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refuge and fortress. How differently will they then traverse the mighty deep; and, when permitted to return to the land of their birth, they will erect their Ebenezers, saying, “Hitherto the Lord hath helped me.”



There go the ships.”—Ps. civ. 26.

The freighted vessel leaves the land,

And plows the watry main ;
Preserv'd by God's almighty hand,

She'll reach her port again.

The construction and power of a ship, are particularly calculated to invite our curiosity, and call forth our praise. How ingeniously is the whole contrived, and how admirably adjusted! Her masts and yards are suited to her magnitude and power; the ballast is of a proper weight to ensure her buoyancy

and favour her sailing, and every piece of rope is judiciously arranged to secure her spars, and facilitate the working of her sails. Lower and aloft, she is a model of the completest order and beauty.

What a fine piece of mechanism is a ship! so is man. He surpasses all the wonderful works of God, and exhibits one of the grandest, and most perfect proofs of the incomprehensible wisdom and mighty power of the divine Architect. The body, how erect, how noble, how adorned ! What a beautiful and delicate organ is the eye; how sensible to light, and how comprehensive in its function! Look at the ear, how curiously formed, and how admirably adapted for the transmission of sound, and conveying all the pleasures of harmony to the soul ! How exquisite is the sense of taste and feeling! How readily are we apprised of any thing obnoxious, and how quickly alive to whatever is agreeable! How astonishing are the functions of the arteries, veins, and nerves; and how beautifully do they meander throughout the body! The brain, how important; the lungs, how useful; the stomach, how necessary! In fact, every part of man's body is destined for grand and important uses; and the whole shows the greatest contrivance, order, and beauty. The more we study this master-piece of creation, the more we shall be led to admire. the wisdom of that Being, “who is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working."

“ How august, How complicate, how wonderful is man! How passing wonder He, who made him such !"

A ship is very capacious; so is man. Some ships are, literally speaking, floating cities, and are capable of containing some thousand tons weight of goods. Let us then suppose one of the largest taken up for the exclusive conveyance of jewels, or gold, the richest treasure earth can afford. Who could estimate the value of such a freight? In gold it would amount to hundreds of millions ; but, were it to consist of diamonds, or precious stones, computation would be set at defiance.

Man's body is freighted with far greater riches than a million ships thus laden: it contains an immortal spirit, which is a treasure of countless value. Worlds cannot redeem it from misery, nor exalt it to bliss. Though it leaves our frail bodies at death, it is only for a short time. At the consummation of

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