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Blame : not a woman.

Don't blame women

for using their own,

but praise them when they are good.


Men now, out of their idle brain, abuse women;

[Page 446 of MS.]
BLAME : not a woman although shee bee Lewd,

& that her ffaults they haue been knowne.
although shee doe offend, yett in time shee may

then blame her not ffor vsing of her owne,
But rather giue them praise, as they deserue,

when vice is banisht quite, & virtue in them growne, ffor thats their only tresure, & ffor to fly vaine

pleasure. then blame them not ffor vsing of their owne. There is many now a dayes that women will dispraise: out of a dru[n]ken humor when as their witts are

flowne, out of an Idle braine, with speeches Lewd 1 & vaine

theile blame them still ffor vsinge of her owne. But if woman shold not trade, how shold the world

increase ? if women all were nise, what seede shold then be

sowne ? if women all were coy, they wold breede mens annoye;

then blame them not ffor vsing of their owne. If any take offence att this my songe,

I thinke that no good maners he hath knowne.
wee all ffrom women came: why shold wee women

& ffor a litle vsing of their owne ?

| MS. has a tag like s to the d.-F.

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Louers hea[r]ke alarum.

[Page 459 of MS.]


LOUERS: harke ! an alarum is sounding : now loue Lovers,

who-soe feares, or in ffaintnesse abounding,' will

O then, on! charge them home! if you delay your charge your

girls home; time,

your hopes will ffaile; these ffair. ffoes yeelding lookes doe bewray their their hearts harts

as yours, more then their owne.

are more yours than theirs.

Take no denial;

If they striue, itts a tricke ffor a triull who is most

bold. 8 No braue man ffor a silly denyall will grow cold; None but ffooles flinch ffor noe when 2 a I by nois 3 ment

in louing scance ; On then, & charge them home! perchance you may charge

soe put them 12

ffrom their ffence.


Downe, Downe with them! o, how the tremble for the Down with

what, for feare? no! no ! no! they dissemble 4 ;

they know why.

1 Only half the u in the MS.-F.
2 ? MS. whema.-F.

3 ? uois I can make no sense of it.-F.
4 There's a tag at the end like an s.-F.


(page 460]


Quickly woone, Quickly lost, the delight of life is lost,

procured with paines.
These respects makes them bold to fight, to Cry, to
to liue againe.


They'll fight again.

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