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Father, from whom all life descends,

By whom all forms and beings are;
To thee my soul in prayer ascends-

For wealth of thought my mind prepare.
Thine is the Life, and thine the Word,

Perfection dwells with thee alone:
Inspire each thought, thou sovereign Lord,

And make that perfect thou'st begun.

In vain we toil and urge the mind,

Or seek divinity to scan;
In every effort, Lord, we find

The inefficiency of in man.
Then move this heart, and guide this pen,

Nor let a human thought prevail-
Truths, unperceived by finite ken,

Can only in this cause avail.

"NATURE'S Divine Revelations, by A. J. Davis,” cursorily reviewed in the foregoing chapter maintains the “Harmonial Theory," and may properly be denominated the “Text Book” of Infidelity, since it contains the principles of that system which has ever opposed Christianity. In this work the "Seer” attempts to impart universal knowledge, and to inform the world upon every question of import. To this end he bequeaths to the race his labored theory of the First Cause, and his elaborate scheme of "pro. gression.” These he proffers as the Wisdom of Nature, her “Divine Revelations;" and for purity of style harmonic perfection, light of Truth, historic accuracy, perspicuity and sublimity of narration, scientific sense, metaphysical correct. ness, spirit of life, and divine conception, as more perfect and rational, by far, than the Inspired Word.

The spirit of this Work is antagonistic to that of the Scriptures. It therefore repudiates them, denies their divine authenticity, and the existence of the Supreme Being. It affects to overwhelm the Bible, with a tide of rhapsodical reasoning, and to bear it with precursory waves into the desolate regions of oblivion. Fancying by these means to have overcome the principles of the Christian religion, the main impediment to its progress, and deeming therefore the foundation of human ignorance and oppression removed, Sampson-like it. feels for the pillars of the Church; and grasping a phantom, exerts its energies, awaits the impending crash, and thence the dawn of earth's long sought day of peace, the glory of material divinity. The entire metaphysics of this work depend upon two fundamental principles, that is,

1. The pre-existence of an original and illimitable ocean of LIQUID FIRE, composed of a coexistent and co-eternal mass of primitive matter pervaded by co-efficient and co-eternal Motion, and capable of developing Infinite, Eternal and Omnipotent power: otherwise, an unbounded univercælum, or vortex of Electro-Mentalized essence pervading an Abyss of Flaming Substance possessing all the qualities and attributes of God and Nature; and which was subsequently selfwrought into form and being and disseminated throughout space, and,

2. It is dependent upon the reliability and capability of Animal Magnetism, its means of revelation, and thence the fitness of the magnetizee for its cosmical and metaphysical revealments. Its doctrines are multifarious, laboring to embrace the cause, principles and means of the development of universal nature. All of which, agreeable to the “Revelations” were not only begottenby virtue of their own inherent laws and properties—those of the original Univerccelum; but had absolute "pre-existence," moreover were the constituents of the first ocean of liquid fire, the vortex of pure intelligence.

These two conflicting statements, the preexistence” and also the "begetting" of the principles of nature, are abundantly sustained in the WORK; but a brief extract upon each will be sufficient for our present purpose. To elucidate the first position, see N. D. R. p. 122—“This Great Power of Intelligence--this Great Germ of all Existence—was One World ! - corresponding to a globe visible ; for it was but Onecontaining the materials and power to produce all others. So the whole of these were joined into one vast vortex of Pure Intelligence. “ Thus,'" continues the Seer, “matter and motion are coeternal principles, established by virtue of their own nature, and they were the germ, containing all properties, all essences, all principles, to produce all other forms and spheres that are now known to be existing.” “This great original mass was a substance, containing within itself the embryo of its own perfection.” But the “ Seer, in a second statement, informs us that “It” (the original mass, or univercoelum,) "became impregnated by virtue of its own laws, and controlled, guided, and perfected by virtue of its own Omnipotent Power.” "It contained the power of progression, but had not progressed."

These statements reveal the univercælung although composed of, yet engendering germinal principles, suitable for universal distribution and metamorphosis, and equal to the necessities of space and duration. Thus Creation was begun, and this is the first degree.

In further illustration of this theory, the “Seer” remarks, N. D. R., p. 121, etc., "matter and motion constitute the original condition of all things,” and “matter and motion reigned throughout the regions of boundless infinitude. There were no other forms and no other attributes evolved from power, for they all existed undeveloped." Yet, notwithstanding the above, it is also revealed that the “Inconceivable magnitude and constitution of the univercoelum were not such as to develope force, but Omnipotent Power!” And again—"The whole was flaming with internal heat, which evolved, as an effect, the principle of light-so matter, heat, and light constituted the primitive condition of the material, eternal substance. Possessing all these essential qualities, characteristics, and compounds, it was suitable to produce all things which have been produced, and to be the cause and effect to produce interminable ultimates." 6 Matter contained all the attributes, characteristics, essential qualities, and peculiar combinations, which the whole univerccelum manifests. Its ultimate purification would necessarily produce the peculiar essences of animal life and intelligence." Also, page 154, N. D. R., "Every particle in being is constantly passing through forms, and orders, and degrees. This is the universal law of matter."

But again: "In order that this matter might

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