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Peripatetic footmen, a follower of as I came into the piazza, the fire in Ariflippus for a valet de chambre, an the Bedford-Arms kitchen blazed so . Epicurean cook, with an Hermetical chearfully and invitingly before me,

chymi (who are good only at making that I was easily persuaded by a friend · fires) for a scullion.' Thus he is, in who was with me, to end the evening every particular, a fop of letters, a com- at that house. Our good fortune led pleat claffical beau.

us into the next room to this knot of By a review I have lately made of the academical rakes. Their merriinent people in this great metropolis, as Сen- being pretty boisterous, gave us a good for, I find that the town swarms with pretext to enquire what company were Bookwits. The playhouses, park, ta- in the next room. The writer told us, verns, and coffee-houses, are thronged with a smartness which thofe fellows with them. Their manner, which has frequently contract from attending on fomething in it very characteristic, and beaux and wits,' Some gentlemen from diffrent from the town-bred coxcombs, • Oxford with some ladies, Sir. My discovers them to the flightest observer. ' matter is always very glad to see them; It is, indeed, no caly matter for one, • for while they stay in town, they never whose chief employment is to store his 'dine or sup out of his house, and eat mind with new ideas, to throw that and drink, and pay better, than any happy vacancy, that total absence of nobleman. thought and reflection, into his coun. As it grew later, they grew louder: tenance, so remarkable in our modern till at length an unhappy dispute arose fine gentlemen. The same lownging air between two of the company, concerntoo, that passes for genteel in an uni- ing the present grand content between versity coffee-house, is soon distinguished the Old and the New Interest, which from the genuine careless loll, and easy has' lately inflamed Oxford/hire. This saunter; and bring us over to the notion accident might have been attended with of Sir Wilful in The Way of the World, ugly consequences: but as the ladies • that a man mould be bound prentice are grgat enemies to quarrelling, unless 'to a maker of fops, before he ventures themsélves are the occasion, a good" to set up for himself.'

natured female of the company interYet, in spite of all these disadvantages, posed, and quelled their aninoficy. By the love of pleasure, and a few super- the mediation of this fair-one, the dira

numerary guineas, draw the student pute ended very fashionably, in a bet of : from his literary employment, and en- a dozen of claret, to be drank there by

tice him to this theatre of noise and the company then present, whenever the hurry, this grand mart of luxury; where, wager should be decided. There was as long as his purse can fupply him, he something so extraordinary in their whole may be as idle and debauched as he evening's conversation, such an odd mix. pleases. I could not help smiling at a ture of the town and university, that I dialogue between two of these gentle- am persuaded, if Sir Richard had been men, which I overheard a few nights witness to it, he could have wrought it ago at the Bedford Coffee house. Hal into a scene as lively and entertaining

Jack!' says one accosting the other, as any he has left us. • is it you? How long have you been The whole time these lettered beaux

in town?'Two hours. - How remain in London, is spent in a conci

long do you stay?'- Ten guineas. nual round of diversion. Their fphere, • If you'll come to Venable’s after the indeed, is fomewhat confined; for they

play is over, you'll find Tom Latine, generally eat, drink, and tleep, within

Bob Claffic, and two or three more, the precints of Covent Garden. I • who will be very glad to see you. remember I once faw, at a public inn on • What, you're in town upon the sober the road to Oxford, a journal of the

plan at your father's? But hearkye, town transactions of one of these sparks; • Frank, if you'll call in, I'll tell your who had recorded them on a windowa • friend Harris to prepare for you. so pane for the example and imitation of

your fervant; for I'm going to meet his fellow - Etudents. I fhall present my • the finest girl upon town in the green reader with an exact copy of this cu• boxes,'

rious journal, as nearly as I can re• I left the coffee-house pretty late; and member.


MONDAY, Rode to town in six hours for inserting it; and the learned reader law the two latt acts of Hamlei-At will have the the additional pleasure of night, with Polly Brown..

admiring it as an humorous imitation of Tuesday. Saw Harlequin Sorcerer Horace. -At night, Polly again.

WEDNESDAY, Saw Macbeth-At. ICCI, BEATIS NUNC ARABUM INVIPES night, with Sally Parker, Polly engaged.

GAZIS, &c.

LIB. I. OD: 29. THURSDAY. Saw the Suspicious so you, my friend, at laft are caughtHusband-At night, Polly again. Where could you get fo ftrange a thought,

FRIDAY. Set out at twelve o'clock In mind and body found ? for Oxford-a damn'd muzzy place.

All meaner tudies you relign,

Your whole ambition now to shine · There are no set of mortals more joy.

The beau of the beau-monde. ous than these occasional rakes, whose Say, gallant youth, what pride it is to gallop up to town once or Shall spread the triumphs of your fame twice in the year with their quarterage Through all the realms of Drury? in their pockets, and in a few days to How will you ftrike the gaping cit? squander it away in the highest scenes W!iat tavern thall record your wit? of luxury and debauchery. The tavern,

What watchmen mourn your fury? the theatre, and the bagnio, engross the What sprightly imp of Gallic breed chief part of their attention; and it is Shall have the culture of your bead, conftantly Polly again with them, till (I mean the outward part) their finances are quite exhaufted, and Form’d by his parent's early care they are obliged to return (as Bookwit To range in nicest curls his hair, has it) to imall-beer and three-half- And wield the puff with art?

No more let mortals toil in vain, I shall enlarge no further on this fub- By wife conjecture to explain ket at present, but conclude these reflec

What rolling time will bring: tions with an ode, which I have received . Thames to his source may upwards flow, from an unknown correspondent. He Or Garrick fix foot high may grow, tells me, it was lately sent from an aca

Or witches thrive at Tring : demical friend to one of these gentle. Since you each better promise break, men, who had resigned himself whoily Once fam'd for flov'nliness and Greek, to these polite enjoyments, and seemed

Now turn'd a very Paris, to have forgot his connections with the For lace and velvet quit your gown, university. All

, who peruse this elegant The STAGYRITE for Mr. Town, little piece, will, I doubt not, thank me For Drury-Lane St. Mary's.

penny commons.'




TURNING over the last voluine The oddity of this remark led me to

prefew days ago, I could not help smiling yail in any country, what whimsical at his lordship's extraordinary manner laws would be enacted, and how ridi. of commenting upon fome parts of the culous they would appear, when put in Scriptures. Among the rett he repre- execution. As if the horse, that carsents Moses, as making beasts account.

ried the highwayınan, tould be arable to the cominunity for crimes, as raigned for taking a purle, or a dog in. well as men: whence his lordihip infers, dicted for fel niously Itealing a shoulder that the Jewith legislator supposed them

of mutton. Such a country would seem cap:able of distinguishing between right to go upon the fame principles, and to and wrong, and acting as moral agents, entertain the same notions of justice, as


the puritanical old woman, that hanged

• Room for cuckolds, here comes a great her cat for killing mice on the Sabbath- company; day.

• Room for cuckolds, here comes my lord These reflections were continued af.

• mayor.' terwards in my sleep; when methought This Parrot was a very old offender; such proceedings were common in our much addicted to scurrility; and had own courts of judicature. I imagined been several times convicted of profane myself in a spacious hall like the old curfing and 'wearing. He had even the Bailey, where they were preparing to impudence to abuse the whole court by try several animals, who had been guilty calling the jury rogues and rascals; and of offences against the laws of the land. frequently interrupted my lord judge in The walls, I observed, were hung all summing up the evidence, by crying round with bulls hides, sheep skins, out-old bitch. The court, how foxes tails, and the spoils of other brute ever, was pleased to fhew mercy to him, malefactors; and over the justice- seat, upon the petition of his mistress, a strict where the King's-arms are commonly Methodist; who gave bail for his good placed, there was fixed a large stag's behaviour, and delivered him over to head, which overshadowed the magistrate Mr. Whitfield, who undertook to make with it's branching horns. I took par- a thorough convert of him. ticular notice, that the galleries were After this a Foxwas indicted for robvery much crouded with ladies which bing an Hen-rooft. Many farmers apI could not tell how to account for, till peared against him; who deposed, that I found it was expected that a Goat he was a very notorious thief, and had would that day be tried for a rape. long been the terror of ducks, geese,

The seslions soon opened; and the first turkies, and all other poultry. He had prisoner that was brought to the bar, infelted the country a long time, and was a Hog, who was prosecuted at the had often been purried, but they could suit of the Jews on an indictment for never take him before. As the evidence burglary, in breaking into their fyna- was very full against him, the jury ra. gogue. As it was apprehended that dily brought him in guilty; and the religion might he affected by this cause, judge was proceeding to condemn him, and as the profecupon appeared to be when the fly villain, watering his brush, malicious, the Hog, though the fact was flirted it in the face of the jailer, and plainly proved against him, to the great made off. Upon this a country squire, joy of all true Chriftians, was allowed who was present, hollowed out. Stole benefit of clergy.

away!' and an hue and cry was imAn indi&tment was next brought mediately sent after him. againit a Cat for killing a favourite When the uproar, which this occa. Canary bird. This offender belonged fioned, was over, a Milch Als was to an old woman, who was believed by brought to the bar, and tried for conthe neighbourhood to be a witch. The tumelioully braying, as the stood at the jury, therefore, were unaniinous in their door of a sick lady of quality. It apopinion, that she was the devil in that peared, that this lady was terribly affhape, and brought her in guilty. Upon Aicted with the vapours, and could not which the judge formally pronounced bear the least noile; had the knocker fentence upon her, which I remember always tied up, and itraw laid in the

concluded with these words: "You street. Notwithstanding which, this * muit be carried to the place of exe- audacious creature used every morning • cution, where you are to be hanged to give her foul language, which broke • by the neck nine times, till you are her rest, and Aung her into hysterics, · dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, For this repeated abuse the criminal was · dead, dead, dead; and the fidlers have sentenced to the pillory, and ordered to • mercy upon your guts!'

lose her ears. A Parrot was next tried for Scanda. An information was next laid against lum Magnatam. He was accused by a fhepherd's Dog upon the Game-Act the chief magistrate of the city, and the for poaching. He was accused of killwhole court of aldermen, for defaming ing an hare, without being properly them, as they passed along the street, on qualifiest. But the plaintiff thought it a public festival, by finging

adviseable to quash the indictment, as


the the owner of the Dog had a vote to sell It would be tedious to recount the at the next election.

particulars of several other trials. A There now came on a very important sportinian brought an action against a caufe, in which fix of the most eininent Race-Horse, for running on the wrong council learned in the law were retained side of the post, by which he lost the on each side. A Monkey, belonging plate and many considerable bets. For to a lady of the first rank and fashion, this the criminal was sentenced to be was indicted, for that he with malice burnt in the fore-hand, and to be whipt prepense did commit wilful murder on at the cart's tail. A Mare would have the body of a The council undergone the same punishment, for for the prosecutor set forth, that the un- throwing her rider in a tłag-hunt, but fortunate deceased came on a visit with escaped by pleading her belly; upon another lady; when the prisoner at the which a jury of grooms was impannelled, bar, without the least provocation, and who brought her in quick. The comcontrary to the laws of hospitality, per- pany of Dogs and Monkeys, together petrated this inhuman fact. The coun- with the Dancing Bears, who were taken cil for the prisoner, being called upon up on the Licence-Act, and indicted for to make the Monkey's defence, pleaded strollers, were transported for life. his privilege, and inlisted on his being The last trial was for high treason, tried by his peers. This plea was ad. A Lion, who had been long confined as mitted; and a jury of beaux was imine- a state-prisoner in the Tower, having diately impannelleil, who without going broken jail, had appeared in open rebel. out of court, honourably acquitted him. lion, and committed several acts of vio.

The proceedings were here interrupt- lence on his majesty's liege subjects, ed hy an Hound, who came jumping As this was a noble animal, and a prince into the hall, and running to the juttice of the blood in his own native couniry, feat, lifted up his leg against the judge's he was condemned to be beheaded. It robe. For this contemptuous beha- came into my thoughts, that this Lion's viour, he was directly ordered into cul Head might vie with that famous one, tody; when to our great surprise he cast formerly erected at Button's for the tera his skin, and became an Oftrich; and vice of the GUARDIAN: I was accordpresently after shed his feathers, and ingly going to petition for leave to put terrified us in the shaggy figure of a it up in Macklirs new coffee-house; Bear. Then he was a Lion, then an when methought the Lion, setting up a Horse, then again a Baboon; and after most horrible roar, broke his chains, and many other amazing transformations, put the whole court to flight; and I Jeaped out an Harlequin, and before awaked in the utinoft confternation, just they could take hold of him, skipped as I imagined he had got me in his away to Covent Garden theatre.







with a letter, which I have received of elections, that nothing has fallen from my cousin VILLAGE; who, as I under my notice, but debates, squabinformed them in my first paper, has bles, and drunken rencounters. The undertaken to send me an account of spirit of party prevails so universally, every thing remarkable that pases in that the very children are instructed the country,

to lisp the names of the favourite chiefs

of each faction; and I have mure DAAR COUSIN,

than once been in danger of being Have not been unmindful of the pro. knocked off my horse, as I rode peace

vince which you was pleased to allot ably on, because I did not declare me: but the whole country has been with which party I fided, though I knew nothing at all of either. Every now the husbands never speak to each petty village abounds with the inoit pro- other; and consequently Mrs. Veer goes found ftateimen: it is common to lee a quarter of a mile for her inkle and our ruftic politicians assembling after tape, rather than deal at Mr. Staunch's sermon, and fettling the good of their top; and Mrs. Staunch declares, me country across a tomb-ftone, like so would go without her tea, though the many Dictators from the plough; and has always been used to it twice a day, alınoit every cottage can boait it's pa- rather than fetch her half-quartern triot, who, like the old Roman, would from that turncoat Veer's. pot exchange his turnip for a bribe. Wherever politics are introduced, re,

knew takes

I am at present in ****, where the ligion is always drawn into the quarrel. election is juit coming on, and the whole The town I have been speaking of, is town conséquently in an uproar. They divided into two parties, who are diitinhave for several parliaments returned guilhed by the appellation of Christians two members, who recommended them- and Jews. The Jews, it seems, are felves by conitantly opposing the court: those who are in the interest of a noble. but there came down a few days ago a man who gave his vote for passing the banker from London, who has offered Jew bill, and are held in abomination himself a candidate, and is backed with by the Chriftians. The zeal of the lat. the most powerful of all interests, mo. ter is still further inflamed by the vicar,

ney. Nothing has been fince thought who every Sunday thunders out his . of but featting and revelling; and hoth anathemas, and preaches up the pious

parties strive to outdo each other in the doctrine of perfecution. In this he is frequency and expence of their enter- seconded by the clerk, who is careful to tainments. This indeed is the general enforce the arguments from the pulpit, method made use of to gain the favour by selecting itaves proper for the occaof electors, and manifeit a zcal for the fion. conftitution. I have known a candi- This truly Christian spirit is no where date depend more upon the ftrength of more inanifelt than at their public feasts. bis liquor than his arguments; and the I was at one of their dinners, wrre I merits of a treat has often reconi mended found great_variety of pig meat was a member, who has had no inerits of his provided. The table was covered from own. For it is certain, that people, one end to the other with hams, legs of however they may liffer in other points, pork, Iparibs, griskins, hallets, feet and are unanimous in promoting the grand ears, brawn, and the like. In the mid. business of eating and drinking. dle there smoked a large barbicued hog,

It is impossible to give a particular which was soon devoured to the bone, accouni of the various disorders occa. so desirous was every one to prove his fioned by the contest in this town. The Christ anity, by the quantity he could ftreets ring with the different cry of each swallow of that Anti Judaic food. Af. party; and every hour produces a bal- ter dinner there was brought in, by way lad, a set of queries, or a serious address of deflert, a dish of hogs-puddings; but to the worthy electors. I have seen the as I have a dislike to that kind of diet, mayor with half the corporation roar- (though not from any scruple of coning, hollowing, and reeling along the science) I was regarded as little better ftreets, and yet threatening to clap a than a Jew for declining to eat of them. poor fellow into the stocks for making The great support of this party is an the same noise, only becaufe he would old neighbouring knight; who, ever not vote as they do. It is no wonder, since the late Naturalization - Act, has that the ftrongeit connections should be conceived a violent antipathy to the broken, and the most intimate friends Jews, and takes every opportunity of let at variance, through their difference railing at the above-mentioned noble. of opinions. Not only the men, but man. Sir Rowland swears, that his their wives, are also engaged in the same Lordship is worse than Judas, that he is quarrel. Mr. Staunch the haberdasher actually circumcised, and that the chapel used to smoke his pipe conftantly in the in his house is turned into a fynagogue, fame kitchen corner every evening, at The knight had never been seen in a the same alehouse, with his neighbour church till the late clamour about the Mr. Veer the chandler, while their ladies Jew-Bill; but he now attends it regu. chatted together at the street.door: butlarly every Sunday, where he devoutly

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