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God toward me, as minister in this place, when I was unanimously called thereto, by all sorts of people therein; but also a breaking of the national vows for reformation, which both the ministers of this Presbytery, and the people of this place have formerly professed to be binding upon them: And consequently, as it includes the sin of apostacy after the knowledge of the truth, and a turning their backs upon the good ways of the Lord.

Likewise, I testify against it, as it is an open laying of a foundation for a perpetual schism and separation here, from the true Presbyterian Reformation Cause, which this congregation has been professing with me these thirty-two years. As it is for adhering to that cause, I am excluded from the former legal advantages I enjoyed; so the judicatories, for deserting that cause, are chargeable with the schism and separation that is now like to be perpetuate here, and for which reason all that join with and cleave to the said established judicatories, in their present corrupt way, are guilty of concurring with, and involved in that schism.

Again, in so far as this obtruding work in view, is an opening of a way for other sinful settlements in this congregation, wherein no other vacancy can be filled up, but such as will be collegiate partakers with the intruded and intruding fraternity: and consequently such as either will have no other conscience of the corruptions of the times, and the danger of running without being called and sent, or else must be reckoned to be brought in over the belly of all the light and conscience that God has given them; which is a very heaven daring provocation, and may justly bring wrath to the uttermost upon this place, and make God pursue a heavy quarrel with the inhabitants thereof, and with their posterity after them, who shall be involved in, and accessory to the wickedness and guilt of these settlements so opposite to the order and appointment of the God of heaven.

In so far also, as it is an opening of a wide door in this place, for planting and perpetuating a lax and erroneous ministry, a carnal, loose and latitudinarian ministry, to the perverting of the gospel of Christ, and the ruining

of immortal souls, that cannot well distinguish between sound or unsound, legal or gospel doctrine: while the most part of people are subject to be easily seduced by corrupt teachers, and are matter fit for them to be cast into any form: if they satisfy them with a few plausi ble sermons, they are malleable and fit to be hammered into any shape, Jer. v. 31. "The prophets prophesy falsely, and the people love to have it so," Amos iv. 5. This liketh you, O house of Israel," or, as it is in the margin, so you love. It will be no wonder, if dismal effects of this sort take place, before half the years pass over, that have elapsed since I was called to be minister here.


On all these accounts, and for all the reasons contained in the two Warnings I read before you not long ago, and that are published, which I hereby advise you to look over again and consider, and likewise for all the reasons contained in the Act and Testimony of Declinature emitted by the Associate Presbytery, against former and present defections of the established churcli, in so far as this intended obtrusion contradicts that Testimony, and homologates these defections, 1 give this open testimony against it, and however it may be despised by some, and derided by others, yet for my own exoneration, and for your warning, and especially that God may be glorified, whatever be the effect, I leave this testimsny, to be marked down by all that hear me in the register of your consciences, as one of the books to be opened in the great day of accounts, when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel.


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