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confideration of the nature of it, and of the ends for which Christ instituted it, the privileges and benefits conferred and sealed thereby, and our solemn vow made therein q; by being humbled for our sinful defilement, our falling short of, and walking contrary to, the grace of baptisin and our. engagementsr; by growing up to assurance of pardon of fin, and of all other blessings sealed to us in that facraments: by drawing strength from the death and resurrection of Christ, into whom we are baptized, for the mortifying of fin, and quick

ening ye are circumcised with the circum- thren, by them who are of the house cifion made without hands, in put. of Chloe, that there are contentions ting off the body of the fins of the among you. v. 12. Now this I say, flesh, by the circumcision of Christ: that every one of you faith, I am of V.12. Buried with him in baptifm, Paul, and I of Apollos, and I of Cewherein also ye are risen with him phas, and I of Christ, v.

13. Is Christ through the faith of the operation divided? was Paulcrucified for you? of God, who hath raised him from or were ye baptized in the name of the dead. Rom. vi. 4. Therefore we · Paul? Rom. vi. 2. God forbid : how are buried with him by baptism into thall we that are dead to fin, live adeath, that like as Christ was raised ny longer therein? v. 3. Know ye up from the dead by the glory of his not, that so many of us as were bapFather, even so we also thould walk tized into Jesus Christ, were baptiin newness of life. v. 6. Knowing zed into his death? this, that our old man is crucified s Rom. iv. 11. And he received with him, that the body of fin might the sign of circumcision, a fcal of be destroyed, that henceforth we the righteousness of the faith which should not serve sin. v. 11. Likewise he had yet being uncircumcised: reckon ye also yourselves to be dead . that he might be the father of all indeed unto im, but alive unto God them that believe, though they be through Jesus Christ our Lord. not circumcised; that righteousness

q Rom. vi. 3. Know ye not, that might be imputed unto them also: So many of us as were baptized into v. 12. And the father of circumciJesus Christ, were baptized into his fion to them who are not of the cir, death? v. 4. Therefore we are bu- cumcision only, but also walk in the ried with him by baptism into death: hteps of that faith of our father A. that like as Christ was raised up from braham, which he had being yet the dead by the glory of his Father, uncircumcised. Pet, iii, 21.

The even fo we also should walk in new like figure whereunto, even bapness of life. v. 5. For if we have been tisin loth also now save us (not the planted together in the likeness of putting iway of the filth of the ficth, his death: we shall be alío in the but the a swer of a good conscience likeness of his resurrection. towards God) by the resurrection of

ri Cor. i. 11. For it hath been Jesus Christ. declared unto me of you, my bre

: Rom.

ening of gracet; and by endeavouring to live by faith v, to have our conversation in holiness and righteousnessw, as those that have therein given up their names to Christ x, and to walk in brotherly love, as being baptized by the fame Spi. rit into one body ý.

Q. 168. What is the Lord's supper?

A. The Lord's fupper is a factament of the New Testament z, wherein, by giving and receiving bread and wine according to ihe appointment of Jesus Christ, his death is sher: ed forth; and they that worthily communicate, feed upon his body and blood, to their spiritual nourishment and growth in grace a; have their union and communion with him confirm


ing life.

* Rom. vi. 3, 4, 5. (See above are the body of Christ, and memin q.)

bers in particular. v Gal. iii. 26. For ye are all the 168. z Luke xxii. 20. Likewise children of God by faith in Christ also the cup after supper, saying, Jesus. v. 27. For as many of you This

сир is the new testament in as have been baptized into Christ, my blood, which is shed for you. have put on Christ.

a Mat. xxvi. 26. And as they were w Rom. vi. 22. But now being eating, Jesus took bread, and blefmade free from sin, and become, and brake it, and gave it to fervants to God, ye have your fruit the disciples, and said, Take, eat; unto holiness, and the end everlast- this is my body. v. 27. And he took

the cup, and gave thanks, and gave * Acts ii. 33. Then Peter said un it to them, saying, Drink ye all of to them, Repent, and be baptized it: v. 28. For this is my blood of every one of you in the name of Je the new testament which is shed for sus Christ, for the remillion of fins, many for the remission offins. I Cor. and

ye Thall receive the gift of the xi. 23. For I have received of the Holy Ghost.

Lord, that which also I delivered y i Cor. xii. 13. For by one Spi- unto you, That the Lord Jesus, rit are we all baptized into one bo the same night in which he was bedy, whether we be Jews or Gen trayed, took bread: v. 24. And tiles, whether we be bond or free; when he had given thanks, he brake and have been all made to drink in- it, and said, Take, eat; this is my to one Spirit. v. 25. That there body, which is broken for you: this should be no schism in the body; do in remembrance of me. v. 25. but that the members should have After the same manner also he took the same care one of another. v. 26. the cup, when he had fupped, fayAnd whether one member suffer, all ing, This cup is the new testament the members suffer with it: or one in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye member be honoured, all the mem drink it, in remembrance of me. v. bers rejoice with it. v. 27. Now ye 26. For as often as ye eat this bread,


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edb; testify and renew their thankfulnessc and engagement to Godd, and their mutual love and fellowship each with other, as members of the fame mystical body é.

Q. 169. How hath Christ appointed bread and wine to be given and received in the sacrament of the Lord's supper?

A. Christ hath appointed the ministers of his word, in the administration of this sacrament of the Lord's supper, to set apart the bread and wine from common use by the word of institution, thanksgiving and prayer; to take and break the bread, and to give both the bread and the wine to the communicants: who are by the same appointment to take and eat the bread, and to drink the wine; in thankful remembrance that the body of Christ was broken and given, and his blood fhed for them f.

Q. 170. How do they that worthily communicate in the Lord's supper feed upon the body and blood of Christ therein?

A. As the body and blood of Christ are not corporally or carnally present in, with, or under the bread and wine in the

Lord's and drink this cup, ye do shew the é i Cor. x. 17. For we being ma-* Lords death till he come.

ny are one bread, and one body: b i Cor. x. 16. Tlie cup of blef- for we are all partakers of that ona fing which we bless, is it not the bread. communion of the blood of Christ? 169. f i Cor. xi. 23, 24. (See bethe bread which we break, is it not fore under a.) Mat. xxvi. 26, 27, the communion of the body of 28. (See before at a.) Mark xiv. 22. Christ?

And as they did eat, Jesus took ci Cor. xi. 24. (See above in a.) bread, and blessed, and brake it,

d 1 Cor. x. 14. Wherefore, my and gave to them, and said, Take, dearly beloved, flee from idolatry, eat: this is my body. v. 23. And 0.15. I fpeak as to wife men; judge he took the cup, and when he had ye what I say. v. 16. The cup of given thanks, he gave it to them: blessing which we bless, is it not the and they all drank of it. v. 24. And communion of the blood of Christ? he said unto them, This is my blood the bread which we break, is it not of the new testament, which is thed the communion of the body of for many. Luke xxii. 19. And he Chriit? v. 21. Ye cannot drink the took bread, and gave thanks, and cup of the Lord, and the cup of de- brake it, and gave unto them, fayvils : ye cannot be pártakers of the ing, This is my body which is given Lord's table, and of the table of de. for you: this do in remembrance of vils.

me, v. 20. Likewise also the cup Z


Lord's supperg; and yet are spiritually present to the faith of the receiver, no less truly and really than the elements themselves are to their outward senses h: so they that worthily communicate in the facrament of the Lord's supper, do therein feed upon the body and blood of Christ, not after a corporal or carnal, but in a spiritual manner; yet truly and reallyi, while by faith they receive and apply unto themselves Christ crucified, and all the benefits of his death k.

Q. 17 1. How are they that receive the facrament of the Lord's supper to prepare themselves before they come unto it?

A. They that receive the facrament of the Lord's supper are, before they come, to prepare themselves thereunto, by examining themfelves l of their being in Christ m, of their

fins after supper, saying, This cup is till he come. v. 27. Wherefore, the new teitament in my blood, whosoever shall eat this bread, and which is shed for you.

drink this cup of the Lord unwor170. g Aets iii. 21. Whom the thily, shall be guilty of the body heaven muit receive, until the tiines and blood of the Lord. v. 28. But of restitution of all things, which let a man examine hinfelf, and fo God hath spoken by the mouth of let him eat of that bread, and drink all his holy prophets, since the of that cup. v. 29. For he that eatworld began.

eth and drinketh unworthily, eat} Mat. xxvi. 26. And as they eth and drinketh damnation to himwere eating, Jesus took bread, and felf, not discerning the Lords boblessed it, and brake it, and gave it dy. to the disciples, and said, Take, cat; k 1 Cor. x. 16. The cup of blerthis is my body. V. 28. For this is fing which we bless, is it not the my blood of the new testament communion of the blood of Chrift? which is shed for many for the re the bread which we break, is it not mission of sins,

the communion of the body of į 1 Cor. xi.


And when he had Christ? given thanks, he brake it, and said, 171. 1 1 Cor. xi. 28. But let a Take, eat; this is my body, which man examine himself, and fo let him is broken for you: this do in remem cat of that bread, and drink of thac brance of me. v.25. After the fame cup. manner also he took the cup, when m 2 Cor. xiii. 5. Examine your he had fupped, saying, This cup is felves, whether you be in the faith; the new testament in my blood: prove your own selves; know ye not this do ye, as often as ye drink it, in your own felves, how that Jesus temembrance of me. 'v. 26. For as Christ is in you except ye be reprooften as ye eat this bread, and drink bates ? this cup, ye do shew the Lords death

* i Cor

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fins and wants n; of the truth and measure of their knowSledge o, faith p, repentance g, love to God and the bre

ihrenr, charity to all mens, forgiving those that have done them wrongt, of their desires after Chrift v, aud of their new obedience w; and by renewing the exercise of these

graces, * 1 Cor. v. 7. Purge out there- bread. Aếts ii. 46. And they confore the old leaven, that ye may be tinuing daily with one accord in a new lump as ye are unleavened. the temple, and breaking bread For even Christ our passover is fa- from house to house, did eat their érificed for us. Compared with meat with gladness and singleness Exod. xii. 15. Seven days fhall ye of heart, v. 47. praising God; and eat unleavened bread, even the first having favour with all the people: day ye shall put away leaven out of and the Lord added to the churchi your houses: for whosoever eateth daily such as should be saved. leavened bread, from the first day si Cor: v. 8. Therefore let us until the seventh day, that soul fhall keep the fealt, not with old leaven, be cut off from Israel,

ñéither with the leaven of malice ,01 Cor. xi. 29. For he that éaté and wickedness; but with the uneth and drinketh unworthily, eat leavened bread of fincerity and eth and drinketh damnation to him truth. i Cor. xi. 18. For first of self, not discernirg the Lords body. . all, when ye come together in the

pi Cor. xiii. 5. (See above in m.) church, I hear that there be divisiMat. xxvi. 28. For this is my blood ons among you'; and I partly beof the new testament, which is shed lieve it. v. 20. When ye come tofor many for the remission of fins. gether therefore into one place, this

9 Zech. xï. 10. And I will pour is not to eat the Lords supper. upon the house of David, and upon 1 Mat. v. 23. Therefore, if thou the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the bring thy gift to the altar, and there fpirit of grace and of fupplications, remembrelt that thy brother hath and they shall look upon me whom ought against thee; v. 24. Leave they have pierced, and they shall there thy gift before the ultar, and mourn for him, as one mourneth go thy way, first, be reconciled to for his only son, and shall be in bit. thy brother, and then come and ofterness for him, as one that is in bit- fer thy gift. terness for his first-born. i Cor. xi. v Isa. Iv. 1. Ho, every one that 31. For if we would judge ourselves, thirsteth, come ye to the waters, we should not be judged.

and he that hath no money; come si Cor. x. 16. The cap of bles- ye, buy and eat, yea, come, buy fing which we bless, is it not the wine and milk without money, and communion of the blood of Christ? without priče. John vii. 37. In the the bread which we break, is it not last day, the great day of the feast, the communion of the body of Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any Chrill? v. 17. For we being many, man thirit, let him come unto me are one bread, and one body: for and drink. we are all partakers of that one mat Cer. V. 7. Purge out there

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