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the ethereal firmament, and “ whom the heaven, and to anoint the Most Holy." In looking to and heaven of heavens, cannot contain ;” that his the mercy-seat at Jerusalem, Daniel looked to affections might be elevated far above the dull Him, the glory of whose grace was symbolised level of mortality, and receive a holier and a by the Shechinah, the brightness of that light heavenlier direction; that the great principle of which overshadowed the Divine propitiatory, the unity and spirituality of the true God might to Him, in whose name alone could he, as a powerfully impress his soul; and that the purify- guilty criminal, draw near to bis Father—to Him, ing influence of spiritual things might be habi- whose blood was to be shed for the reconciliatually present, to counteract the carnal tendencies tion of sinners to God-to Him whom he beof the heart. These are amongst the essential held “in the night visions, coming with the clouds principles of all substantial piety; but there is of heaven, to the Ancient of Days, and to whom here something more specific and more peculiar there was given dominion, and glory, and a kingto the character of a spiritual worshipper of God. dom, that all people, nations, and langnages should Daniel had “ his windows open toward Jeru- serve him ; whose dominion is an everlasting dosalem,” and thither he directed his eye and the minion which shall not pass away, and his king. thoughts of his heart, to show that Jerusalem, dom that which shall not be destroyed." In the holy city, though now in ruins, was still dear illustration of the same thing, we are told that to his soul—that he cherished an affection for its Daniel “ prayed unto his God;” and he knew full

very stones and its dust"—that, though he was well that a pure and boly Being could be the God a great man in Babylon, he still concurred with of an impure and unholy creature only in that war, the meanest of his brethren of the captivity in re- on those terms, and according to that constitution membering Jerusalem, and preferring it above which He himself has seen meet to prescribe, and his chiefest joy." Jerusalem was the place which clearly to make known, for our encouragement God had chosen to put his name there; and when and salvation. Prayer, acceptable prayer, cannot the temple was dedicated, Solomon's prayer to God be presented to the Father in any other way; and was, “ that if his people should, in the land of their we delude ourselves must miserably, indeed, if we enemies, pray unto him with their eye towards venture to draw near to the throne of unspotted the land which he gave them, the city he had holiness in any other way, or on any other footing, chosen, and the house that was built to his name, than that which has been made known to us in that then he would hear and maintain their cause." the everlasting covenant. The only true religion 1 Kings viii. 48, 49. And Daniel acted upon is the religion of a covenanted God; and the only this prescribed principle. There is in it some- true principle which can be recognised as genuine, thing far beyond the feeling of common patriotism and as truly valuable, is that faith which rests on or national attachment. There is in it the pious the love of the Father, through the interposition recognition of Jehovah as, in the most affecting of the Son—that faith which humbles the sinner

, and important sense, the God of Israel. There while it exalts the Saviour who bought him with is a look to the temple at Jerusalem, as the place his blood—that faith which, like Daniel's, looks of the Divine abode and of the Divine manifesta- towards the mercy-seat, and derives from that tion. The mercy-seat is recognised as the sym- mercy-seat all its energy and all its hope. It was bol of Divine mercy to mankind, and as typical this faith which Abel exercised, when he offered of that “throne of grace" sprinkled with the blood up a more excellent sacrifice than Cain. It was of the Redeemer, to which " we have access with this faith which Abraham exercised, when he " bieboldness, through the faith of him." That Daniel held the day of Christ afar off, and was glad." It entertained a spiritual view of the Divine economy was this faith which Joh cherished, when, in the towards Israel, is clear from the whole tenor of impassioned ardour of his soul, he exclaims. " I his writings ; and his conceptions relative to the know that my Redeemer liveth.” It was this method of salvation are conveyed to us in lan-faith which Daniel exercised, when the ancei guage peculiarly explicit. “ Messiah," says he, Gabriel came to him with the answer to his “shall be cut off, but not for himself.” “ Seventy prayer, and hailed him, with affectionate endearweeks are determined upon thy people, and upon ment, as the “man greatly beloved ;” and it is thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to the very same faith, in substance if not in form, make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation which every true Christian exercises, when he for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righte-pours out his heart before the Lord, and "goes ousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, I unto God as his exceeding joy."



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