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be drawn by the several officers who have nares, where the regiment is to be stationbeen appointed second in command with ed, until further orders. the six extra regiments of Nat. Inf. the The 54th N.I. to proceed from Kishensame to commence from the date of join- gunge to Assam, for the relief of the 57th ing their respective corps.

N.I. which latter corps will proceed by water to Dinapore.

The left wing of the 28th N. I. lately

arrived with treasure in Calcutta, will Fort William, Nov. 11, 1825.-The proceed to Barrackpore, where the regiRight Hon. the Governor-General having ment is to be stationed. been pleased to nominate W. B. Bayley, On the arrival of the 22d N.I. at BerEsq. one of the senior merchants in the hampore, the right wing 28th N.I, will service of the hon. Company, to supply the march to Barrackpore. vacancy in the council of Fort William, The 13th N.I. will proceed to Assam. occasioned by the death of the hon. John On the arrival of the 13th in Assam, the Fendall, Esq., the Right Hon. the Gover- 46th N.I, will proceed by water to nor-General in Council, has called the Dinapore. said W. B. Bayley, Esq. to take his seat The 2d local horse,' now in Arracan, in council accordingly, and the said W. will proceed to Kassg unge, and the 3d B. Bayley, Esq. has in obedience thereto, local horse at Commillah will proceed to taken the oaths and his seat in the Council Bareilly. of Fort William, under the usual salute Head Quarters, Nov. 18, 1825.-On from the ramparts of the Fort.

the return to Bengal of H.M.'s 44th foot it will proceed by water to Ghazepore, where it will be stationed until further

orders. Head-Quarters, Nov. 11, 1825.-On the

The following regiments about to quit arrival at Chittagong of the 1st and 2d Arracan, are to be stationed as follows: Light Inf. Bats., the Light Inf, brigade The 26th N. I. at Cawnpore ; the 420 N.I. with the south-eastern division is to be

at Cawnpore; the 49th N.I. at Benares; broken up, and the brigade appointments and the 620 N.I. at Benarés. to cease from the date of publication of The 44th N.I. now at Dacca, will prothese orders at that station.

ceed by water to Cawnpore. The 1st and 2d Light Inf. Bats. will then proceed to Dinapore by water, where

CONDUCT OF THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL's they will be broken up and the native commissioned, pon-commissioned officers, drummers, and privates of the several com

Fort William, Nov. 18th, 1825.- As a panies composing those battalions, are to particular mark of approbation of the me. be allowed from six to eight months' leave ritorious conduct of the Governor-Geneof absence according to the discretion of ral's body guard, in volunteering their the officers commanding those corps, and

services beyond sea, at a moment when with reference to distance previously to cavalry were not conveniently available being required to rejoin their respective from any other quarter, the Right Hon. regiments.

the Governor-General in Council, with The 3d brigade of Infantry in Cachar

advertence to the extensive promotion to be broken up, and the appointments which has recently taken place in the connected therewith to cease from the date regular cavalry, is pleased to direct, that of the publication of this order at the

one subadar, one jemadar, four havildars, head-quarters of the brigade.

and four naicks be added to the guard, The appointment of 2d in command to

and promotions bearing date the 1st of the troops on the Sylhet frontier to cease,

June 1825, made accordingly. and Brig. Gen. Dunkin will join his re

The commissioned and non-commisgiment on its return to Bengal. The 7th sioned officers who may be promoted by N.I. will continue to occupy its position the operation of these orders, will be borne on the Sylhet frontier; the 22d N. I. will

as supernumeraries on the strength of the proceed by water to Berhampore ; and the body guard until otherwise provided for. 44th by water to Dacca, where it will receive further orders.

On the departure from Arracan of Fort William, Dec. 9th 1825. At the H.M.'s 44th and 54th Regs., the 1st and recommendation of the medical board, the 2d brigades with the south-eastern division

Right Hon. the Governor-General in will also be broken up, and the staff

ap- council is pleased to authorize the esta pointments connected therewith will cease. blishment of two temporary station hos

The following movements of corps are pitals, one at Barrackpore, and the other directed to take place :

at Chittagong, for the reception of the The left wing of the 1st L. C. will pro. sick belonging to regiments employed on ceed from Boglipore to Sultanpore, Be- service to the eastward, or who may have





been left at either station on the departure have been appointed by his Royal Highof their corps:

ness the Commander-in-Chief, to the siAn establishment of hospital attendants tuations above-mentioned : viz. will be fixed for each, subject to occasional

Inspector of Hospitals. - Dr. W. A. augmentation, when the medical board

Burke, Bengal. consider any additional servants indispensable, with reference to an increased num.

Deputy Inspectors.-Ebenezer Brown, ber of patients.

Madras, and Dr. James Strachan, BomMr. Assist. Surg. Govan is appointed

bay. to the charge of the hospital at Barrackpore, and Mr. Assist. Surg. Graham to CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. that at Chittagong.

General Department.

Dec. 1. Mr. C. Lushington, chief secretary to THE EXTRA LIGHT CAVALRY REGIMENTS.

Fort William, Dec. 9th, 1825.- The two judicial department.

Mr. H. Shakespear, secretary to Government in extra light cavalry regts. directed to be raised in G. O. of the 13th May last, are,

Territorial Department. under instructions from the hon. the Court

Oct. 6. Mr. J. W. Sherer, third member of board

of revenue in lower provinces. of Directors, permanently added to the

Nov. 3. Mr. H. Lushington, assistant to secreregular native cavalry branch of the army tary to board of revenue in ditto. of this Presidency, and are to be num- Mr. W. Ogilvy, ditto ditto in western provinces. bered the 9th and 10th regts, of light ca

Political Department. valry-commissions dated the 13th May,

Nov. 11. Mr. E. M. Gordon, political agent in 1825, will be issued to the European and Bangur and Kauntal. Native officers of the two corps in ques

Capt. J. Sutherland, Bombay L. C., first assis

tant to resident at Delhi. tion.

Lieut. W. Hislop, 39th Bengal N.I., extra as.


Judicial Department.

Oct. 13. Mr. F. 0. Smith, judge and magistrate Fort William, Dec. 16th, 1825.—The of Cawnpore. Governor General in Council is pleased to Mr. R. H. Scott, ditto ditto of Meerut. direct, that the following extract of a mili

Mr. A. Mackenzie, third judge of provincial

courts of appeal and circuit for division of Batary general letter from the hon. the Court

reilly. of Directors, under date the 3d Aug. 1825, Mr. W. Cracroft, fourth ditto ditto of ditto. communicating the appointment of an in- Mr. W. Monckton, judge and magistrate of dis

trict of Etawah. spector and two deputy inspectors of hospitals to his majesty's forces serving in

Mr. H. M. Pigo, ditto ditto of city of Benares.

Mr. W. Wollen, judge of district of Purneah. India, be published in General Orders :

Mr. T. G. Vibart, judge and magistrate of dis. Para. 12.-" His Majesty's government trict of Sylhet. having determined that medical inspecting Mr. D. Dale, ditto ditto of Backergunge. officers should be attached to the staff of Mr. G. P. Thompson, magistrate and collector H. M. army in India, for the purpose of

of Jungle Mehauls.

Mr. J. W. Templer, magistrate of district of furnishing to his Royal Highness the Tirhoot. Commander-in Chief, and to the Army Mr. W. J. Turquand, ditto of Jessore. Medical Beard, reports on the health of Mr. J. C. Brown, register of Allahabad, and the king's troops, and the state of their re

joint magistrate stationed at Futtehpore.

Mr. T. R. Davidson, ditto of 24-purgunnahs, gimental hospitals, we have to advise you

and joint magistrate stationed at Baraset. of the appointment of an inspector of hos- 27. Mr. W. H. Tyler, assistant to magistrate pitals to the staff of the Commander-in- and to collector of Allyghur. Chief in India, and of a deputy inspector

Nov. 10. Mr. E. P. Smith, register of Zillah

Court of 24-purgunnahs at Sudder station." of hospitals to that of the Commanders-in

Mr. H. V. Hathorn, register of Zillah Court of Chief at the Presidencies of Fort St.

Hooghly. George and Bombay, respectively.

17. Mr. F. Gou!dsbury, register of Zillah Court 13.-" The duties of these officers are

of Sarum.

Mr. B. Golding, ditto ditto of Jessore. defined by instructions which they have re

Mr. T. Taylor, assistant to magistrate and to ceived from the Army Medical Board in

collector of Meerut. this country. A copy of those which were 24. Mr. H. T. Robertson, register of Zillah issued to Dr. Burke, on the 1st of March Court of Juanpore, and joint magistrate stationed

at Azeemghur. last, is transmitted for your information,

Mr. R. Barlow, register of Zillah Court of from which you will perceive, that the Bhaugulpore, and joint magistrate stationed at charge of these officers is strictly confined Monghyr. to whatever may relate to H. M. forces

Dec. 8. Mr. A. Ross, a pusine judge of the courts

of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut and Nizamut Adawserving in India, and does not extend to

lut. any employment which might interfere 15. Mr. D. B. Morrieson, register of Zillah Court with the medical regulations of our ser

of Dacca Jelapore. vice."

Mr. R. Neave, second register of Zillah Court of

Behar. The undermentioned medical officers

MILITARY proceed to his corps at Penang. Orissa Prov. Bat. Lieut. C. Commeline, 13th Lieut. Kinloch to act as adj. and interp. and N.I., to be act. adj.

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, Lleut. Davles to act as adj. to right wing of 22d

N.I.; date 7th Sept.

Sept. 28.-Ensigns (lately arrived) appointed to Fort William, Sept. 30, 1825.-10th N.I. Lieut. do duty. Balders with 20th N.l. at Barrackpore. and Brev.Capt. D. Thomas to be capt. of a comp., E. Maybery, H. Wilkinson, J. G. Ellis, F. E. and Ens. W. Fenton to be lieut., from 4th Sept.,

Griffith, and J. V. Snook, with 28th do., at Berin suc. to Macdonald'dec.

hampore. R. Crawford with 28th do. at Allygurh. 27th N.I. Ens. L. W. Gibson to be lieut., from

T. Walker with 23d do. at Allygurh. G. A. Brown

low and J. C. Drummond with 41st do. at Muttra. 22d Sept., v. Browne dec.

W. G. Beek, C. R. Griffith, F. C. Marsden, and Capt. Cheap, corps of engineers, to survey and

J. Mathias, with 6th extra N.I. R. P. Alcock report on state of new Juggernauth road, with a

and J. D. Wilson with 24th N.I. at Delhi. Hat. salary of 800 sicca rupees per mensem.

chell posted to Ist extra regt. at Futtehgurh. Mr. T. Clemishaw admitted an assist.surg.

Pioneers. Lieut. J. Ludlow, 6th N.I., to be adj., Commissariat Department. Capt. T. A. Mein.

v. Earle prom., from 2d to 1st class. Lieut. J. G.

Gorruckpore L.I. Lieut. A. Arabin, 7th N.I., to Burns, dept.assist., to be an of 2d be adj., v. Webster prom. class. Capt. S. P. C. Humfrays, dep. assist. com.

Bareilly Prov. Bat. Lieut. B. Boswell, 2d N.I., gen., prom. from 2d to 1st class. Capt. W. Buriton, sub-assist., to be dep. assist. com. gen. of 2d

to be adj., v. Griffiths who resigns situation. class. Lieut. T. S. Hawkins, 38th N.I., and Sept. 29.-- Removals and Postings. Light Cavalry. Lieut. H. R. Osborn, 54th N.I., to be supernum.

Lieut. Col. Com. F. Johnston to 2d regt. Maj. sub-assist. com. gen.

Gen. Sir T. Brown from 2d to Ist regt. Maj. Gen. Capt. Moseley, sub-assist. com. gen., and Lieut.

J. Gordon, from Ist to 8th regt. Lieut. Col. HawBody, agent for timber at Nauthpore, permitted

trey to lst extra regt. Lieut. Col. S. Reid from 8th to exchange appointments.

to 2d regt.-Native Inf. Lieut. Col. Com. Burgh to

15th regt. Maj. Gen. Calcraft from 15th to 55th Lieut. Col. M. Shawe, commanding H.M.'s 87th regt. Lieut. Col. Ryan to 15th regt. Lieut. Col. foot, to be a brigadier with force serving in Ava.

Bowyer to 60th regt. Lieut. Col. Moxton from Temporary Appointments. Capt. C. D. Aplin, 60th to 26th regt. Lieut. Col. Leys from 56th to assist. adj. gen. to staff of army assembling for ser- 29th regt. Lieut. Col. Baddeley from 29th to 67th vice in upper provinces, with advanced rank of regt. Lieut. Col. Collyer from 67th to 56th regt. dep. adj. gen. Capt. H. Ross, 420 N.I., to be a Lieut. Col. A. Richards from 46th to 34th regt. second extra assist. adj. gen., to supply place of Lieut. Col. J. Clark from 7th to 44th regt. Lieut. Capt. Aplin at presidency. Lieut. G. Twemlow, Col. C. Peach from 16th to 7th regt. Lieut. Col. artill., to have charge of Expense Magazine and T. Wilson from 44th to 16th regt. Laboratory School at Dum-Dum during absence

Assist.surg. Chalmers to have medical charge of of Capt. Cartwright.

3d extra N.I., and Assist.surg. Macfarlane to have

medical charge of 38th N.I. Head-Quarters, Sept. 23.--Lieut. Prole to act as adj. to left wing of 3d N.I. during its separation

Sept. 30.–Lieut. Winter to act as interp. and from head-quarters of regt.; date loth Sept.

quart. mast. to 2d L. Inf. bąt. during absence of

Lieut. Boscawen; date 9th Sept. Lieut. R. Campbell directed to join 43 N.I.

Lieut. Palmer to officiate as adj. to 39th N.I.; Ens. W. P. Milner to do duty with 12th extra date 16th Sept. N.I.

Lieut. Ross to act as adj. to left wing of 6th N.I. Medical Department. Assist.surg. Dennis directed

during its separation from head-quarters of corps; to place himself under orders of superintend.surg: date 14th Sept. at Benares. Assist.surg. Craigie appointed to do duty with artil. at Dum-Dum. Surg. E. Phillips

Surg. Nicoll removed from 68th regt. and app.

to 12th extra regt. posted to 9th extra regt. Assist.surg. Pullar posted to 67th regt. Lieut. F. S. Hawkins, 38th regt., permanently

Fort William, Sept. 30.-Assist.surg, T. K. Spenattached to corps of pioneers at Almorah.

cer to perform medical duties of civil station of

Backergunge. Maj. N. S. Webb to command artillery at Kurnaul.

Oct. 73-20th N.I. Ens. R. Steuart to be Lieut.

from 4th Sept., v. Ross dec. Sept. 24.-Removals and Postings in Horse Artil

30th N.I. Lieut. J. Blair to be capt. of a comp., lery. Ist-Lieut. W. Geddes from 1st to 2d tr., v. Ist-Lieut. J. W. Wakefield from 2d to lst tr. 3d

and Ens. A. Jack to be lieut., from 28th Sept., in

suc. to Whinfield dec. brig. Ist-Lieut. T. P. Ackers from 4th tr. 3d brig. to 3d tr. 1st brig. lst-Lieut. W. Anderson from 3d 39th N.I. Ens. S. R. Wallace to be lieut. from tr. 1st brig. to 1st tr. 2d brig. lst-Lieut. H. Gar- 16th Sept., v. Ridge dec. bett from 1st tr. 2d brig. to 4th tr. 2d brig. Ist- Assist.surg. J. B, Clapperton to be surg. from 8th Lieut. G. Maclean from 4th tr. Ist brig. to 4th tr. Sept., v. Grant dec. 3d brig. 2d-Lieut. F. B. Boileau from 3d tr. Ist Cadets admitted. Mr. E. Sunderland to artil., and brig. to 4th tr. 3d brig.- Foot Artillery. 2d-Lieut.

prom. to 2d-lieut.-Messrs. D. Nisbett, M. Kittoe, c. W. Humphreys from 3d comp. 5th bat. to 3d J. Ramsay, S. G. Johnston, and C. J. Richardson comp. 1st bat. 2d-Lieut. J. Daniell from 2d

to inf., and from to ens. comp. 2d bat. to 3d comp. 5th bat. 2d-Lieut. A.

Lieut. J. C. Maclean, 17th N.I., to be barrackP. Begbie from 4th comp. 4th bat. to 4th comp.

master of Fort William, v. Costley. 5th bat. 2d-Lieut. J. Brady from 4th comp. 4th bat. to 3d comp. 5th bat. 2d-Lieut. E. Buckle from 19th comp. 6th bat. to 4th comp. 4th bat. Head Quarters, Oct. l. - Medical Department. 2d-Lieut. c. S. Reid from 15th comp. 6th bat. to Assist.surg. Craigie directed to relieve Assist.surg. 4th comp. 4th bat. 2d-Lieut. F. A. Miles from 12th H. P. Saunders (sick) from charge of 67th N.I. comp. 6th bat. to 2d comp. 2d bat. 2d-Lieut. G. Assist.surg. Dennis app. to 68th N.1. Assist.surg. R. Birch to lst comp. 2d bat.

Oliver app. to artillery serving in Ava. Assist. Lieut. Col. Cock to assume charge of Sirhind

surg. Spencer directed to join #1.M.'s 87th regt., frontier on departure of Brig. Gen. Adams.

and to proceed with it to Rangoon. Assist.surg.

Brown directed to do duty with artil. at DuniLieut. and Adj. Barberie, Patna prov, bat., to Dum. have charge of detachment of nat. invs. at Patna ; date 25th Aug.

Oct. 3. Lieut. Glen, acting adj. to regular and 9th N.I. Lieut. C. Field (interp. and quart.mast.)

mugh pioneers, to officiate as adj. to mugh pio

neers on being relieved by Brev. Čapt. Earl; date to be adj., v. Beckett app. interp. and quart.mast.

7th Sept. 40th N.I. Lieut. R. R. Margrave to be interp.

Oct. 5.—Capt. W. Bacon, 65th N.I., directed to and quart.mast., v. Corbett prom.

quart. mast. to 3d extra regt., v. Brev.Capt. RamSøpt. 27.-Capt. and Brig. Maj. H. Hay appointed sey app. fort adj. at Delhi; date 14th Sept. to Bareilly, v. Capt. Tayor rem, to Bundelcund. Capt. G. H. Hutchins, 30th N.l., 2d in com

Capt. T. J. Anquetil, 44th N.I., is to have com. mand of mugh levy, permitted to return to his mand of corps of pioneets, v. Wilkie nominated former situation of commandant of political to charge of clothing agency at Futtehgurh. agent's escort on Nerbudda.


Fort William, Oct. 7.-Lieuts. G. Thomson and adj., v. Hawkins app. to commissariat departJ. A. Crommelin, corps of engineers, withdrawn ment. from duties of survey department and placed Oct. 20.–Lieut. Brace to act as adj. to 48th N.I., as engineer-officers at disposal of Commander-in- v. Lieut. Smith proceeding on sick leave; date chief

24th Aug. Oct. 14.-Regt. of Artil. 2d-Lieut. H. M. Law- Lieut. Wheatley to act as adj. to two squadrons rence to be Ist-lieut. from 5th Oct., v. Greene dec. . of 5th L.C. detached under command of Capt.

14th N.I. Lieut. and Brev. Capt. R. S. Brown- Harriott. rigg to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. A. H. Shep- Assist.surg. J. Clarke to do duty with 20th N.I. herd to be lieut., from 5th Oct., in suc. to Dud- at Barrackpore.

geon dec.

30th N.I. Lieut. M. Nicolson to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. C. Campbell to be lieut., in suc. to Davidson dec., with rank from 28th Sept., v. Whinfield dec.

Capt. T. c. Watson, 2d Europ. regt., to command Sylhet local bat., v. Dudgeon dec.

Assist.surg. G. Simms to performi medical duties of civil station of Commercolly.

Cadets admitted. Messrs. J. Free and E. B. Conolly for_cav.; and prom. to corn.-Messrs. G. Wilcox, B. Marshall, W. D. Littlejohn. A. Macdonald, J. Marshall, T. G. Dundas, T. R. Dalrymple, and W. H. Rickards, for inf., and prom. to ens.

Surg. A. Dickson appointed to situation of superintend.surgi, to fill a vacancy occasioned by demise of Mr. W. L. Grant.

Maj. I. Maling to officiate as town and fort major of Fort William during absence of Lieut. Col. Vaughan.

Mr. Hoff bower, surg., admitted temporarily to do duty as an assist.surg.

Assist.surg. Twining to act as superintendent of Eye Infirmary during absence of Assist.surg. Egerton.

Fort William, Oct. 21.-Capt. J. Taylor to be executive engineer of 3d or Dinapore division, v. Boileau.

Lieut. J. T. Boileau to be executive engineer of 10th or Agra division, v. Taylor.

Oct. 28.-1st N.I. Ens. J. Fisher to be lieut. from 8th Oct., v. Jardine dec.

2d N.I.--Ens. C. Erskine to be lieut. from 20th Oct., v. Cooper dec.

35th N.I. Lieut. W. H. Marshall to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. F. Phipps to be lieut., from 10th Oct., in suc. to Gordon dec.

Lieut. J. S. Mostyn, 5th extra N.I., to superintend southern division of Cuttack road, v. Shortland.

Lieut. V. Shortland, 36th N.I., to be fort adj. of Fort William.

Head-Quarters, Oct. 5.-Lieut. Col. Com. Hetzler, of artil., to have general command of artillery serving within Cawnpore and Meerut divisions.

Oct. 6.-1st L.C. Lieut. G. R. Crommelin to be adj., and Lieut. J. F. Bradford to be interp. and quart. mast., v. Brev. Capts. Thornton and Bon

tein prom.

Oct 7.-Lieut. and Acting Adj. Robe to officiate as quart.mast. to 26th N.I., from 9th Sept.

Capt. G. R. Pemberton, 56th N.I., to be aidede-camp to Brig. Gen. Knox.

Oct. 8.-Assist.surg. D. Stewart to do duty with 5th L.C. at Sultanpore, Benares.

Capt. Eckford, 6th N.I., relieved from arsenal committee, and directed to join his regt.

Oct. 10.-Act. Assist.surg. Hoffbower directed to place himself under orders of superintend.surg. at Arracan. Assist.surg. O'Dwyer appointed to 2d Europ. regt.

39th N.l. Lieut. W. Palmer to be adj., v. Ridge dec.

Oct. 12.-2d-Lieut. G. T. Greene, of engineers, appointed to corps of sappers and miners. Lieut. Fisher, of 34th, and Lieut. Gibb, of 35th N.I., permitted to exchange corps.

Fort William, Oct. 14.-57th N.I. Ens. W. Hoper to be lieut, from 24th Sept., v. Kerr dec.

Temporary Appointments. Maj. Gen. Sir Arch. Campbell, H.M.'s service, to general staff of Indian army. Col. M. McCreagh, H.M.'s 13th L.I., to be a brigadier gen. with force serving in Ava.

Capt. H. Tanner, inv. estab., to officiate as regulating officer to Bhaugulpore invalid thannah on departure of Lieut. Col. Franklin.

Head Quarters, Oct. 17.-Assist.surg. Grieg to do duty with 48th N.I. at Saugor.

Ens. T. Walker to do duty with 36th instead of 23d N:1. as formerly notified.

Surg. Govan to have medical charge of sick of 67th and 68th regts. N.I. left at Barrackpore.

Lieut. Harris to act as adj. to a wing of 2d N.I. during its separation from head-quarters of regt. ; date 26th Sept.

Lieut. Col. Garnham removed from 27th to 67th N.I.

Oct. 18.- Ens. Sandeman removed from 24th and posted to 12th N.I. Oct. 19.-38th N.I. Lieut. J. Blencowe to be Asiatic Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 125.

Cadets admitted. Messrs. G. W. Master, R. A. Master, and P. F. Story, for cav., and prom. to corns.--Mr. E. P. Master for artil., and prom. to 2d-lieut. — Mr. H. A. Shuckburgh for inf., and prom. to ens.

Maj. Gen. Jasper Nicolls, H.M.'s service, appointed temporarily on general staff in Bengal: Maj. Gen. Nicolls will, accordingly, be considered on strength of Indian army from date of his landing at Fort William.

Head-Quarters, Oct 21.Postings and Removals. Lieut. Col. W. C. Faithful from 2d to 33d N.I. Lieut. Col. G. D. Heathcote from 33d to 2d do. Lieut. Col. Baddeley from 67th to 31st do. Lieut. Col. W. R. Gilbert from 31st to 27th do.

Oct. 24. 57th N.i. Lieut. W. McD. Hopper to be interp. and quart. mast., v. Kerr dec.

Fort William, Oct. 28.-531 N.I. Ens. G. Tylee to be lieut. from 13th Oct., v. Heysham dec.

6th Extra N.I. Ens. M. Huish to be lieut. from 24th Aug., v. White dec.

Assist.surg. J. Duncan to have medical charge of civil station of Agra, v. Burnett dec.

Assist.surg. J. Hutchinson to perform medical duties of civil station of Midnapore, v. Clapperton, prom.

Capt. J. Bourdieu, 430 N.I., to officiate as regulating officer of invalid thannahs to Chittagong.

Nov. 4.-52d N.I. Lieut. F. Auberjonois to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. Mackay to be lieut., from 24th Oct., in suc. to Pryce dec.

Assist.surg: R. Primrose to be surg. from 24th Oct., v. J. Gibb dec.

Capt. B. Maltby, 61st N.I., transferred, at his own request, to pension estab.

Officers placed temporarily at disposal of Com. mander-in-chief Maj.Lockett, dep, séc. to Government in mil. depart. Lieut. A. Carnegy, 15th N.I., sub-assist. stud depart. Lieut. C. T. Thomas, ditto, ditto. Lieut. J. P. McMillan, 18th N.I., constructing buildings, Neemutch. Lieut. H. Todd, 21st N.I., examiner, College of Fort Wil. liam. Capt. A. L. Swanston, 32d N.I., 2d in command, Mhairwarrah local corps. Lieut. V. Shortland, 36th N.I., fort adj., Fort William. Brev, Capt. W. Ramsay, 41st N.I., fort adj., Delhi. Capt. T. M. Black, 58th N.I., commanding Oodypore escort. Capt. J. Frushard, 58th N.I., assistant resident, Malwa, &c. Lieut. J. R. Ouseley, Goth N. I., assistant governor-general's agent, Sau. gor.

Head-Quarters, Oct. 26. – Lieut. Mercer to act as interp. and quart. mast. to 2d extra regt.; date 11th Oct.

Superintend. surg. J. Browne removed to Kurnaul division, and Superintend, surg. A. Dickson app. to Dinapore division. 4 L

Lieut. of brigade to artil. at Dum Dum during absence of Bundelcund. Prou. Bat. Lieut. E. N. Townsend,

· Lieut. Baseley to act as adj. to left wing of 45th Mr. J. McRae, surg., appointed, temporarily, N.I. while detached; date 12th Oct.

to do duty as an assist.surg. Oct. 28.—Cornets and Ensigns (lately arrived) Capt. W. Oliphant, assist. sec. to mil. board, appointed to do duty. Cornets J. Free with 2d extra ordnance dep., permitted to join division of artilL.C. at Meerut, and E. B. Conolly with 6th L.C. lery assembling at Agra. at Muttra.--Ensigns D. Nisbett and M. Kittoe Lieut. Dickson, adj. Bengal engineers in Ava, with 6th extra regt. at Dinapore. J. Ramsay with to be field engineer of Bengal division, and Lieut. 230 N.I. at Allygurh. S. G. Johnston with 10th

Abbot adj. in room, from date of Capt. Cheape's do. at Neemuch. C. J. Richardson and G. Wilcox departure from force. with 28th do. at Berhampore. B. Marshall and A. Macdonald with 6th extra regt. at Dinapore. W.

Commissions of Brigadier General recalled.

From Brev.Col. J. H. Dunkin, H.M.'s 44th foot ; D. Littlejohn with 20th do. at Barrackpore. T. G. Dundas with 15th do. at Meerut. T. R. Dal

that regt. being under orders of return to Fort rymple with 11th extra regt. at Benares. W. H.

William. From Brev.Col. J. W. Morrison, H.M.'s Rickards with 6th do. at Dinapore.

44th foot, about to embark for Europe on medical

certificate. From Brev.Col. N. Mackellar, H.M.'s Oct. 31. – Lieut. Bolton, 2d extra regt., and

royal regt., about to embark for Europe on mediLieut. Harris, 2d N.I., permitted to exchange cal certificate. From Brev. Col. W. Macbean, corps.

H.M.'s 54th foot ; that regt. being under orders of Act. Dep. Assist.Com. J. McReid directed to join return to Fort St. George. arsenal of Fort William.

61st N.). Lieut. and Brev.Capt. J. Tomlinson to Lieut.Col.Com. C. S. Fagan removed from Ist be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. Fraser to be extra to 15th N.I.

lieut., from 4th Nov. in suc. to Malthy transf. to Lieut. Col. Com. W. Burgh removed from 15th

inv. estab. to Ist extra N.I. at Futtehghur.

Surg. W. P. Muston to be garrison surg. of Fort Nov. 1.—Maj. Gen. Nicolls directed to proceed to William, v. Swiney permitted to proceed to EuAgra and to take command of division assembling

rope on med, cert. ia vicinity of that garrison.

Assist.surg. Saunders permitted to return to his ; Lieut. Campbell to act as adj. to left wing of 1st

duty at Elichpore. L.C. during its separation from head-quarters of Capt. E. R. Broughton, 21st N.I., superintend. regt. ; date 21st Oct.

of Cuttack road, placed at disposal of ComınanLieut. Smith to act as adj. to left wing of 1st

der-in-chief. extra regt. during its separation from head-quar- Capt. J. Frushard, 58th, and Lieut. the Hor. ters; date 10th Oct.

W. Stapleton, 5th extra N.I., late extra assist. to Lieut. Tritton to act as interp. and quart.mast.

resident in Malwa and Rajpootana, placed at disto 26th N.I. ; date 12th Oct.

posal of Commander-in-chief. Lieut. H. Fowle, 44th regt. (on sick leave), struck off strength of 1st L.I. bat. from Ist Nov. Head- Quarters, Nor. 4.-Ens. J. Marshall to do

Capt. 0. Stubbs, 44th N.I., permitted to join duty with oth extra N.I. at Dinapore. Dowlut Rao Sindia's contingent horse, to which Cornets (recently arrived) appointed to do duty. he stands appointed.

G. W. Master with 4th L.C. at Muttra. R. A. Nov. 2.- Officers directed to attend Commander. Master with 3d ditto at Muttra. P. F. Story with in-chief to Upper Provinces. Maj. Gen. Sir S. Wbit. Ist ditto at Benares. tingham, quart.mast.gen., and Capt. Elliot, offi. Nov. 7.-Lieut. R. H. Miles, Ist N.l., to act as ciating assist.adj.gen., King's troops. Col. Steven, post adj. at Hussingabad, in room of Lieut. Jarson, quart.mast.gen. ; Lieut. Wm. Garden, ass:st. dine dec.; date 9th Oct, ditto; Capt. N. Penny, offig. dep. assist. quart. mast. gen.; Lieut. Col. W. L. Watson, adj. gen. ;

Assist.surg. Mackinnon to have medical charge Maj. W. S. Beatson, dep. adj. gen. ; Capt. J. J.

of 12th extra N.I. ; date 24th Oct. Hamilton, extra assist. adj. gen. ; Lieut. Col. Cun

Lieut. Glen to act as adj. to temporary pioneer liffe, com.gen.; and Lieut. Col. Bryant, judge adv.

instead of Mugh pioneers. gen., of the army. Brev. Lieut. Col. the Hon. J. Lieut. Mundy, extra aide-de-camp to CommanFinch, military secretary: Capt. T. Macan, Per- der-in-chief, appointed aide-de-camp on his Exsian interp. Capt. F. H. Dawkins, Brev. Maj. cellency's personal staff, v. Major Kelly appointed Kelly, and Capt. Archer, aides de camp. Capt. G. to general staff. C. Mundy, and Capt. W. Agnew, extra aides-de- Lieut. Col. Roope to command Ist brigade southcamp: Assist.surg. H. Smith, surg. to commander

eastern div. ; date 14th Oct. in-chief.

Lieut. McVitie, 49th regt., to act as adj. to Mugh Nov. 2.- Maj.Kelly, aide-de-camp to Right Hon. levy, south-eastern div., v. McDonald resigned ; Commander-in-chief, to be assist. adj. gen. of ca- date 19th Oct. valry division assembling on Muttra frontier.

Lieut. R. Hill, 2d extra regt., directed to join Lieut. E. Kelly, 59th N.I., to do duty with 33d

his proper corps at Cawnpore. N.I. at Muttra.

The commandant of artillery directed to assume 4th L.C. Lieut. G. C. S. Master to be adj., v. cominand of artillery with force now assembling Cornish app. to general staff.

for service beyond the Jumna. 26th N.I. Lieut. R. B. Lynch to be adj., v.

Capt. Tennant, assist. adj. gen. of artil., directed Robe transf. to 27th N.I.

to accompany commandant to Agra. 530 N.I. Lieut. C. H. Wintour to be adj., v.

Capt. Delafosse, of artil., to officiate as major Heysham dec.

assist. adj. gen. 31st N.I., to be adj., v. Irvine rem. to Kumaoon

Nov. 8.-Officer's directed to join their Corps. loc. bat.

Capt. Benson, 11th N.I. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. Hill Rangers. Lieut. W. G. J. Robe, 58th N.I., Durie, 15th. Lieut. Cary, 15th. Lieut. Fisher, to be adj.

23d. Lieut. Irvine, 33d. Ens. Campbell, 33d. Nov. 3.-Brig. Burnet to command troops on Lieut. Griffiths, 37th. Lieut. Stephen, 41st. Sirhind frontier during absence of Brig. Gen. Lieut. Turner, 58th. Capt. Dickson, 60th. Lieut. Adams.

Morshed, 60th. Lieut. Hoggan, 63d. Lieut, Assist.surg, W. Grime directed to place himself

Townsend, 31st. Lieut. Hunter, 58th. Capt. under orders of superintend.surg. at Dinapore.

Chapman, 36th. Maj. Gage, 36th. Capt. Haw. Fort William, Nov. 11.--Stud Department. Maj.

thorne, 15th. Maj. G. Hunter, 41st. G. Hunter, 41st N.I., to be acting superintend: in

Engineer Officers directed to repair to Agra. Capt. Lower Provinces, and Mr. A. D. L'Etang, 1st assist.,

Smith, garrison engineer, Delhi; Capt. Colvin, v. Gibb dec. Capt. J. Mankenzie, 3d .C., to be

ditto, Hansi; Capt. Davidson; Lieut. Irvin, gar2d assist., v. De L'Etang. Lieut. C. Manning,

rison engineer, Allahabad; Lieut. Swetenham, 30th N.I., to be a sub-assist. in suc. to Makenzie.

assist. to Capt. Colvin; Lieut. Smith, assist. to Assist.surg. G. Craigie to perform medical duties

Col. Anburey; Lieut. De Bude, Hurdwar; and of civil station of Hooghly, v. Shutter.

Lieut. Tindal, garrison engineer, Almora. Mr. W. Greenwell adinitted as an assist.surg,

Removals and Postings in Artillery Regl. Maj.

W. Battine from 5th to 4th bat., v. McDowell Ens. C. R. Grillith, attached to 6th extra N.I.,

from latter to former. Capt. T. Timbrell from permitted to resign service of hon. Company.

Ist coinp. 5th bat. to 4th comp. 4th bat., v. Oli.


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