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The scope of the apostle, and connection of the words being consider.

ed, the division and explication essayed, and a doctrinal proposi-

tion expressed, the following topics are handled, viz.

1. Speak a little concerning the Christian conqueror in general, 288

2. Shew in what respects he is more than a conqueror,


3. Enquire into the grounds of the conquest,


4. Deduce inferences for the application,


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The words being viewed in their connection, and both a more general

division, and particular analization and explication essayed, and a
proposition expressed, the following topics of discourse are illus-

trated, viz.

1. Some remarks offered concerning Christ's coming to his peo-



2. These mountains and bills over which he comes, spoken of, 368

3. The manner of his coming opened up,


4. The strangeness, and yet the certainty of his coming, considered ;

with the
reasons why nothing shall impede it,


5. The application of the whole subject, in eight inferences, 387

The discourse before serving the first table,


The discourse at serving the tables,

• 399

The discourse at at the conclusion of the solemnity, 403


The words being divided and explained, two doctrinal observations
are raised from them. The First is, « That a truly gracious soul

may sometimes be brought under desponding fears, lest they be
“ cast out of God's sight.” From this proposition the following

plan of method is laid down for the illustration of it, viz.

1. To explain a little the term, “ I am cast out of thy sight,"

2. To offer some remarks concerning the fears the Lord's people

may have, lest they be cast away,


3. Lay down some grounds from which these fears proceed, 462

Deduce some inferences for the application,


Use 1. Of information, in four particulars,


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