons. It is made to sit a silver spangled handkerchief thrown over bigb on the veck; cut to a point in the centre one shoulder. Head-dress, two rows of large of the bosom and back: a gold band encircles | pearls confined to a diamond loop in front; & the waist. A white satin Emsdorf helmet | demi-tiara of pink foil placed across the band trimmed with gold, ornamented with two on the left side; the bind hair brought fora white craped ostrich feathers. White satin ward, and disposed by a pearl comb so as to shues embroidered with gold; white kid gloves; | fall low in ringlets over the face. Necklace of gold necklace and ear.rings ; cornelian brooch. | pearls, diamond earrings and eross. The hair dressed iu ringlets on each side the 5. Pale green crape train dress, with white face, with a long Theresa curl falling over the satin body and short sleeves, embroidered in left shoulder.

silver and shaded green chenilles; woro over

a white satin petticoat; head-dress, a band of No. 3._SECOND FIGURE.

oblong French pearl beads, set with brilliants, An India muslin train over a white satin brought low on the forehead; the hair in light petticoat. A boddice of green velvet, orna Theresa ringlet curls on each side the face; a meuled at the scams with gold braiding, and small richly spangled silver handkerchief trimmed round the neck with a twill of green thrown over the lead; necklace of emerald or crape or velvet. A Spanish cap, with green ruby. craped ostrich featbers.

6. White crape train dress, with pale pink sa.

tip body showered with silver; head-dress, a DESCRIPTION OF SEVERAL DRESSES WORN

band of pearls with a diamond ornament in BY LADIES OF DISTINCTION.

the oblong or loop form in the centre, the 1. A white satin dress ornaniented with || hind hair brought forward on the left side, a silver chain trimming round the bosom aud | falling in light ringlets over the band which is sleeves; a girdle of pink japan, large before, thus partly shaded ; necklace of pearls, witb but graduating toward the end. The head a pink topaz cross, earrings in the drop form dress a silver chain in the octagon form, bound V to correspond.


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