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All in the flame, as he hath done,

For it they do deny-
When to the purpose I do come,

Like Pomeroy is men's cry" We do not know that it is so,

“ Nor can we this discern." Then to the purpose I shall go,

And do as thou hast done;
P'll make them fear when I come near

To be the JUDGE of all;
Because my Gospel none can clear;

The mysteries of the Fall
Do in it stand, I now tell Man:

Ther now from Pomeroy see,
How doth fear for to appear,

Ana sr den end will be,
That do go on as teath donc

My Bible now dis.
But he that now doth overcome

Til s rely keep from harm;
For to the end 'tis my intend

Believers for to free;
They'll rule the nations in the end

That now stand out for ME.
But mark and see the mystery,

What sorrows must abound; With rods of iron men must rule,

Then tremble at the sound ! 'Tis unbelief must bring this grief,

To have these rods appear; Because if men in faith do stand

To wish MY KINGDOM near, What rods so strong could there now come

Discern the mystery deep ; How unbelief must be in some,

To make my Gospel break;
And well I knew it would be so,

As in all ages past,
I knew how unbelief would flow

When it came to the last.
So, simple men, I tell you plain,

To bring the different way
Tis unbelief, I'll now maintain,

My Bible so doth lay ;
Some will believe, and will not grieve

To see the end appear,
While others flee, like Pomeroy,

With trembling and with fear
They'll hear the end-mark how doth bend

Thy ending now is come;
And Pomeroy, in security,

Thought all from him was gone ;
But now he sees the end of thee,

He cannot shun thee here ;
And perfect so the end will be,

When I in POWER appear.


They'll find, like be, they cannot flee,

Their honour so is lost
“ Though we did never judge this way

« Our Saviour here would burst;
But now he's come for to demand

“Our Bibles to appear,
« No more than Pomeroy can we stand;

“Our Bible we burnt here, u Not to discern how he did warn

« That he should come again ; « HE DIED TO LIVE for evermore,

« And so he now must REIGN; “ The keys of hell, we do know well,

“ Are given to him there ; “ 'Then sure the Tempter he must fall.

“ And Christ in power appear"Because that then I said to him

That did the Vision see,
Hereafter it must surely come,

And all fulfill'd must be :
The mystery's great without deceit

The seven stars you see
With golden candlesticks appear,

For so the end will be.
My angels here will so appear,

To keep them by MY POWER;
Their enemies they need not fear,

For I shall them devour ·
That's by My word that's on records

Like Pomeroy they'll be found,
Who cannot stand to judge thy hand,

The truth cannot be found
Now in the man ; he cannot stand,

Then down he sure must fall;
And so I tell you, by your land,

"Twill perfect be to all.
Had he not turn'd, thy writings burn'd,

Thou could'st not shame him here ;
And so to men I say the same,

They never would appear
With shame to see the words of MER

If they'd not plac'd all wrong;
But in my Biele they did see

That so the End must coine.
Then they'd not fear for to appear,

But as they this deny;
For they did act like Pomeroy here,
To burn is now their cry
The every word that's on record,

My Gospel will not see,
How I that am the Son of God

Was manifest to be
The Saviour here for to appear,
The Devil to destroy,

Revelation i. 12.

And all his works to put away,

That I might Man enjoy.
It doth not appear, I tell you here,

As yet, what Man will be,
But in the end I all shall clear

To those that join with me,
To have Me come their PRINCE and KING,

And their victorious Gon;
My Gospel now I mean to bring,

And ask how you allude
The words are here that do appear,

By my Apostle pennd,
That I the Son of God came here

The power of hell to rend,
I say, from Man? For this I come,

And this l'll now go through;
But scoffers here do strong appear

In these last days, I know;
They ask thee where these Promises are,

My coming so must be;
And now I bid the answer here,

The Gospel penn'd by thee
Let them explain what it doth mean,

If I don't make it good.
These PROMISES po nian can clear,

Nor how they do allude
To make it known that I shall come

In power for to appear;
Iltis not so, you all must know,

My Apostles all did err.
So now I say to thee this day,

Like Pomeroy men go on,
They take my Gospel all away,

And do as he hath done;
For fables here they say appear,

That my Apostle pennd;
Apd ask where the Promises are,

That I'll in power descend
To come again with MAN to reign,

In spirit to appear?
For so my Gospel it is penn'd,

That I shall so appear.
But now to Man I thus shall come

And ask, who must reveal
MY GLORY here for to appear,

When I from man conceal
The knowledge here to make it clear?

'Tis all conceal'd from man
The way my Bible I shall clear,

Then sure from my must come
For to reveal and not conceal,

MY GLORY must appear;
And those that suffer now with ME,

Men's mockery for to bear,
Shall then rejoice to hear my VOICE,

My Power for to see, ·

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When I reveal and not conceal,

The mysteries deep to thee
That are behind, they soon will find,

But I shall still go on-
The CORNER STONE will soon be known,

What ROCK to build upon :
That ROCK is me; I died to free

The nations in the end ;
And so my Gospel, you may see,

Is in this manner penn'd
Gird up your loins and you will find

My PROMISE in the end ;
So you may hope you shall not drop

Mark deep the lines are penn'd:
What GRACE is here that doth appear,

That's now reveal'd by me ?
I say the words no man can clear,

To say from man 't must be * -
Obedience here the whole must clear,

When I myself reveal ;
But now I ask men every where,

Why they do this conceal ?
“Obedience come ! 't must not be done!""

Is now their every cry.
The chapter's deep, I say, for men,

Though they do it deny;
But I ask here who do appear

In power kept strong by me,
Through faith unto Salvation here,

That is revealed by Me?
In the last time, you all must find,

These things must be reveald,
And I am come to plead with Man,

And shew I've not conceald
My COMING here for to appear,

Your faith to try I'M COME;
More precious than the gold you are

That now in faith go on.
Your Trial's great, without deceit,

ForTruth you all pursue
And 'tis from Me the Truth you'll see,

My honour you shall know;
For I'll appear in power here,

In Spirit like a God;
Your innocence I'll surely clear,

Though men to you allude,
Deceitful here you do appear;

They wish to prove you so.
But I their innocence shall clear

As they've begun I'll do;
I'll shew them plain I did act like nien,

And all the TRUTH shall see :
Unto the standard now I'll come,
And further answer thee,

i Peter i. 13.


The Trial here doth now appear,

Your Faith is tried by Man ;
And MY SALVATION shall appear,

And you by FAITH may stand.
Believers here do now appear,

Rejoice to see the end,
Because my Spirit it is near,

And so I shall descend;
In Spirit strong I shall go on,

Till I've reveal'd the whole,
To shew my KINGDOM it must come

As they before did tell.
Because that here I did appear,

Offer'd up once for sin ;
But now MY OFFICE I shall clear,

The sECOND TIME must come
'That I appear, I tell you here,

And without sin must be;
Then all my brethren I must clear-

You know the VINE is ME:
Then I must come again to MAN

And make the BRANCHES whole
My Gospel none do understand,

The way the End must fall :
The words that appear before thee here

No one doth understand." Hebrews ix. 15, to the 18-And for this cause he is the Mediator of the New Testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first Testament, they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance. For where a Testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the Testator. For a Testament is of force after men are dead : otherwise it is of no strength at all while the Testator liveth.

“ Now I'll appear to answer here

The words that puzzle thee:
The Mediator I came here,

I say, for Man to be;
And as my Death was then brought forth

The transgression then of Man,
Under the first you'll see the last,

Redemption so must come;
Because the will I shall fulfil,

As promis'd at the first;
After my Death must this come forth,

And so it now shall busst.
Ilad I not died, might been applied

I'd ne'er fulfilld the one;
Then sure, in justice, might been said,

My Will could never come

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