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is pointing with his hand, and on which thou art stamping, is the very place redolent of Heaven's breezes ; and there is not a spot all around itnot a spot within its precincts a hand's-breadth square --wherein some commissioned prophet, some near angel, hath not prayed. Now, from the mother of Abdallah, daughter of Khaled, from her mother, the moment is surely fixed, when the Kaaba shall be led as a bride to the Sakhrá, and shall hang upon her all her pilgrimage-merits, and become her turban. Also, it is said that the Sakhrá is the middle of the Mosque : it is cut off from every touching substance, on all sides. No one supports it but he who supports and holds up the sky; so that nothing falls thence but by his good permission : also upon the upper part of the west side stood the prophet (the blessing and peace of God be with him !) on the night when he rode Al Burák. This side began to shake about, from veneration of him; and upon the other side are the marks of the angel's fingers, who held it up when it shook : beneath it is a deep hole cut out on each side, over which is the gate opened to men for prayer and devotion. I resolved (says a certain author) one day to enter it, in great fear, lest it should fall upon me, on account of the sins I had contracted : then, however, I looked, and saw its darkness, and some holy pilgrims entering it, at the darkest part, who came forth therefrom quite free from sin. Then I began to reflect upon entering. Then I said, Perhaps they entered very slowly and leisurely, and I was too much in a hurry; a little delay may facilitate the matter : so I made up my mind to enter, and, entering, I saw the Wonder of Wonders, the Rock supported in its position, or course, on every side ; for I saw it separated from the earth, so that no point of the earth touched it. Some of the sides were separated by a wider interval than others ; also, the mark of the glorious Foot is at present in a stone divided from the Rock, right over against it, on the other side, west of the Kiblah : it is upon a pillar. Also, the Rock is now almost abutting upon the side of the Crypt; only divided from it by that space which allows room for the gate of the Crypt, on the side of the Kiblah. This gate, also, is disjoined from the base of the Kiblah : it is between the two : below the gate of the Crypt is a stone staircase, whereby one may descend into the Crypt. In the midst of this Crypt is a dark brown leather carpet, upon which pilgrims stand when they visit the foundation of the Rock: it is upon the eastern side. There are also columns of marble abutting on the lower side upon the path of the rows of trees upon the side of the Kiblab, and on the other side forming buttresses to the extremity of the Rock: these are to hinder it from shaking on the side of the Kiblah. There are buildings besides these. There is a building in the Chapel of the Rock. Beneath the Chapel, the spot marked by the angels fingers is in the Rock, on the western side, divided from the print of the glorious Foot above-mentioned, very near to it, over against the western gate, at the end.


Upon the surpassing efficacy of prayer in Baitu-l-Mukaddas,

and how it becomes double. Also upon the New Moon of Reduplication, when by prayer, the Sacred Precept, and the merits of Works of Supererogation may be diffused to the public. Also the New Moon of Reduplication, when blessings and cursings may be communicated. Also the marvellous effect of pious donations, and fastings, and listening to preaching therein. Also the New Moons of the Sacred Pilgrimage, and the Sacred Visitation. Also the marvellous efficacy of supplying Oil for the Lamps; and how by this the rank and merit of Pilgrimage may be made to exist for those who are unable to undertake the journey.

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First, from Kaab-Al-Ahbár, who says as fol-
lows :—The Temple complained unto its Lord of its
demolition. Then God revealed unto it the words
following :- The prayer-intercepting veil shall not
long be upon thee. Soon shall men sew again thy
beautiful torn garment to its strings, and brood over
thee with tender affection, as the turtle-dove broods
over her eggs. Upon this, a man said unto Kaab-
O Kaab! reverence God! Has the Holy House a
tongue? Then Kaab said, Certainly; and a heart

too, like


of yours. Also, the Baitu-l-Mukaddas complained to its Lord. (Then a man of the people of Syria said, Why, Kaab! has the house a tongue ? Certainly, said Kaab, and ears too.) Then said God unto it, Long shall they use thy clefts for prayer: they shall reserve thy torn beautiful veil to its strings; they shall brood over thee as a turtle-dove over her eggs. Also, from Aní-IbnMálik; who says, The apostle of God said, Whoever shall purposely visit the Temple, God shall grant him the reward of one thousand martyrs. Also, whosoever shall honourably visit a learned man, shall be considered as visiting this Temple: and whosoever deliberately (lit. counting the cost) visit this Temple, God shall keep his flesh and body safe from hell. Again, we are told, that if any company set out, desiring to reach the Holy House, ten thousand angels shall bear them company, entreating God's pardon for them, and praying for them. These angels shall act as their agents and managers; and when they arrive at the Holy House, seventy angels shall every day offer prayer

for them. Also, whosoever shall enter the Holy House, being pure, and crying out, Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! God shall meet him with one hundred mercies, beyond the mercies which by an oath he has sworn to grant in abundance to all creatures. Again, the prophet said, There are three

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