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in the strength of Christ, that your richly-laden vessels may not be lost through sin; and let it be your great concern so to watch and pray against it, that in the solemn hour of death it may be said of

“ There go the ships:" blessed vessels; they are bound for glory; Christ is their pilot, and heaven the port of eternal rest and joy.




“ The Sea is bis, and be made it."-Ps. lxxxv. 5.

“ He bid the liquid waters flow

To their appointed deep;
The flowing seas their limits know,

And their own station keep.”

AMONGST the infinite and wonderful works which diversify our globe, the vast collection of waters, called the Ocean, deserves far more attention than the world in general devotes to the study of it. Persons who have never traversed it, so as to lose sight of land, have but an imperfect idea of the grand picture which presents itself, when the horizon is wholly bounded by the mighty expanse of waters.

of waters. If the weather be fine, the scene is one of the grandest imaginable, and is properly considered as belonging to the real sublime.

Contemplating the ocean abstractedly, there is a great deal in it to raise in our minds the most exalted ideas of that Being who “ measured the waters in the hollow of his hand ;" * and when we consider all its great uses, and excellent properties, there is something additional in it to excite us to love and adore the Lord.

It is not my intention to enter into profound inquiries relative to the numerous uses, &c. of the ocean; but I shall briefly state a few things respect

* Is. xl. 12.

ing it, which I pray God to bless to the good of all.

The ocean is exceedingly useful in affording a very suitable habitation for innumerable tribes of living creatures; all of which display the wisdom and power of God, and many of which afford excellent food to various tribes of

poor blacks, as well as yield to man articles of luxury, &c. The ocean is also of the highest use and importance, in furnishing moisture for all the earth. The evaporation which daily takes place from the sea is amazing, and in the course of nature's wondrous operations, it is quickly condensed into rain, which falls abundantly upon the earth, to fertilize it, and afterwards forms all the rivers of the world. The Mediterranean sea alone, is computed to lose millions of gallons of water in a day, by evaporation; and the loss is not supposed to be counterpoised, by all the waters of the immense rivers, which empty themselves into it. How vast then, must be the evaporation constantly going on in all parts of the wide sea! The ocean further is of the greatest use in affording the most admirable means of communication with all parts of the world. Were we deprived of it, we should find it almost impossible to maintain any important intercourse with distant countries; because a great part of the earth is of a nature to preclude man from travelling over it. The great things which have been done for the civilization and eternal welfare of the world, have been accomplished through the medium of the ocean.

It has enabled us to send forth our devoted and philanthropic

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