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“ which no man can see God;" that at the final consummation of all things, our ears may hear the delightful sentence of approbation,-“Come,

ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom “ prepared for you from the foundation of the * world." Amen



John xiv. 15.
If ye love me, keep my commandments,


It is the distinguishing characteristic of the christian religion, that the doctrines it contains, and the precepts it recommends, require no depth of genius, no extraordinary degree of penetration to discover their import :-in this, the learned have no advantage over the unlearned; the most acute philosopher enjoys no superiority over the most uncultivated rustic: the language of the gospel is the language of nature, which the latter can hear with as much satisfaction as the former.-As the light of the natural sun is obvious to all, who do not labour under an impediment of sight, so the glorious rays emitted from “ the Sun of Righte“ ousness,” present themselves to the view of all who enjoy the exercise of the mental powers, though but in an ordinary degree.

The oracles delivered by the heathen deities were clothed in mystery, and wrapped up in ambiguity, as shunning that light which must infallibly have exposed their absurdity : but the lively oracles of the true God, exhibited in the gospel revelation, court the light, offer themselves to the


of every beholder, and prove undeniably that they come from him “ who is

light, and in whom is no darkness at all;" and who, like a kind father, expresses his will in a manner intelligible to all his children; not as a harsh master, who will not be at the pains to explain his commands, that he may take occasion rigorously to punish the poor slaves who are left to guess at what would please him. What can be more plain, and at the same time more forcible, than the proposition contained in the text; “if ye love me, keep my commandınents ?” Our Saviour had now the near prospect of leaving his disciples, and was about to commit to them the propagation of what he so gloriously begun, even the preaching of the gospel to every creature; they were to proclaim to all nations that “ he which believeth and is baptized shall “ be saved; and he that believeth not shall be “ damned."--His meaning then, in these words, is undoubtedly this:--- Would you give a con* vincing and incontestable proof to all men, “ wheresoever you preach my name, that your “ love for your master is ardent and sincere; the “ only way you can do it is by a strict obedience “ to my precepts, and an exact conformity to

my example:" and what was at first addressed particularly to the disciples, is now addressed to the christian world in general, even to all to whom “ the word of this salvation is sent."

In order to the clearer illustration of this subject, I propose to observe the following method. In the first place, to consider what love to Christ is. In the second place, to consider what is meant by keeping his commandments. And in the third place, to point out the necessary connection there is between love to Christ and keeping his commandments.

First, then, we are to consider what love to Christ is. Love to Christ, we conceive, implies the three following particulars; first, veneration; second, esteem; third, gratitude.

I. Let us see in what views the Bible exhibits our great mediator as an object of veneration.We find him there représented, as“ the eternal * word," co-equal with the Father: as “ the “ brightness of the Father's glory, and the express image of his person;" as " king of kings, “ and lord of lords, even the king eternal, immor

tal, invisible, the only wise God:” his name is called, “ Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, “ the everlasting Father:-his throne is for ever “ and ever, the sceptre of his kingdom is a scep"? tre of righteousness,"_

What, with regard to men, commands veneration, is superior power, magnificence, or wisdom. Now, where can we meet with all these in so eminent a degree as in him who is all-mighty, all-glorious, all-wise? The power of the greatest earthly monarch is mere weakness, compared to his, who with one potent word commanded all things into being out of nothing; who upholds all his creatures by the same word of his power; who kills, and who makes alive; who, when all mankind shall be sleeping together in the dust, will with one irresistible command, raise all again to never-ending life, and assign to each individual of the human species their eternal station in happiness or misery by his sovereign, irrevocable sentence of absolution or condemnation. The grandeur of the most glorious of the sons of men is but farce and pageantry, consists in poor, airy, external shew, and is subject to be blasted with numberless accidents: but the glory of the great Redeemer consists in the magnificent robes of

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