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we should devote our felves again to set places, and assemblies, and outward callings of men ; planting our faith one while in the old Convocation-house, and another while in the Chappell at Westminster; when all the faith and religion that shall be there canoniz'd, is not sufficient without plain convincement, and the charity of patient instruction to supple the least bruise of conscience, to edifie the meanest Christian, who desires to walk in the Spirit, and not in the letter of human trust, for all the number of voices that can be there made; no though Harry the there, with all his leige tombs about him, should lend them voices from the dead, to swell their number. And if


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the men be erroneous who the leading schismaticks, what witholds us but our sloth, our self-will, and distrust in the right cause, that we doe not give them gentle meetings and gentle dismissions, that we debate not and examin the matter throughly with libesall and frequent audience; if not for their fakes, yet for our own ? seeing no man who hath tasted learning, but will confefse the many waies of profiting by those who not contented with stale receits are able to manage, and set forth new positions to the world. And were they but as the dust and cinders of our feet, so long as in that notion they may yet serve to polish and brighten the armoury of Truth, ev'n for that respect

they were not utterly to be cast away. But if they be of those whom God hath fitted for the fpeciall use of these times with eminent and ample gifts, and those perhaps neither among the priests, nor among the Pharisees, and we in the haft of a precipitant zeal shall make no diftinction, but resolve to stop their mouths, because we fear they come with new and dangerous opinions, as we commonly forejudge them ere we understand them, no leffe than woe to us, while thinking thus to defend the Gofpel, we are found the persecutors.

There have bin not a few fince the be.. ginning of this Parlament, both of the Presbytery and others who by their unlicen't, books to the contempt of an


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Imprimatur first broke that triple ice clung about our hearts, and taught the people to see day : I hope that none of those were the perswaders to renew upon us this bondage which they themselves have wrought so much good by contemning. But if neither the check that Moses gave to young Joshua, nor the countermand which our Saviour gave to young John, who was so ready to prohibit those whom he thought unlicenc't, be not anough to admonish our Elders how unacceptable to God their testy mood of prohibiting is, if neither their own remembrance what evill hath abounded in the Church by this lett of licencing, and what good they themJelves have begun by transgressing it, be


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not anough, but that they will perswade, and execute the most Dominican part of the Inquisition over us, and are already with one foot in the stirrup so active at suppressing, it would be no unequall distribution in the first place to suppresse the suppressors themselves;, whom the change of their condition hath puft up, more then their late experience of harder times hath made wise.

And as for regulating the Presse, let no man think to have the honour of advising ye better then your felves have done in that Order publisht next before this, that no book be Printed, unleffe the Printers and the Authors name, or at least the Printers be register'd. Those

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