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six feet above its ordinary level, almost tive, on behalf of several attorneys so cirinstantaneously causing the destruction cumstanced, among whom is Crossley, of of many vessels and lives. In short, the recent notoriety in London. The chief damage sustained has been exceedingly justice refuses the privilege, on the ground, great ; and many, who were in affluence that neither the dignity nor the purity of before this dreadful catastrophe took British justice would be sustained in such place, are reduced to the greatest dis- hands; and that, moreover, there were tress.

in the settlement, attorneys regularly apa Marriages.

pointed from home by his Majesty's goCapt. Nixon, military secretary to the commander verament, fully competent to the business,

of the forces, to Miss Emerson, niece of Major
Buller, commanding the artillery at Java.


Favourable accounts are received from At Samarang, Lieut..col. Butler, H.M. 89th foot,

dep. adjutant general to the forces in Java. Otaheite, the supreme government of At Cheribon, Cornet and adj. E. Alexander, of which, according to national usage, has the Hussar corps.

devolved on the daughter of Poomaree,

notwithstanding his being alive and well. A dispute has arisen between the Go The labours of the missionaries, in the vernor and the Chief Justice of the co education of the inhabitants, are said to lony of New South Wales, which has be eminently successful; and above 200 occasioned a suspension of the judicial persons attend school daily, and are able business till the matter in question shall to read English tolerably well. be decided by fresh instructions from

CURRENT VALUE OF GOVERNMENT home. The point at issue is, whether

SECURITIES. or not convict attorneys, transported to the settlement for their crimes, shall be

Calcutta, June 6, 1815. allowed to practice in the colonial courts. Buy: 16 per cent loan obliga-s Sell. The governor insists upon the affirma- 9..05 tion (disc)




Dec. 1, 1815. The London Gazette Streatham, in the course of the last auof the 21st ult. announced, that H, R. H. tumn. The lady is 45 years old, the the Prince Regent had been pleased, in husband 52, and Major Barlow 30. Lady the name and on the behalf of his Ma Barlow was the mother of a large family, Jesty, to grant the dignity of a baronet of consisting of seven sons, and as many the United Kingdom of Great Britain and daughters, of whom the eldest has been Ireland to Sir D. Ochterlony, Knight for some years married to the Hon. Capt. Commander of the most hon, military Pellew, son of Lord Exmouth, and the order of the Bath, and major-general in second to a gentleman resident in India. the army in the East-Indies, and to the 2. In consequence of the palpable misheirs male of his body lawfully begotten. conduct of the youths at Hertford Col

- Lieut.-general Sir H. Lowe, it is lege, the committee of directors, who said, will not proceed to St. Helena be- have the superintendence of the concerns, fore Christmas. He will be accompanied have come to the resolution of expelling by Lieut.-colonel Sir T. Reade, of the seven of the most refractory from the 27th regt., who goes to the island as dep. college fer ever, and seven others, less adj. gen. of the troops there. Sir H. guilty, for a stated period, in the hope will embark in the Phaeton, Capt. Stan that the examples thus made, will prove field. Capt. Emmett's company of sap- sufficient to deter others from engaging in pers will also embark for St. Helena. such lawless and outrageous proceedings. They have been doing duty at Portsmouth 4. Since the arrival of the late fleets some time. The Phaeton will receive her from India, the captains of Indiamen in final instructions there.

general, have found themselves involved Yesterday, in the sheriff's court, in in most serious charges of smuggling. Bedford-row, Sir G. H. Barlow, late The cases of not fewer than 20 ships or governor of Madras, had damages as- captains, have been brought before the sessed in his favour to the amount of Court of Exchequer on account of these £2,000 in an action against Major E. P. contraband transactions. Three cases Barlow, his cousin, for criminal conver only have as yet been determined, and sation with Lady B. The intercourse two of them are open to appeal ; the had subsisted, to all appearance, for se one relates to the ship Glatton, and the veral years, the parties having come from other to the Neptune; both ships at India in the same ship in 1807, and was present stand condemned. They are vaproved to have taken place also at the lued at nearly £60,000. The other case country residence of Sir G. Barlow, near decided upon, refers to the captain of the

Henry Addingtoni, who has been ex stein, and after Napoleon's return, served chequered to the amount of £20,000 or under Clausel, at Bordeaux, resolved to upwards. These troubles amongst the save Buonaparte on board this vessel, Indiamen, as far as our inquiries go, while he was at Rochefort. For this purhave not originated generally with those pose he had casks lined with mattrasses, who are chiefly interested in the ships, in order to conceal Napoleon, Savary. and who will suffer the loss; but in most and Bertrand, in case of need: he had cases they are petty smuggling transac everything necessary on board. The tions, which have been carried on by ship was to sail, as soon as it had got into some inferior officer, passenger, or some the open sea, to New York, instead of of the crew of the ship, unknown to the Kiel, but the plan was baffled by Buonaprincipals on board. Some of the charges parte's impatience and surrender. The are confined to a few pounds of tea, or ship is now at Kick, where the lined one or two pieces of handkerchiefs To casks, &c. are to be seen. have got at the facts which constitute Dec. 6. It is said that although there the whole of the cases, it is believed that is no foundation for the reports of the aca league must have been formed by most tual and direct recal of the Earl of Moira of the qui tam attorneys eastward; for from the government of India, yet, it is it appears, as fast as the ships arrived in certain that an official letter has been sent the river, one or more of these beings out by the Court of Directors, sanctioned introduced themselves to the crew, and by the Board of Controul, commenting extracted from them the necessary infor so pointedly on the bad policy of the war mation to form the ground of action. against the Napaulese, that it was very Upwards of half a million of property is likely to have such an effect on the highinvolved in the whole of the transactions. spirited mind of the Noble Lord as to de

*It is reported that the directors of termine him to give in his resignation of the East-India company purpose to grant

his own impulse. a large sum instead of prize-money, to Dec. 7. The Prince Regent has been unathe forces engaged in the late war with nimously re-chosen Grand Master of the the Nepalese, in consideration of the Grand Lodge of Free Masons of Scotland, valuable provinces added to our Indian at the meeting which was held in Edinompire, by the victorious operations of burgh, on St. Andrew's day, and the the late campaign.

Earl of Fife acting Grand Master for his 5. Capt. Denman, of the Redpole, ar Royal Highness. rived at the Admiralty yesterday morn The public will hear with much astoIng, with dispatches from Sir G. Cock nishment, that on Friday se’nnight a porburn, dated the 22d Oct. the day she left trait of Lord Nelson was carried off from St. Helena. Sir G. Cockburn and his one of the rooms of his monument on the squadron arrived off that island on the Calton Hill, Edinburgh. This was va13th of the same month, after a boister luable, as having been one of a few exeous passage, all safe and well. Buonaparte cuted at his Lordship's expense, and by is to inhabit the house on the top of the him made in presents to some of his offihill, called Longwood, the usual residence cers after the battle of Copenhagen. This of the Lieut.-Governor, which is the most very portrait is known among such a cirpleasant situation on the whole island, and cle, that exposure of the theft cannot the most central and safe, it being, as it fail, at no distant period, to be accomis said, utterly impossible, with common plished. care, that any person can either approach -The Alceste frigate, which has lately it or depart from it without being seen. been employed as a troop-ship, is to have All Buonaparte's companions, as well as her complement of men increased to 265, himself, reached their destination in good so as to make her again a ship of post health, but there were none of them that rauk: Capt. Murray Maxwell is to comdid not complain of the length of the mand her, and she is to be fitted for the voyage.

purpose of taking out Lord Amherst and When his Majesty's ship Redpole left a numerous suite, on an embassy to the St. Helena on the 22d Oct. there had ar Emperor of China ; and on a similar rived there about ten days from England scale to that of the late Earl Macartney, his Majesty's ship Ferret, Capt. Sterling; who went out some years ago in his Mahis Majesty's ship Havannah, Capt. Ham- jesty's ship Lion, when commanded by

and his Majesty's ship Icarus, the late sir Erasmus Gower. Capt. Devon. The Lady Carrington East 8. Further particulars of Buonaparte's Indianan, from Bombay, and the Aurora arrival at St. Helena, have been commutrader, from Bengal, had also arrived at nicated in letters from that island to the St. Helena, and sailed for England pre 22d of October. On the 16th of that vious to the Redpole.

month his Majesty's ship Icarus arrived – A merchantman, says a German there with the first tidings of Bonaparte's paper, arrived lately at Kiel, in Denmark, downfall, of his being a second time so which was intended to convey Napoleon to strangely saved from punishment, and of America. A French Captain, who had his destination to that island as a place of married the daughter of a miller in Hol confinement. The inhabitants laturally


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were struck with no small degree of sur rally addressed himself to the Admiral' prise. It was of course learnt at the Ile took very little exercise. about two same time, that a very cousiderable ad hours during the day, after dinner. He dition would be made to the population dispatched his dinner in half an hour. of the island by the new garrison, as General Bertrand and Las Casas are his well as the attendants of the celebrated greatest favourites; the others he seldom adventurer, the commissioners to watch held any conversation with. He played him, their suites, &c. Accordingly all at cards every night, either at loo or was immediately hurry and bustle. Pro whist; in the forenoon at chess. He revisions experienced a sudden and enor tired carly to bed, and rose very late. mous rise in price. Eggs, which were His sp'rits are generally bad, and they before about three shillings a dozen, now are not mended since he came here. advanced to a shilling a piece. Almost “ The island is very closely watched every other article of produce rose in the signals between all the posts in the island same proportion, and even land itself as

and the ships ; guard-boats and brigs sumed an increased value of 50 per cent. cruize round; so that unless he can fly, which is not much to be wondered at, it will be impossible for him to escape, considering the small extent of the island, No one is allowed to be out of the ship and the still smaller portion that is fit for

after sun-set, and every ship is ready to cultivation, to feed the increased number lips at the first notice." of mouths. Upwards of 900 troops ar

-. By letters from on board the Horatio rived out in the squadron under charge of

frigate, Capt. Dillon, at Rio Janeiro, we the Northumberland. A great bustle took

learn that she arrived at that port Sept. place on the 11th, in making preparations 15, and was about to proceed on her for Buonaparte's reception ; eighty of the Company's soldiers were stationed to

voyage to China. guard the gates, and orders were immedi

The Aurora, a licensed ship, arri. ately issued by the Governor, that no fish

ved in the river from Bengal, whence she ing boats were to be out of harbour after

sailed July 17 ; but the letters by her do four o'clock in the afternoon. On the 15th

not add any thing of moment to the stock the fleet arrived; when some persons

of intelligence with which we were exfrom the town were allowed to go on

clusively furnished by preceding arrivals. board the squadron to dine. It was some

The Lady Carrington, Indiaman, which days before all was ready for conveying

sailed in company with the Aurora from Buonaparte to the house allotted for his St. Helena, is daily expected to arrive. reception. When he landed, he was 13. Yesterday were received a large dressed in a green coat, white waistcoat, mass of Paris papers, to the 10th inst. light coloured small clothes, white stock- They present the whole of the proceedings and cocked hat. The coat was trim- ings in the case of Ney, commencing on med with gold, and a plain gold epaulette Monday the 4th, and terminating on was placed on each shoulder. He held in Wednesday the 6th, when he was found his hand an elegant telescope, and cast guilty of high treason, and condemned to his eyes around him with great eagerness

death. This sentence was carried into exto survey the new objects ; possibly not ecution by shooting him on the succeeding without a hope of noticing some particu- day, the 7th. lars, which might, on a future occasion, Dec. 15.—Calcutta papers to the 15th assist him to escape. The Company's of June have been received. They contain troops on the island were immediately to further particulars of the war with Nepaul. be sent to the Cape, to do duty there. No time appears to be lost in carrying into

Copy a letter from a gentleman on board effect the stipulations of the convention, the Northumberland :

By the vigilance and assiduity of the British “ St. Helena, Oct. 19.-The Redpole agents under general Ochterlony, all the is just getting under weigh for England, petty Goorkha garrisons have been withand I send you by her the following par drawn, and the inhabitants were freed ticulars :

from the yoke of the Nepaul prince, whose « We arrived here on the 16th, after administration of affairs in those cona very long and tedious passage, and land quered provinces, being purely military ed Napoleon on the 18th. He is now liv had heen long execrated by every clafs of ing in the country at a gentleman's house the original inhabitants. On the 23d of of the name of Belcome, until Longwood May, the principal part of general Ochteris ready for him. His followers are all lony's force was halted at Nalagurl; and tired, and heartily regret, I believe, their it was supposed that all the corps would having accompanied him. Madame Ber get out of the hilly region in the begintrand, who talks pretty good English, ex ning of June. When the Kajee made his claimed to me to-day, that the island was submission to gen. Ochterlony, at Tynna complete desert, the birth place of the gur, he evinced his gratitude and admirademon Ennui. She wants to go back to tion of the British commander in many Europe already, to educate her children. compliments, and asserted, that no power

" i dined four times with Bonaparte, but the British could have subdued him. who talked very little at table, and gene- The following is a copy of the


Convention or Agreement entered into neral, with the exceptiou of such, among

between Kajee Umer Sing Thappa and them as are related to Kajee Umer Sing Major General Ochterlony :

Thappa, by kindred, about 83 men, who In consideration of the high rank and shall be at liberty to retain their arms and character of Kajee Umer Sing Thappa,

accoutrements. and of the skill, bravery, and fidelity,

8. Kajee Umer Sing Thappa also agrees with which he has defended the country

to send immediate orders to Kajee Bakhcommitted to his charge :-it is agreed : tour Sing for the evacuation of the territo

1. That Kajee Umer Sing Thappa, with ry of Ghorwal, to deliver over the forts,&c. the troops now in Raujgurgh, shall march in that district to the officers of the British out, and retain their arms and accoutre government, and to proceed to Napaul by ments, the colours of their respective the Kemaoon route with their garrisons, ali corps, two guns, and all private property, public and private property, including warwhich shall be duly respected and preserv

like stores, accompanied by a Chuprassie, ed, and every attention and delicacy ob with a pass on the part of the British goserved in respect to the Zenana of the Ka vernment. jee, and every person under his authority, Separate Article.-Kajee Umer Sing

2. In consideration also of the gallant Thappa wishes it to be understood, that conduct of Kajee Runjoor Sing Thappa, he shall give immediate orders for the init is agreed, that he shall likewise march stant surrender of the distant forts, in out of the fort of Jytuck, with 200 men, the hope that it may lead to an early rewho are to retain their arms, colours, newal of the relations of amity, which and one gun, with the Bharaders (chief have subsisted between the two states for officers), and their followers, about 300 these sixty years, and by the advice of more in number, unarmed, with his own Bum Sah and the Bharaders of Kemnoon. and their private property, which shall

(A true translation.) be respected, and the sanctity of the Ze

(Signed) D. OCHTERLONY, A.G.G. nana preserved. 3. Kajee Umer Sing Thappa and Kajee rival of a number of cases at Brighton,

16. “ We are desired to say that the arRunjoor Sing Thappa, with their property from France, destined for St. Helena, may and followers, are at liberty to proceed have given rise to the report that they by the route of Thanusur, Hurdoowar, and Nujudabad, to join the troops east

were presents to Buonaparte; but these ward of the river Surgeo, or by whichever

cases, we are now told, are the private route they determine to proceed to that property of the Commissioners of the Aldestination : conveyance shall be provided

lied Powers going to St. Helena." for the transportation of their property to

The following is given as the list of the confines of the Nepaul territory.

articles intended as presents for the Em4. Kajee Umer Sing Thappa, and Kajee peror of China and his Ministers :Runjoor Sing Thappa, shall be at liberty

“ One large looking-glass and frame, to meet wherever they please.

about 16 feet by 9 feet ; one large convex 5. All the troops in the service of Ne mirror and frame, the mirror three feet in paul, with the exception of those granted diameter ; several smaller mirrors ; one to the personal honour of the Kafees large glass chandelier, and two sets dessert Umer Sing and Runjoor Sing, will be at services of glass; two large candelabras, liberty to enter into the service of the and superb services of silver; one desBritish government, if it is agreeable to sart set porcelain, and three porcelain vathemselves, and the British government ses; two sedan chairs; several pieces finest chuse to accept their services, and those superfine broad cloath; several pieces finest who are not employed, will be maintained velvet ; essences and perfumes ; liqueurs on a specific allowance by the British go and preserved fruits; portraits of their vernment till peace is concluded between Majesties. There are at the India House the two states.

a collection of coloured and uncoloured 6. Kajee Umer Sing Thappa on his part, engravings; a case of furs ; some boxes agrees to leave the fort of Malown when- of snuff; a selection of Bramah's patent ever bearers and other conveyance are pre- locks ; and a case of hand telescopes.” pared for his property.

A vessel is arrived in the Thames 7. Kajee Umer Sing Thappa also agrees

from New South Wales, after the extrato send immediate orders for the evacua ordinarily short passage of less than five tion and delivery to persons properly au

months. thorized, of the forts of Bhylee (Urkee), 17. This morning, at nine o'clock, in Soobathoo, Morne, Jytuck, Juggutt Jurgh, his 70th year, after an illness of some Roshun, and all other forts and fortresses months continuance, which he bore with now held by the Nepaul troops, between the the greatest fortitude and resignation, Jumna and Sutleejee rivers. The garrisons died, at his house in St. James's-square, of all which forts, strong holds, &c. shall the Most Noble Charles Howard, Duke enjoy their private property unmolested, of Norfolk, Earl Marshal and Hereditary and the arms and warlike stores in each, Marshal of England, Earl of Arundel and shall be left in deposit for the future de- Surrey, Baron Fitz-Alan, Multravers, Clun cision of the right hon, the governor-ge and Oswaldestre ; Premier Peer and Chief


of the Noble Family of Howard; Lord of next month, in the same vessel which Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the is to take out the new governor of the County of Sussex, and Colonel of its Mili- establishment, Sir Hudson Lowe and his tia; High Steward of the cities of Glou- lady.—The powers that send ministers are cester and Hereford, and President of the Austria, Russia, France, and Prussia. Society for the Encouragement of Arts The wooden edifices for the accommodaand Manufactures, F.R.S. and F.A.S. &c. tion of these joint superintendents of the &c.-His Grace is succeeded in the Earl- wing-clipped eagle, and for the object of dom of Surrey, Earl Marshalship, and their solicitude, are to be sent out at the some other hereditary honours, and prin same time in frame. cipal estates, by Bernard Edward Howard, 22. Advices from the Hague, dated Dec. Esq. of Fornham, in the county of Suffolk. 14, state, that the Dutch squadron which

The late Duke was a descendant in the sailed on the 29th October for the Eastfourth degree from Charles Howard, the Indies, was off Madeira on the 8th Nofourth son of Henry Frederick Howard, vember, in good condition, when the Texel Earl of Arundel, who lived in the reign pilots were landed, it being the first opof Charles I. Mr. Howard descends in portunity that had occurred. The squathe same degree from Bernard, a younger dron continued its voyage for its ulterior son of that Earl, who was the great destination without stopping. grandson of Thomas Howard, Duke of When the Bombay left St. Helena Norfolk, beheaded and attainted on ac on the 12th November, Buonaparte was count of Mary, Queen of Scots, in the in very good health ; he took several of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The Dukedom officers of the Bombay by the hand, and of Norfolk, and other honours, were conversed with them a long time. He restored to the family by the reversal of seems to be quite satisfied as to his habithat attainder in the year 1661.—The tation, but complains much of being so new Earl of Snrrey is of the Roman narrowly watched : he is not allowed to Catholic persuasion.

ride on horseback without being attended 19. The ship Bombay was to come out by some of the English officers. There of dock at Bombay on the 8th July, and had been no arrivals from England since would be ready for sea on the 20th of the landing of Buonaparte on the island. August. The Essex, David Scott, Charles The ships Lord Eldon, Huddart, and Grant, Marquis Camden, Inglis, and Van Northumberland, arrived at Madras on sittart, were expected to sail from Bom- the 6th of August. The ships Charles bay for China on the 21st of Juiy.

Grant, David Scott, Inglis, Essex, Mar.. Bombay Papers of the 15th July have quess Camden, and Vansittart, sailed from been received. The accounts from Calcutta Bombay to China on the 22d of July ; and state that since the arrival of Umer Sing, the General Harris on the 1st of August; and the conclusion of peace, all the petty also the Rose and Streatham, for the MauGoorkha garrisons have been withdrawn, ritius, on the 8th of August. The private and the inhabitants are freed from the ships Loujee Family and Moffatt, arrived yoke of the Nepaul princes. Our troops at Bombay from England the 4th of June. are returning from the hilly country.- Calcutta Gazettes of the 14th July Letters from Nathpore state that the whole have been received. They state that the of the reserve was cantoned at that place late excessive rains, both in the lower and on the 4th June. The impression made upper provinces, have been extremely preon Umer Sing and his followers, by the judicial to the indigo crops. result of the war, is likely to be attended The late truce between Holkar and his by the most lasting effects.

disorderly army, has already given rise to , Accounts from New Orleans an dire contention and opea rebellion. The nounce the almost total destruction of the Hubshee troops are stated to have muticotton crops, owing to the injury done to nied, confined their officers, and to have the lowlands by a long continued inunda- given them during several successive nights tion, and to the uplands by the alarming a sound bastinado. Part of the Rajah's ravages of the rat. The whole produce own guard had refused to perform its acof the season was not expected to exceed customed duty. Baboo Jee Sindhiu me20,000 bales. In this deplorable state ditated an attack on the fort of Ramnugger. of the cotton-crops, the committee ap- Runjeet Singh has marched considerably pointed to act for, and in behalf of the to the north of Lahore, and on the 4th of cotton manufacturers residing in Provi- last month entered Wuzeerabad, a city on dence and its vicinity, had resolved upon a the east bank of the Chunab. His pripetition to Congress, praying for the pro- soner, the late king of Cabul, has taken hibition, by law, of the importation of all refuge with Ukbur Khan, the Rajah of cotton-goods, &c. the production of coun- Rujouree, who had been promised assistries beyond the Cape of Good Hope, &c. tance by Ruh Ula Khan, the Rajah of

It is understood, that the ministers Poonuch, and Zubbardust Khan, of Mufrom the great powers of Europe to the liku, in the event of an invasion by the Court of St. Helena, will assemble imme- Sikhs. The Rajah of Ouree, a district diately in London, in order to proceed to lying on the southern border of Cashmeer, the place of their destination in the course had incited Runjeet again to attempt the Asiatic Journ.-- No. 1,

Vol. I. O

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