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public, ibe Report alleres, is strengthened Paris, Feb. 17. The Town Council of by the unanimity of its inhabitants, while Orleans on the 17th u't. resolved to crect a the judicious proceedings of its Adminiftaiue of Joan of Arc in thai city, as a ftration, together with its miliary force, monument of her defence of France against have already given it the character and apa the Englih invasion. When the folution pearance of a lon-established Sia'e; and, was laid before Bonaparie, he fignified his ifile iame wisdom continues to prevail, its an probation of the design in the following destiny will be still more prosperous. exprellirns, writen with his own hand "Ligoria, placed under a mixed Confti, on the margin of the paper:

tutiou, beholds at its head, and in its ali. Write in Citizen Crignon Dulormeaux, thority, those Citizens who are most dire Mayor of Oleans, thac ilos deliberation is tinguished by their virtues, their fortune, very agreeable to mo. The illuftrious and their talents." Joan of Archas proved, that there is no “ Batavia is gradually regaining possession miracle which French genius cannot pro- of the Colonies restored to her by the duce, under circumstances where national pence; but he ought never to forget, that independence is menaced. United, the

France can be 10 ber only obe most useful friend, French nation can never be conquered ; or 16: most dangerous enemy." but our more calculating and adroit neigh- “ In Germany, the last ftipulations of the bours, ausing the frankness and fidelity Treaty of Luneville are near their comof our character, conftantly low among us pletion.". those dillentions from whence resulced the “ Pruffia, Bavaria, and all the Secular calamities of that epoch, and all the disas. Princes who had poflettions on the left ters related in our history."

bank of the Rhine, have obtained on the The Moniteur of the 230 of February oppurite bank adequate indemnification." contained an official VIEW OF THE PRE

6. The House of Austria, in the BifhopSENT SITUATION OF THE REPUBLIC, rics of Salzburg, Aichstett, Trent, and laid before the Legislative Bodv. This im• Brixen, as well as in most parts of Paslau, portant Paper embraces a variety of sub- finds an equivalent for what it has lost in jects, and holds out a moft gratifying pic. Tuscany." ture of the prosperity of the country. There “ Thus, by the happy concurrence of is scarcely any topic of public moment to France and Russia, every permanent inte'which it does not a hide; but the remarks reft is consulted; and, from the midt of are rather too brief and summary to convey that storm which appeared to be pregnant Satisfactory information. The reigion of with destruction, the Germanic Empire,

the State; the care and protection given that Einpire so neceffıry to the equilibrium to all kinds of worship; the duty of chilo and the repose of Europe, anies with dren to their parents, of the people to the greater strength, by being composed of 'magiftracy; the general fpinie of national ele rents more homogene sus a'd better glory; "hefydtem of publice location, both combined, and adapted to the circumstances civil and military ; the morality of the in- and Ideas of the present age." habitinis; the progress of the sciences, of “ A French Ambitiador is at Conftane the arts, refinest and useful; the principles tinople, who is authorized to strengthen and administration of juttice; the provis the ties that attach us to a lower wbich seems Hon made by the Constitution for the con- 10 waver, but whom it is our interest to supa tinuance of the Executive, without the port and comfolidate. serils resulting from individual ambicios, “ Some British troops fill remain in or the impetuous burst of sudden anarchy; Alexandria and Nialta ; of this our Governo the ameli ration of agriculture; the perfect ment bad a right to complain; but it bus learned Lafety of travelling; the greit increase of that the prips defined io convey tbem to Europe commerce; the multiplicari:n of manufac- ar in iku Miditerranean. tures; the reparation, extension, and con- " The Government secures to the people ftrution of cinais; the diaining of marshes; the peace of the Continent; and it may be the improvement of harbours; the adop- permitted to hope for the continuation of a tion of a more effective lyttem of discipline mariline peace, This peace is required in the land and sea service; the increasing and withei for by all parties; and to preproductiveness of the revenus ; the eita. serve it, the Government will do whatever biithment of ceconomy in all the branches is compa:ible with na’ honour, and of the public service, and the benefi's ari- essentially connected with the strict execufing from the civil ende, the projects of lion of treaties: but in England 1 quo parties which are prepared for confiderarion :mall dispute for power. One bas concluded tbe peace, these points form the prominent traits of and is decidedly inclined to maintain it ; wbile this important document with respect to rbe orber bis sworn an implacable batred lo the interior of France.

France : bence arifes obat fiuctuation in opinions, In giving a sketch of the repose and tran- and in tbe Senate that altitude which is at once quillity of the Continent, the Italian Re' pacific and breatening. As long as this contefi

of I am

of parties continues, ë bere are certain prudential storm will be dissipated without any serious measures necessary on ibe part of the Republic. consequences.”. Five Hundred Thousand men mujt and will be BONAPARTE. “it will be diffipated ready to defend and avenge it. What a ftrange when England shall have evacuated Malta. necerily is imposed, by miserable pathuns, If not, the cloud will burl, and the bolc upon two nations, whose attachment arises muft fall. The King of England has prie from an equal intercft and a general incli- mised by treaty to evacuate that place; and nation.

who Thall viola e tho faith of treaties?" But wbatever may be obe success of intrigue Lord WHITWORTH (surprised on finding in London, I be pansies will not succeed in forma bimself queftioned in Ibis manner, and before so ing new alliances with aber Powers; and cur many persons.) “ 'But you know, General Government teils bem, wirb well-founded Conful, the circumstances which have bis pride, obat England alone cannot noqu encounter therto delayed the evacuation of Malta. France ! But let us entertain belter lopes, The intention of my Sovereign is to fulfil and rather believe, that in the British Ca- the Treaty of Amiens ; and you allo binet there will in future be heard only the koow councils of wisdom, and the voice of hu- BONAPARTE. “ You know (witb ime manity.

petuopity) that the French have carried on “ Yes, without doubt, the peace will the war for ten years, and you cannot çvery day be more and more consolidated; doubt but that they are in a condition to and the connexion between the two Go- wage it again. Inform your Court, thac vernments will assume that character of if, on the receipt of your dispatches, orders benevolence lo congenial to their mutual are not issued for the immediate surrender interests. A happy repose will cause the of Malta, chen War is declared. I declare long calamities of a disastrous war to he my firm resolution is, to see the treaty car buried in oblivion; and France and Eng. ried into effect; and I leave it to the Amland, by contributing to their reciprocal balladors of the several Powers that are happiness, will merit the gratitude of the present, lo say who is in the wrong. You universe.

fallered yoursedves that France would not “ The First Consul,

dare to Thew her resentment whilft her “ (Signed)

BONAPARTE. squadrons were at St. Domingo. “ By order of the First Consul, happy thus publicly to undeceive you on

“ The Secretrary of Siale, that head."

“(Signed) H. B. MARET." Lord WHITWORTH. “ But, General, On the arrival of the courier, announ- the negotiation is not yet broken; and ciug lo Bonaparte the King of England's there is even reason to believe-" Meflage to Parliament, the Consul imnie. BONAPARTE. “ of what negotiation diately jent for General Duroque quiltin does your Lordihip speak ? Is it necellary guished by his sliccessful Embally to the , to negotiate what is conceded by treaty Piumion Cuurt); and after an audience, to negotiate the fulfilment of engagements, which consumed the greater part of the and the duties of good faith? --( Lord W. night, Duroque was dispatched on a second was about 10 reply; Bonaparte made a fign milfion to Berlin.

wib bis band, and continued in a less elevated The following are interesing particulars tune.) My Lord, your Lady is indispoled. of a conversation which is confidently She may probably breathe her native air ftaied to have passed between Bonaparte rather sooner than you or I expected. I and Lord Whitworth on Sunday March 13, with most ardenty for peace; but if my at Madame Bonaparte's Drawing-room. just demand be not instantly complied The pelulance ascribed to Bonaparte affurds with, then war must follow, and God a striking contrast with the conduct and de. will decide. If treaties are not sufficient meanour of the Ambassador to whom it to bind to peace, then the vanquished must was addrelled.

not he left in a condition to offer injury.” There was a grand circle at the Thuil. Here this onexpected conversation leimi. Jerics. The Ambassadors of the d fferent nated; if that term can be aliowed, where Powers were in the Saloon, with a numc- the discourse was almost wholly on one side. sous affumblage of strangers and ladies of The following is a copy of a letter from distinction, Generals, Sena:ors, Tribunes, Mr. Jefferson, President of the United Legillators, &c. &c. Bonaparle entered, States of America, to the National loftiwith an unusual alertness of manner, and, tule of France : after saluting the company, addrelled him. “ Citizens President and Secretaries, I self to Lord Whitworld, in a tone lufti. have received the letter by which you have ciently loud to be heard hy all who were been pleased to announce, that the National present" You know, my Lord, that a Institute of Arts and Sciences has elected terrible Norm has arisen between England me Foreign A Bociate for the Class of and France."

Moral and Political Sciences. I receive Lord WHITWORTH. “ Yes, General that favour with a sensibility equal to the Consul; but it is to be hoped that this respect which a body of Philosophers of the first order onght tò inspire. Without ha- sembled at Paris) begins with the A&t of ving any juft right of pretending to the Mediation of the Firšt Consul, and is thus title of their colleague, I accept that dise couched : tinction as a proof of the spirit of frater- “ A&t of Mediation on the part of the First nity which unites into one family those Conful of the French Republic, between who cultivate letters and sciences, in whale the Parties which divide Switzerland. ever part of the globe they may dwell. Re. “ Bonaparte, First Conful of the Receive for yourselves, Citizens President and public, &c. Secretaries, and for your Colleagues, the “ Helvetia, a prey to diffentions, was afsurance of my high confideration and threatened with diffolution ; she could not refpe&.

find in herfelf the means of constituting (signed) " TH. JEFTERSON. herself, The well-established affection of « Washington, Now. 4, 1802."

the French Nation for that praiseworthy The following is a copy of a letter from people, which it lately protected and dethe Society of Agriculture at Paris to Wil- fended with its arms, and caufed to be acliam Marshall, Esq. in London, the well knowledged as a power by its treaties ; known author of several useful volumes on the interest of France and of the Italian the Rural Economy of England:

Republic, the frontiers of which Switzer“SirThe Agricultural Society of Paris, land covers; the solicitations of the Senate ever fince their installation, have been de- and of the democratic Cantons, the general firous to give you a proof of the very high wish of the Helvetic people, have renesteem with which they regard your useful dered it necessary for Us to interpose Our Jabours. But the war, which so long fee mediation between the parties which divide parated two nations formed to appreciate that country. and affift each other, had broken the chain “ The present Act, the result of long which unites the affections of men, of conferences between well intentioned men, whatever clime, whose exclusive employ- and friends to order, has appeared to us to ments are the improvements of the usefut contain the most proper dispositions to Arts, and who devote their ftudy and ex- insure to the Swiss both peace and prosperience to increase the happiness and prof- perity ; and as soon as these dispositions perity of their native country. The so: ihall be carried into execution, the French ciety of Paris, now availing themselves of troops shall quit Switzerland. the general peace which permits that plea- We acknowledge Helvetia, constituted hog hond to be renewou, haften to enrich as follows, to be an independent power. the lift of their fellow-labourers with the We cuarantee the federal constitution, and name of a man of science who is dear to that of each Cinton, against the enemies Agriculture, and whole inoportant labours of the tranquillity of Helvetia, be they who will form aa epoch in the Hittory of Rural they may; and We promise to keep the Economy.

relations of amity, which, for several ages, “ The Society have desired me to an. have upited both nations. nounce to you, that they have appointed “Given at Paris, Feb. 19, 1803. you to the first rank among their Foreign

“ Signed, &c." affociates ; and to beg your acceptance of Then follow the particular constitutions this mark of their esteem.

of the 19 Cantons, which are divided into “ I am also directed to transmit to you three clailes : demcratic, aristocratic, and the volumes which they have published, the new Cantons. The outline of these fince peace has permitted them to unite constitutions, although not officially com-. their labours for the common goud.

municated, has been for some time pub“ The Society further hope, that you licly known. will have the goodness to keep up a core The 19 Swiss Cantons are confederated, respondence with them, and to communi. agreeably to the principles estahlished in cate the result of your researches and ex- their respective Conftitutions : they muto. perience. Health and respect,

ally guarantee their constitutions, their « SILVESTRE, Secretary." territory, their liherty, and their indepena SWITZERLAND.

dence, both against foreign Powers, and the Three supplementary sheets of the Mo. usurpation of an individual canton or faca niteur of Feb. 23 were filled with the AS The quota of troops and money to of Mediation (as it is called), whereby the be supplied by each canton here follows. First Consul has given to the Cantons of The Diet to meet alternately, and from Switzerland (which are to be under a year to year, at Fribourg, Berne, Soleure, federal government) such local Couftitu. 'Balle, Zurich, and Lucerne. tions as he considers most proper for them. Citizen Louis D’Affy is Landamman for

This important Act (the result of long Swi:z:rland for the current year. conferences between the Senatorial Con- He is to have the charge of all Diplomitfioners, Barthelemy, Ræderer, Fouche, matic Negotiations ; he is to watch over Demeunier, and the D-puties of the Hele all the laws and ordin-nces of the, yeric Senate, the Towns and Caocons as. and of those of the particular Conftitutions.



The Diet is to be composed of a Deputy of the Portuguese fertlement of Macao from each Canton, who is to have full having been celed to the French by the powers, with intructior , by w ich he is first Treaty with France. Itrictly bound. The Deputks from the sg

GERMANY, &c. Cantons have 35 vo ces.

The Diet is to The lung-fubfifting difpute between afsemble every year on the rit of June. Aufiria and Bavaria, refpe&ting Paffan, is It is to continue its fittings but one month. at length settled. The City was dehvered In that time it may conclude Treaties of up to tho Bavarian troops on the 224 ult. Peace, of Alliance, and of Commerce, with A thief and murderer, who has cona Foreign Powers.

fefld perpetrating 32 murders, among The emigration of Swiss to America has which were two of his own wives, and induced General Ney to represent to the 180 burglaries committed in conjunction Helvetic Government its dangerous ten-' wiih accomplices, was guillotined at Cus dency. In the space of three days no leis logne on the icth ult. than 300 palfports were granted.

A lelter frim Cracovia, dated Jan, 29, HOLLAND.

says, that the winier has been extremely A Proclamation has been issued by the levere, and caused much calamily. The Dutch Government; by which, it reoms, wolves daily arrived at the gates of the the whole trade in the Dutch East India town in search of prey. A foldrer, going Settlements is to be loid open to the Crie on a mell me, was devoured by thele ani? zens of the Batavian Republic. Holland is mals; and the circumstance was only difa in effect made a great free port for all covered by the remnants of his cloaths and Ealiero commodities.

his mu'iket: Meny dogs have become mad, A report has been propagated, that. and persons have been bitten, against France is in treaty at this time with the whose complaints all medical affiftarce has Dutch Government, to surchase the Soie. proved inette Hual. Norwichftanding the reignty of Batavia and the other Datch rigour of the leason, an epidenric disordt pofleffions in the land of Jara, and in has raged, winch was a firft fuppofed to Timor, Celebes, Amboyna, and Maincan; be the plague. in short, to buy all the Duici poffetlions in A kiter from Copenhagen, dated the the Ean Indies.

12th Pub, mentions that there was then, in War was declared by the Dey of Algiers the Hospital of that city a woman who againft France on the 16th of January, had Dept it weeks without interruption. Scarcig tour nionths after the lit ferile Some attempts have been made to awake ment of differences. The cause of ho..i. bier from this trance, by violently shaking ties is, the refusal of the Frenc' Govern. her: while the motion lafts, it seems to muito pay to the Dey Ise tribute ttipis- revive ler; but, as soon as it is disconti laied by the Tiety. In Holland, they nued, 0:e immediately relapses into a prota's of notiti:g less 11130 making it a war found and death-like Ocep. During this of extermination apainst the Algerines. period the bas not received any food; notdi ITALY.

withiftinding which, there is not the least The Pope has appointed M. le Ezilly de alteration in her appearance. She is only Thumari, Grand Matter of Malla. M. de 23 years of age, but remarkably corpulent. Thuması is a Neapolitan Knight.

Cipi. Von Pilavg. of the Swedith fera Dr. Bairi, a phyfiuian of Fejano, in Tof. vice, bas invented a machine for swimming cny, has discovered, that by the addition and floating without danger of drowni.g. of three ounces of pulverized quick-lime As a reward for this discovery, bis Sweto ove pound of gimpowder, ils force is dith M. jesty has granted himi a fum of angniented one third. No farther prepa-- 2000 rix dollars, and exclusive privilege ration is required but to boil the whole for 25 years to execute and sell this machine. together till the surface no longer appears The Grand Duke Nicholas of Ruffia is white.

to be appointed High Admiral of Ruffia, The Pope has ordered a hundred galley During liis minority, Aumiral Tschittha. faves to be employed in disging for anti- now is to offcate. quities in the old city of Olia.

The Rutitan Ambassador at Paris is fiid PORTUGAL.

to have declared in the name of his SoveA letter from Lifbon has the following reign, that be fhogid consider the landing Angular article:

of a French foldier in the Turkib domie * Gen. Lalnes is arrived. Scarcely had nions as a commencement of hoftilities on he entered his former Hotel, when he the part of France. wrote 10 bis Royal Higliness the Prince Comjlantinople, Jan. 10. On the 26th of Regent, that he came to retume his diplos Deceniber, an Alljetant of General Stuart matic functions; but that lie could not had a conference with the Reis Effendi; appear at any levee before all the Minif.

and propofed, in the name of the Englith ters who were in pouer when he left Government, that the Porte Thonld grant Portugal were difrificil."

a pardon to the Egypeian Beys, and affign A letter from Madrid mentions a report them a distant perce in Upper Egypt,




Abstrakt of Foreign Occurrences.

273 where they should engage to live peace- Accounts have heen received from Bom. ably, and conduct themselves as faithful bay, daied the rit of January, by which subjects of the Porte.-- The Reis Effendi, we learn, that the King of Persia had rewho had expected very different proposals ceived the intelligence of the accidental from the English Adjutant, answered, that death of his Ambassador with great disthe Porte would communicate its deterini- tress; but that his Majesty was perfearly nation on this fubjact in the English Am- salisfied with the explanations which were ball dr. Tlie la ter accordingly h d leve- given by our Government in India on the ral conferences with the Reis Effendi, and occasion. the negotiation

was yester lay evening Accounts from Poonah mencion, that sebrought to a conclusion. The Porte has veral of the Peibwa's principal and configranted a pardon to the Boys, under the dential servants have been detected in a following conditions :- 1, The Cavalry of conípiracy against his life, and have been the Mamelukes tall enter immediately put to death. into the service of the Pacha of Cairo. 2, Two veffels that were sent out in search The Porte will afli in to the Six Insurgent of the Earl Talbot Indiaman, in the Chia Beys the little town of Awan, in Upper nese feas, have not been heard of; and it Egypt, where they shall reside in peace, is feared that they have shared the fate of and subject to the Porte,, without inter- that unfortu iate ship. fering in the public affairs and government Eur.equak: and Fire at Gbergon. - ACof Egypt - As loon as this convention was counts recei ed at Calcutta from Allam, concluded, Lord Elgin declared officially report extufive injury to have been furto the Grand Vizer, thai Egypt should be tained at Ghergon, the capital of that coun. immediately evaculated by the Englith try, in coníequence of an earthquake, troops, which would be conveyed to Malta. wl ich his demolished a considerable part The latter ill and the English will continue offine city. In the confusion incident to to retain nutfeilion of, ili they are certain this awful visitation, a fire obtained such of the maintenance of Peace.

irrefittihle violence as nearly to complete On the 6th unit. the French ambassador, the destruction of the place. It extended General Brune, arrived here with the squa: likewise to some extensive powder-works dron from Touian, conlisting of a ship of in the vicinage of the city, and which, in the line, a frigate, iwo hrigs, and two cor; exploding, have done incredible damage. vettes. This sqarnion likewise brought. Several thousand persons are itated to have the French Agents of Legation aed Com- penthed on these occasions. merce, destined for the different ports of

AMERICA the Levant.

The Governors of the French West Private letters from Conftantinople say, India in inds continue to harass the Amethat proposals have been niade on the part rican trade by every possible means. The of France to establith French garrisons in Negroes in revoll, whon apprehended, are Turkey, in order to enable the Porte to now conveyed on board the vellels of the support its power,

United States which fail from the poris of AFRICA.

Guadaloupe. All remonftrances on the The Imogene frigate arrived at the Cape part of the masters is fruitless; and they of Good Hope in the night of th: 311t of are informed by the French officers charged December The fortretles would have with the execution of the orders, that if been delivered up to the Dutch in the they do not choose to be incumbered with course of a few hours; part of the English the Blacks, they may throw them overtroops were embarked, and others en- board. camped at the distance of eight miles. In Preparations are carrying on with adia consequence of the Imogelie's dispatches, vity by the Government of Louisiana for. the troops were immediately ditembarked, the cellion of that province to the French. and re-garrisoned the foris -- the place was The State of North Carolina has pailed saved by about five hours. Tiere were an Act, by which all persons, who shall only about fuity men in the cattle, as a fight duels after its date, are, by that very matter of form, to keep poiscition till the fact, to become incapable of any public Dutch entered.

office, civil or military, within the said ASIA.

State ; and all perfons, by whole bands Accounts from Bombay state, that the another thall fall in a duel, are made liable courier which was dispatched to Perfia in to conviction for felony, withous benefit of July, with the tidings of the death of the clergy. Persian Ambassador, reached Schiras on The American Papers give the Report the 28th of September. The King has or- of the Committee of Commerce and Madered that the nephew of the Khan shall nufactures, upon that part of a Mellage of resume the business committed to the Am- the Prefident of the United States, which bassador's charge; for which purpose he relates to the discriminating and counterwill proceed to Bungal.

vailing duties, and the late Act of the Bri. Gent. Mag. Mareb, 1803.


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