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the night before the murder was committed Munich, were attacked and murdered in 'on Mathews, at whose cave or hut he a wood near Hohenlinden by 14 robbers, positively denied ever to have been. They, who carried off the body. when they could not get permission to Lately, on his way from India to Egypt, Steep in the barns or outhouses of the far. Thomas Ogilvie,' esq. fon of the late şir mers, generally pitched their tent as near a John O: bart. farm-house as they could. On the '26th In the East Indies, Lieut.-col. T. Whare "they were encamped in a lane near the ton, commander of the sih regiment of Half Moon, and on the morning of the native cavalry, and eldert fun of T. W. 27th "Bruck their tent, and marched to 'esq. commissioner of excise. Sydenham common, white they again Aged 28, Mr. George Gánan Lane, fore pitched their tent. For the greater part of merly purser of the ship. Ramsay, Capt. that day he said, his wife and himfelf bege Elmere, and afterwards à trader at Ranged through the town of Dalwich, and

8000 and Caicoua. jott before dark reached the tent. They At Fort William; Bengal, Francis God* were all assembled there by frur o'clock. frey, esq. of Dublin, paymaster of his MaThe boy was then fent to Dulwich to buy jesty's goth regiment. * Tome rea; and not returning so soon as ex- Al Coddalore, aged 26, Capt. Andrew

pected, Sprague and his wife went out,'as Kerr, formerly in the country service, but "They said, to meet him. They were gone better known by the name of the Old * oirt about half an hour. On their return, Commodore. He was born at Fort St.

however, they cooked their supper, and David's, about the year 1726. In his will 'were all in bed by eight o'clock. He heard he directed his body to be 'interred in a

Sprague fay to the boy, they were to go to particular (pot of his garden, without ce"Tweep Mr. Sadlier's chimney in the morn- : remony or service. His coffin' had lain

ing'de fix o'clock. Between. one and two many his godown), or warehouse, however, Spragnie gór up and called the and was made use of as a liquor-cheit. aboy ; said it was a very light morning, and At Bombay, Lient. Bird, of the marines. they must get out or they should lose the Lieut, Slingsby, of the East India Comjob. Bowers did not accompany them, nor pany's infantry at the Moluccas. He be- K Vid he again see them unul eight o'clock in 'longed' to the Madras establishment, and the morning; and at breakfast, remembers was treacherously shot at and killed by a Sprague to have mentioned his Itopping at Malay chieftain, near the post at which bie the watch-box as they had got up much then comnianded. too foon.

At this time Sprague gave his On his paisage from China to Madras, wife twu Shillings. He did not heắr of the Mr. Edward Terry, son of Richard

death of old Mathews inntil cu elve o'clock , of Hull. Sinihe day. It appears that, when bessing On his passage from Bengal to Mocha,

im Dotwithi fomno matton haul. beon given ). Stewart, esq. attached to the medical them by Mr. Turk, the butcher, at: whole, depariment of the embally :o Arabia. Thóp thë didman changed his half guinea. . In the West lojies, aged 28, Capt. Wm. * Bowers said they were warned to qoit the "Rosendale, of Hull; master of the Balle * neighbourhood hy some gentlemen, and on Terre merchanımàn, of London.

the following ilay, when they were about At An'igua, Mr. Jeitin Mallers Emplong • removing towards Greenwichi, they were furgeon of the Caftor frigate. - Hon. Walapprehended. On Bowers being very closely 'ler Colquhoun, member of the allembly exaniined by the Magistrales, as to the fact of a malignant féver, David Roberts, esq. of his cutting any sticks, he said, he had merchant. cut two (wliich, from the description, an- Ac Falmouth, Jamaica, My Rd. Hunt, *fwer to the one with which it is supposed a very near relation to Mr. Lifton, ambala the murder was committed). They were Tador to the Batavian Republick: remanded to the New Gaol. On the lyth At St. Lucie, Jamaica, Mr. Angus Ken. • they were again examined privately; af er Dedy; at Philadelphia, Mr. Hugh Keane, which, Sprague was fully conniited to dy; and at Norfolk, Virginia, Mr. Architake his trial at the ensuing affizes for Sur. Dakl Kennedy , fons of Mr. Daniel Kedrey; and Bowers and his son remanded for necy, of Glasgow. re-examination, which took place on the Dr. Blair, phyfician to the feet at Ja21st, when they were ordered to be de. 'maica. Going on thore at Port Royal, acdetained, to give evidence on the trial of companied by two surgeons, the boat was Sprague.

run down by a sugar-dogger, and every 30. At Canterbury, in bis 80th year, , person on-board drowned. It blowing Win. Hoogtam, ely. fer.

fresh at the time, the dogger could not Ac Rouen, in Normandy, the wife of `renier them any aliitance. Ifaac Hobhouse, crq. of Westbury house, Ac Cape François, S. Domingo', on his co. Gloucester,

pattage to Jamaica, Charles Goutaker, eiq. 31. The benevolent Count Berthold and paymafler of the oth balcarbon of the both two servants, traveling from Vienna to regiment of foor.



At Port Roseau, Dominica,' Mr. James At the Hague, in an advanced age, Van Hill, mercbant.

Citters, late cabinet-minister of the Prince On his paffuge from the West Indies, of Orange. Brigadier-gen. Romer, brother to the lady At Aberdeen, Mr. Strachan, father of of Sir John Callender, bart. of Pretton-hall, the Rev. Mr. S. master of a considerable

At York town, Upper Canada, the wife boys' school at Enfield. of Henry Allcock, esq, one of his Ma- At Carmarthen, John Morgan, esq. in jesty's judges of that district.

commiffion of the peace for that county.. Ac New York, at an advanced age,

The wife of Francis Hatfield, esg. of James Rivington, esq. sen. many years, Hatfield-hall; co. York. before the American Revolution, printer Aged 72, the wife of Mr. Joseph Mar: to his Majesty. He was the senior livery- tin, of Hull

. man of the Company of Stationers, Londoo, At Qult wick, in Holderness, aged 46, and brother to the late John R. ely. Mrs. Rebecca Ford, a maiden lady, of

At Philadelphia, of the malignant fever, ftrong natural powers of mind, and well the Rev. Dr. Eiving. The effects of this known to the Muses by the affumed name destructive malady were chiefly felt in the of Parthenia. poor part of the city; and the greater The wife of Mr. William Robinson, of number of the victims. appear to be Irish Leeds, merchant. or Scotch emigrants.

James Farrer, esq. of BarmbroughKilled in a duel, by a young ftudent at grange, co. York. law,. named thewart, who was wounded In his 26th year, Mr. Joseph Sättéfi, in the hand, Mr. Fort, à merchant at of York. Pittsburgh. The former was a federalift, AC Manchester, aged 105, Wm. Galr

, 'the latter a democrat; and the quarrel was who enjoyed excellent healch bill within a un politicks - Mr. Van Allen, wounded in short time of his death; and, as a proof a duel (originating in a like manner), by of his great flow of spirits, danced on bis Mr. Crawford, is dead.

last birthday with 20 diff:rent persons. In South Carolina, fames Graham, esq. Al Chorley, in his 85th year, J. Holformerly of the 64th font.

lingshead, ela. a gen:leman alike remark. At Bristol, in Pennsylvania, aged 116, a able for the urbanity of his manners and female slave, named Alice. She was born bis perlevering spiçit in promoting useful where Philadelphia now ftands, and re- 'improvements in whatever related to agrie membered the ground which the city co- culture and manufactures. To bis treatise, vers when it was a wilderness, and when “ On the National Importance of Salt as a the Indians (its chief inhabitants) bunted Mariure," which he caused to be presented wild game in the woods, while the pan- to the king, and to every member of the ther, the wolf, and the beasts of the foreft, two houses of parliament, may be partially, were prowling about the wigwams and if not wholly, attributed the repeal of the cabins in which they livell,

duty on (alt. At Alexandria, after a short illness, Ba. Aged 72, Mr. Webb, an eminent farmer ron Durier, lieutenant-colonel of De Rolle's at Marston, near Staff rd. regiment of foot.

At Lichfield, the wife of Mr. Charles A: Oporto, Capt. Luckle, of Lynn. Allpori, surveyor of taxes; and, shortly

Suddenly, on the road to Versailles, in afterwards, their eldest daughter. France, aged 64, Ducreux, the painter. Ai Scremby, near Spillby, co. Lincoln, in For many years lie enjoyed the reputation the prime of life, Bennet Tho. Dobbs, esq.. of a man of confiderable talents, but he Far advanced in years, Mr. Gibberon, of was, in reality, an indifferent artist. He the isle of Haxey, co: Lincoln. executed several portraits at the court of Aged 34, Mr, Jonath. Bacoo, of Lincoln. Louis XVI, and was sent to Vienna fór At Botton, Mr. Storr Taylor, who forthe purpose of making that of the unfortu. merly kept the Angel ion there. nate Marie-Antoinetre, before 'her mat- Suddenly, on his return from Tunbridge riage. His conduct at Vienna was ridicu. wells, Mr. John Walker, of Lutton, Linc. louis; and he became the object of the Em- Aged 70, Mr. T. Bardas, Itaymaker, of press Maria-Theresa's fatire.

Market-Raisio. Returning from Wragley In St. Front, in the second precizat 'of fair, he fell down and expired. the Loire, and Garonne, aged 103 years, of the small-pox, aged 84, Mr. John 6 months, and 20 days, a labouring man, Maddilon, farmer, of Revelby. named Jean Pavin. In the course of this Mrs. Anne Peachy, of Worcester, long life he never had a day's illness. The wife of Mr. Gill, of Turkey, near

Suddenly, at his ettate of Amed ftadt, in Worcester. Sudermania, aged 64, Olof Larsson, the Ac Droit wich, á Mrs. Daves, aged near well-known and respectable speaker of '80, and very infirm, fell into the fire du. the third estate (or farmers). In the dies ring the absence of her attendant, and was of 1786, 1989, and 1800, he was deputy, burnt to death, one of her arms being and in the last, speaker of the third estate. nearly feparaled from her body,


At Bath, the wife of John St. Barbe, while pregnant, having been frightened by elq. of Blackheath.

the right of a dwarf. W. Bell, formerly an eminent culler in Jo Jelus lane, Cambridge, the reli&t of Bath, and particularly skilful in grinding Mr. Barnard Leech, cook of rinity coll. furgeons instruments. This man was al, At Brichthelmftone, the wife of Phineas ways most outrageously parriotic; and, af Petr, D.D principal of St. Mary hall, Oxf. the period when Wilkes was sentenced to The wife of Mr. Edward Saul, mertwo years imprisonment, he made a fo- chant, of Liverpool. lemn oath that he would neither shave At Wiln, co. Derby, the relict of Mr. himself nor change his linen till the obje& Chambers, an eminent builder. of his idolatry hap regained his liberty; Aged 54, the wife of Mr. W. Johnson, and in this state he actually remained till fen. of Leicester. that event arrived.

At Bristol Hot wells, Mr. Campbell, of At Bath, Mr. James Ford, of Zeals the Bath theatra. Wilts. He hath bequeathed rool. for the At Langham, near Oakham, while at purpose of erecting an organ in the church dinner with her family, and in apparent of Mere, in which town he was born and good health, Miss Hubbart, a fine girl, 14 resided; fol. to the Salisoury infirmary; years of age. and ial. to the fecond poor of the hamlet of Rev. John Hewthwaite, of Lincoln. Zeals. But the principal part of his ac- Rev. Mr. Favell, vicar of Alconhury, cumulated fortune, amounting to near co. Huntingdon, where he fucceeded Mr. 30,000l. he to her and has siven to his only furviving Nicholfon, who died latt year.

heir, the Richard Ford, Al fey, near Oxford, the Rev. Richtector of Charlton-Mackrell, Somerset. ardlop Wood, formerly of Magdalen coll.

The wife of Mr. Thursdon, auctioneer, Rey. Mr. Newell, rector of Ickford, in at Bath. She retired to rest in apparent Buckinghamshire. health; but in the morning was found life- At Bath, aged upwards of 80, John less, with an infant child at her bolona, and Hunter, elg. of Ghions, in Hertfordanother, about ten years old, crying over thire, who, by long fuccess in trade as a its motlter, and employed in unavailing free merchant in the East Indies, had endeavours to awaken her. Mr. T. was raised a very ample fortune, upwards of ahsent on business

100.000l, and arrived to a feat in the East A labourer at Mansfield, named Godfree, 'Lodia direction. After he purchased Gofell from his chair while at dinner, and al- bions, he turned his miod to farming and most igstantly died.

fattening oxen, which he fold to adyavAt Towcester, (addenly, aged 81, Mr. lage. The hulk of his fortune he has left to J. Herbert, sadler. He has bequeathed Thomas Holmes, elg. of Worcellerthire, icol. to the Northampton ingrmaty: 1901. who has acquired a fortune in the East to the Westminster ditto; sol. to the fober Indies, and married a daughter of Goverpoor of the parish of St. Margaret, Weft. nor Hornby, by a daughter of Mr. Hunter, minster : 401. to the saber poor of Tow and is to take his pame, with Gabions, cefter; and 201. to the lober poor of each and an estate about it, supposed to be of the parishes of Potterspury, Paulers- worth 45,800l. ; and to her lifter Mr. pury, Green's Norton, and Blilworth. - Hunter has left 19,0aol.; 10,000). tp huis

Mr. Stephen Buckle, the oldest boatman niece, the wife of Capt. Carpenter, of at Southampton. He was forced across the Potter's Bar, to whom he had before giChannel to France, in the date war, by ven a piece of Iground, whereon he built some adventurers, who returned him his a handsome house, and carries op an ex boat, and gave hin a sum of money to de- tensive farm; to his ballift a hople and fray his expences back.

farm; and to a black female old (ervant a At Berkeley, aged 90, Mr. John Philips. cottage with land. Mr. H's first wife was This person had the cow-pock before he a relation of Governor Hornby; his second was to years old, and was always remark- was a mulatto. His remains are deposited. ably healthy till a few hours before his de- in a handsome vault which he had provided cease, thongh, in consequence of living too in the church of North Mimms. freely, he was often amicted with the At Hatfield, Herts, the seat of the Mar. gout, and died dropfical. He had been of- quis of Salisbury, Mr. James Minier, many tev inoculated, and expofed to small-pox ypacs (erjeant at arms to the King, and 43 contagion, without its having any effe&t years head cook to the Marquis. upon him. After 60 years of age he was On Enfield highway, Mr. Burgess, mang again inoculated with active imall-pox years malttter and farmer, and one of the matter, and exposed to its contagion, with people called Quakers; in whose buryingar out being in the least affected by it. ground at Ratcliffe he was interred.

At Nyrwich, William Bishop Taylor, son At Kensington, in her 78th year, Mrs. of Wm. T. of Framlingham, who, though Catharine Tutty. near 8 years old, yet weigbed but 28 lbs. In Somerset-streat, Captain William and was byt 28 inches high, his mother, Tryon White.


Mr. Constable, surgeon, of Woodford. Mr. Poole, firmer, of Moulton, néar

On the Terrace, Totenham-court-road, Newmarket, a person of good conftiturion, Mr. Wm. Braithwaite, engineer.

and apparently well at 3 in the morning, In Ruffell-place, Fitzrny-square, by the was, in the course of half an hour, suda breaking of a blood-vesel, Miss Taylor ; denly attacked by some spasmodic atfection, and, thortly afterwards, from the fame and expired. canfe, the mother of the said lady, wife At his house at Twickenham, Middleof John T. elq. of Jamaica.

sex, in his 3ıt year, Sir Richard Perryn, Aged 75, Robert Winter, efq. of the knt. late one of the barons of the Cours Pipe offi.e, well known on the curf. of Exchequer.

Aged 80, Joseph Sparrow, efq. 56 years At Homerton, near Hackney, in his 7zd clerk io the Oldmance-office, Tower. year, Charles Townsend, esq.

At the Turk's Head, in Aldgate market, In Saliers' Hall court, Cannon-street, where he went to call for fume refreshs aged 76, Gilbert Thompson, M. D a Qura ment, Mr. Samuel Alliop; who dropped ker physician of great integiity ; mild and down dead without a figh or groan. unafsuining; and pollelled of no inconfi.

After heing a few hours attacked with derable' learning and professional skill. He a complaint in his bowels, Mr. Jas. Booth, was the friend of the late Dr. John Fotherpoulterer, of Aldgate, leaving a wife and gill, whole life he published ; and for sea large family of children.

veral years was secretary of the Medical The reliet of Mr. Stephen Gaudry, of Society (long fince dillolveu), to which the Drury-lane theatre.

publick are indebied for that excellent 1833. Jan. ... In consequence of having work intituled “Medical Observations and taken a quantity of laudanum hy mistake Inquiries." 'A short time before his death, for another medicine, the Rev. Robert He- Dr. T. published, in 8vo, “Select Trannamington, rector of Thorpe-Arch, co. York. tions from Homer and Horace, with ori

Rev. Joba. Townson, of Trinity college, ginal Poems." Cambridge, B. A. 1782, M. A. 1785, vi- Mr. Bartlett, riding surveyor of the Dartcar of Normancon, co. York, in the gift mouth and. Yealampion diftri&, Devon, of that society, and 19 years cufate of who was cruelly beat and maltreated by Great Oakley, Eflex, where Mr. Carr, the fome smugglers on the 12th ult. died this rector, fellow of St. John's college, in day of his wounds. whose gift it is, refused to rende, on ac- In Curzon-street, May-fair, after a long count of the unhealthiness of the acuation, and tedious illness, Mrs. Macnamara. (See and in the chancel of which church his re- her epitaph on her huiband, LXXII. 1958.) mains were interred.

Aged 58, the Rev. Joseph Garnett, B.A. Jan. 1. In his 8oth year, John Bagnell, vicar of Kenton, Suffolk, and formerly of esq. of Earley-court, Berks.

Trinity college, Cambridge ; A. B. 1769. At his house in Bach, Philip Champion Ac Glasgow, in his 86th year, the Rev. Crespigny, esq. formerly King's proctor, Dr. Patrick Nisbet, minifter of Hutton. and M. P. for Sudbury. He was a man of At Paris, the Hon. Mrs. Cecil, mother extensive knowledge, polletled a taste for of the Marquis of. Exeter. She was a foliterature, and wroie (wo numbers in the reign lady, Charlotte Gornier, married to periodical paper intituled “The World," bim 1753. which was conducted by Mr. Moore, an- 3. Ac Grimsthorpe castle, Mr. Bailey, thor of “The Gamerter," though at that poulterer to the Duke of Ancaster. time Mr. C. muft have been very young ; In Trumpington-Street, Cambridge, by a proof that his taste and talents were, the kick of a horse, aged 46, Mr. Rullel. however, mature, as “The World" was At Gosport, Thomas Curry, esq. in the enriched by contributions from the most commiffion of the peace for Hanrs. distinguished wits of that period. He was At Staverton, near Daventry, 'co. Northfour times married, and has left several amplon, aged 68, Mrs. Anne Downes. children by his different marriages; was Much regretted by a numerous acquaintvery much the man of fashion in his per. ance, aged 45, Mr. Richard Parsons, nailfon and demeanour ; full of anecdore, and ironmonger, of Dadley. with a turn for fatirical hamour that ien- Mr. James Wattie, of Entham, co. Oxf. dered him a very amusing companion. In Portman Itreet, aged 68, Mrs. Foss.

At Beacon-hill, the relict of the Rev. After an illness of only two days, the Philip Billingley, rector of Brewington, wife of Mr. Richard Howell, diftiller, of 'co. Oxford.

Upper Thames-street. Of a fever, after a short illness, at liis* * At his house, Ramsay-lodge, Edia. brother's house in Wimpole-street, Aza- burgh, Sames Scott, esq. riah Pinney, esq. second son of John P. In his 6th year, Mr. Thomas Jones, of - efq. of Somerton-Erly, co. Somerset. Bradford, formerly of Leeds.

2. Aged 40, Mr. Thomas Cartwright, of The wife of George Roffell, esq. of Old Cammeringham, near Lincoln, grazier. Barge-house, Christ Church, Surrey. GANT. MAG, January, 1803.

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At Hoil, u bere he had refided 80 years, tue, me never forlook them; and, alilough aged 102 ye'ls and s months, Mr. James from an accident at the birth of her oniy Thompé, failer of the late Mr. James child, 20 years ago, lho had ever since T. odler there.

been a martyr to the utmost bodily debi. Ai Raphae, in Ireland, Mıs. Han kins, lity, a pear approach to blindness, and the lady of the Bihop of Raploe.

dreadful effects of repeatej ftrokes of pally, 5. Agod 78, Mr. Larratt. an eminen: for uniformly continued to walk, humbly farmer, of North Ludendam, Rulla'id. with hier Geidl, iaking the happiness and

Ac Leith, Mr. R. Dunak!son, ? in years welfare of others i ei chief confideration. in the trade beween that porta di Hu'l. Studenly, ai Bedfril, in his 511 year,

1. Vrion-reel, Whitechapel, aged 77, Mojo William Watkins, an eminent coalMr. Loke Long of eccentric memory. merchant. He had for some time been rather

Aged 81, Mrs. Long, rof Waildon-bloure, in a decliving state of health; but on that day near Soutli Wuxall, Wilts, fifer of Wal er was more chtarful than usual. About ten L. eíq. of Birth.

o'clock in the evening, he had occasion to Jo Baker 1ireet, Portman.square, the cross the yard; but, being absent longer reli&t of Francis Beckford, «lq.

than could be accounted for, a fervant A Canterbury, greatly regrerted, aged went out and frund him dead on the privy. 90, Mrs. Maniell; whose plaud temper, leit. Tlie angina pecidis is supposed to nvild manners, and social ditpontion, made have heen the immediate cause of his death. her enjoy a lorg life, even to its last liour, He was a kind father, an affectionate burwith perfect intellecis. She has left one hard, and a worthy good man. He has fon, Thomas Mansell, esq. surgeon at Do- left a widow and three children. yer, and two daughters.

8. In his 83.1 year, the Rev. Jo. WoodÁi Peterborough, in her 56th year, Mrs. ford, recior of Westin, Norfolk. Hake, wife of the R-V. A. D H. and niece

Aged 51, Mrs. Margaret Gilbert, of St. of the late General Phillipton. She was George's Tonbland, in Norwich. dreding to go out in the evening, when Aged 55, Thomas Elwin, esy. of St. Sithe was fuddenly seized with convulsions, mon's, Norfolk, aud expied in a short time. She was fiiit In her 29th year, Mirs. Mary Johnston, niarried to the Rev. Charles Burton, who, wife of Capi. J. of High Holborn), and by the will of ihe General, tork his name, daughter of James Smith, esy, of Crois, and died in My, 1999, leaving her with ner Londonderry, in lreland. She bore a ten children. She was married to Mr. H.

very long and painful illness with great forin July, 1800.

titude and reliynation; and bas left a dis6. Ai Withcal, near. Louth, co. Lincoln, confolate husband and numerous friends to Mr. New love.

lament her early departure. At Edinburgli, John M'Gou'an, esq. a The infant fon of Mr. fotin Bellamy, of gentleman well known for his cdotical

Abingdon-streel, Il'estminster. learning, and for his rafte in the fine arts. fohu lellie, ciq. of Buckingham.street.

7. James Hawkesworth, eng. of Great in Kimandim gaol, near Dublin, in James-itreet, B-dfurd-row.

which he hudheen coofined since his arrelt The wife of Mr. C. Swann, draper, of al Oliver Bond s, in March, 1798; Mr. Nottingham,

Laurence Gritin.
At Chichefter, James Lacey, erg. sen. At bis seat at Lee, in the parish of

At his house in Okt Bank close, Edin- Ickham, near Canterbury, Kent, aged burgli, Mr. Robert Stewart, writer. 59, after a lingering illness, of a dropsy

Mr. Gand, a partner with Mr. Hodgson, of the cheft, Thomas Barrelt, efq. He of the Piazza coftce-louse in Covent.gar- was great grandson of Sir Paul Barrett, of den, after spending a pleasant evening, and Lee, Terjeant-at-law, recorder of Cantereating a hearty supper, in company with bury, and M.P. for New Romney, knighted a select party of friends: about one o'clock by Charles II. at Whitehall, Aug. 7, 1683. this morning, while fitting in an arm- His father, Thomas Barrett, esq who died chair, and, as the company thought, laugh- about 1757, was a well-known collector, ing heartily, he suddenly clapped bis hands and potielled many valuable pictures and together, as if in the act of uttering an curiosities, to which bis ton made mateejaculation, and immediately dropped from rial additions. lo 1773, on the death his chair and expired. A profefliopal gen- of Sir Thomas Hales, Mr. Barrett was ileman, who was in the house, opened a elected M. P. Iur Do: er, after one of the vein inftantly, but without effcct. He was most violent contets ever known, with a very lusty young man, and has left a

the present Mr. Treyanion. widow and seven children.

neral election, the next year, his love of At Wells, in Norfolk, in her 45th year, quiet induced him to decline again entering Anne the wife of John Hill, elq. jun. of the litts. About 1983, he began to alter that place. Trained by her parents, from 2014 new-model his boule at Lee in the her earliest years, both by precept and Gothic Ityle, under the direotion of Mr. example, in the paths of Religion and Vis James Wyatt ; and it will scarcely be


At the ge

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