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III. The Object, 70758 7979
16 The Lord Jehovab, as Fehovah, Exod. iii. 14.
2. Thy God, which denotes,

1. Our loving each Person, John v. 23.
2. As our God.

IV. The Intenfeness of the Act upon that Obje&, With all thy Heart, and with all thy Soul, and with all thy Might : Which implies, 1. That we love him with the higheft De

gree of Love we can possibly raise up our

Souls to. 2. Consequently, That we love him above

all Things else, Matt. x. 37. Luke xiv. 26. V. Here is the Neceflity of acting thus upon this Object, Thou shalt. There is a Twofold Necessity of it.

1. Of the Precept, Matt. xxii. 37.
2. The Means to Heaven.

What Reasons are there why we should love God above all ? 1. Because he is better than all other Things;

for he is, Luke xviii. 19.
1. A pure and simple Good.
2. An infinite Good, Psal. cxlvii

. 5.
3. A satisfactory Good, Psal. xvi. 11. Pfal.

xvii. 15.

4. An universal Good.
S: An unchangeable Good, Jac. i. 17.
6. An eternal Good, Psal. xc. 2.
7. The only necessary Good.
2. Because all other Goodness comes from


USE. I. Of Reproof, Job. v. 42. for most Men do not love God thus. If they did,

1. They would think more of him.
2. Long more for him, Phil. iii. 7, 8.
3. Endeavour more to please him.

Take more Pleasure in him.
5. Labour more to enjoy him than other

Things. Repent of this Sin.

Consider, 1. Unless you love God above all Things, you are not worthy to be Christ's Disciples, Luk, xiv, 26.

2. This is the Cause of other Sins. 3:

If we die in this Sin, we are undone, 1 Cor. xvi. 22.

i. The Ground of your Love to God.

1. God's Goodnessin himself, Psal. cxix. 68.
2. His Goodness to us, Psal. cxlv. 9.
2. The Degrees.
3. The Effects.
5. An endeavour to Obey, Joh. xiv. 15.

1 Fob. ü. s.
2. Honour him.
3. Love others, i Job. iv. 20.
4. Its Constancy.


1. The Excellency of the Grace.
1. It is the first and great Command,

Matt. xxii. 38.
2. It sweetens all Duties, 1 Joh. v. 3.
It is the Work of Heaver.

2. The Reasonableness of the Duty.

1. How loving God is to us.
1. He made us.
2. He upholds us, Acts ii. 28.
3. He directs us.
4. He protects us.
s. He purchased us.
6. He sanctifies us.
7. And all because he loves us, Deut. vii.

7, 8.
2. How lovely he is in himself.

1. In Wisdom.
2. Justice.

3. Mercy.
3. The Happiness of those that perform it.
1. All Things work for their good, Rom.

viii. 28. 2. They have an infallible Evidence of

their Title to Heaven. 3. They shall enjoy and live with God to

Eternity, 1 Cor. ii. 9.

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Deut. vi. 13. Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God,

and serve him.

IT is our Duty to serve GOD.

I. What is it to serve GOD?
1. To Dedicate our selves wholly to Him.
1. Our Souls, 1 Cor. vi. 20.


2. Our Bodies, 1 Cor. vi. 20.
3. Estates, Prov. iii. 9.

4 Gifts.

5. Authority 6. Time, Eph. V. 16. 2. To make his Laws the Rule of our Lives.

Obeying the Commands, Eccl. xii. 13. Of the First and Second Table. 3. To endeavour to please him in all Things,

and glorifie him, i Thef. iv. 1. Rom. xii. 1. In all our Natural, i Cor. X. 30.


Spiritual A&ions.
II. Why serve GOD?

r. He is our Maker, Psal. xcv. 6.
2. Preserver, A&. xvii. 23.
3. Redeemer, i Cor. vi. 20.
4. Master, by Covenant, Deut. xxvi. 17.


Reproof to such as,

I. Serve the Devil.
2. Themselves.
3. The World.

4. Sin, Rom. vi. 16. and not God,Matt. vi.24. II. ÊXHORTATION. Serve GOD.

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DIRECTIONS 1. Scripturally: 2. Obedientially, i Sam. xv. 22. 3. Willingly, i Chron. xxix. 17 4. Chearfully, Rom. xii. 8. Nii 5. Faithfully, Rom. xiv. 23. 6. Understandingly,1 Cor. xiv. 15. Psal.xlvii

. 7. 7. Wholly, with all your Power, Eccl. ix, 10. 8. Constantly 9. Humbly, Luke xvii. 10: 10. Thankfully.

MOTIVE S. 1. This is the End of your Creation by God. 2. Of all God's Mercies to you. 3. What a good and glorious Mafter he is,

the King of Heaven, Jer. x. 7. 4. There is nothing thou hast but what thou

receivest from him, i Cor. iv. 7. 5. To serve God, is not only thy Duty, but

thy Privilege, Pfal. xix. 11. 6. Únless thou servest God, thou must serve

the Devil,a Servant thou wilt be, Matt. vi. 24.

Rom. vi. 16. 7. It is the work of Heaven. 8. What Wages God will give to his Servants,

Rom. vi. 23.

Glory and Happiness hereafter.

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