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Then from the table hee gaue a start,

where banquett & wine were nothing scarce ; all which hee blew away with a ffartt,

from wence itt was called the Devills arse.

[blocks in formation]

And there he made such a breach with the winde,

the hole yett 3 standing open the while, the sente of the vay[pour4] hee left 5 behind

hath since infected most part of the Ile.

[blocks in formation]


is the Tobacco which Punks smoke;

And this was tobbacco, the learned suppose,

which both 7 in countrye, court and towne, in the devills glister pipe smokes att the nose

of punke & Madam, gallant 10 & clowne;


from which may God keep King James !


ffrom which wicked perfume, swines flesh, 11 and linge, 12

or any thing else he 14 doth 15 not loue, preserue & send our gracious king 16

such meate as he loues, I beseeche god aboue ! 13



1 flirted.-W. slirted.-Folio ed. 2 W.omits these last three stanzas.-F. 3 too.- Folio. * Scent of the Vapour which he left.-P.

5 That the sent of the vapour, before and.-Folio.

6 fouly perfumed.-Folio.
? since.-Folio.
8 in Court and in towne.-P.
9 Pollcat.–Folio.
10 of Gallant.--Folio.

Cp. the 2nd Gipsy's speech, p. 51 of Masques, in the Folio edition of 1640 : Where the Cacklers, but no Grunters, Shall uncas'd be for the Hunters. On which Gifford, vii. 372, says: compliment to the King, who hated pork in all its varieties.”-F.

12 Lota molva (Cuvier) or Gadus molva (Linnæus). The ling, Asellus longus :

Way. Leenge, fysche, Lucius marinus : Promptorium. Norse laanga, Dan. lange, Du. linge, lenge, a kind of codfish: Wedgwood.-F. 18-13 Or any thing else thats feast for the

Fiend : Our Captaine, and wee, cry God save

the King, And send him good meate, and mirth

without end.-P. 72 of Masques,

Folio ed. 1640. 14 It should seem to mean James I. whose aversion to Tobacco is well known, as also to Pork-being a Scotchman.-P.

15 which he doth.-P.

16 James I.'s Counterblast to Tobacco was first printed in folio, as the King's work, in 1616. Harris says there was an earlier edition in quarto, without name or date.-F.



a side

The Mode of ffrance.

[Page 193 of MS.]



heare the Mode of france
to stopp the mouthe of those that done you' ?
neatly Leade them in a dance,

because wee are behind in mony.

I'll tell you the French way to put off duns :


[blocks in formation]

? Let this everlasting Dun.-P.

3 Boots were formerly worn at Balls as Pumps now.-P.

4 currante.-P. current coin.-F.

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Be not afrapd.

[Page 194 of MS.]

fairest! deny me not;

“BEE not affrayd thon fayrest, thou rarest

that euer was made! deny me not a kisse;
then thou shalt see the Measure of pleasure
that I will haue from thee. what hurts there in

this ?
Then lets imbrace, & lett pleasure be free,
the world shall neere take notice how delightfull

[we be.]

[blocks in formation]


“I see that spyes, both peeping & creeping,

in eche corner lyes to hinder all our Ioyes ; but Cupidd shall see, & find them, & blind them

thatt hindrance wilbe to the getting of Boyés. Then lets, &c :/

Cupid will blind all spies.


You were made for me alone.

12 “Venus, Iupiter, faire nature, Dame creature,

Made thee for delight, but yett for none but I;
Then lets imbrace, & riffle & trifle,
leaue a Iewell in the place, but keeptt till you

Then Lets, &c.”

Let us embrace!


Man, you will enter me.

“Nay pish! nay fye! youle venter to enter!

a trespas soe high, youle wist were 4 vndone;

should any spie, theyle wonder, looke yonder ; 20 but youle not fly the place you haue begunn.

Then Lets, &c.

What will spies say?

1 Added by Percy.--F.
2 Dame Nature, faire creature.-P.

3 dye.-P.
4 wish 'twere.-F.

If you tell any one, I'm undone.


“Now you haue enioyed the Measure of pleasure,

indeed I['m] destroyed if you speake of it againe ; for women doe proue neclected, reiected,

when freedome of love is known to other men. Now you haue enioyed me, & all things be free, in faith youle vndoe me if a teltale you bee.

[blocks in formation]

“ Then heeres my hart ! Ile euer endeuer

that wee will never part till death assignes the

time. were itt not you, beleeue me it wold greeue m[e]

to doo what I doo; that loue shold be a crime; but it is a fault of soe sweet a degree, that sure I am perswaded, court nor country be fr[ee.]”

ffins :

[blocks in formation]
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