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Orcobrand, Genius of the Forest, Mr. Raymond. Ellen,..

Miss Searle. Ardenelle, Fairy of the Lake,.. Mrs. H.Siddons. Martha,

Miss Tyrer.
Principal Sylph,

Mrs. Sharp
Rose, ..

Mrs. Emery. Gossamer,

Miss C. Bristow.

The plot of this Opera. if indeed it can he said SCENE-Bagdad, and the adjoining Forest.

to have any, is borrowed from the admirable This piece has been so long lalked of, that a

poem, entitled “The Lay of the Last Minstrel,” kind of popularity was bespoken for it, and it is

by Walter Scot, Esq. For any thing of a drainatic sued into the world a favourite by anticipation.- || structure, this plot is too scanty. Laird Ronald is But vain are the hopes of man! we must, indeed, || believed to have been drowned, when is fact he is confess, that The Forty Thieres have much disap

not drowned.—This is the only mystery of the pointed us. The original simplicity of the story || piece. A jealous and insilious rival endeavours is nowise preserved. The fable is pressed down to supplant him in the favour of his mistress and by an incumbering machinery of fairies, genii, the fortunes of her father. In this he succeeds, till and hobgoblins. The admirable quaintness in the proper time in which the catastrophe of the the original character of the Cobler is lost ; and || piece required the appearance of Laird Ronald, Ali Baba excites no one emotion whatever. The the vindication of his rights, and the punishment Amazonian s;irit, and desperate subtlety of Mor of his rival-Upon such meagre materials, what giana, are entirely obliterated. - In a word, a

could be erect. d? fine towering palm is taken from the Arabian In a word there was but one character in this garden, and transplanted into a bed of barren || piece; that of Christopher Kilspindie ; and he sand, where its leaves fall off, its head bows, and was a bad imitation of Lingo.- Laird l'onald' and it turns to a mere dry and withered stick Had Edward sang their songs, and did nothing: this piece been handled with suitable talent, || The ladies merely walked across the stage. There much, --much indeed might have been made of was some attempt at character in Sir Alfred, it.-As it is, we can commend nothing but the

and the excellent actor to whom it belonged, did music, the admirable exertions of the performers | every thing for it; but e nihilo nihil fit; it had (particularly of Bannister, Miss De Camp, and nothing of merit but what it derived from Atat'hews), and a sumptuousness and magni

Munden. ficence of.scenery, which evince a bold defiance

The favour with which the piece was received, of expence in the Managers of Drury-lane

was principally owing to the music, which is Theatre,

chiefly composed or selected by Reeve. Some COVENT-GARDEN.

of the songs were encored. Fawcett came in for On Thursday, April 101h, a new Opera was

his full share of applause, particularly in his song brought out at this Theatre from the fruitful pen

about Æneis aud Dido, which, we believe, we of Mr. Dibdin, called The White Plume; or,

have frequently heard from the author of the 1?: Border Chieftains." This piece, coming out

piece, in divers places, with great pleasure; and so speedily after the first appearance of the New

we were very happy to find that what had given so Ballet at the other Theatre, attracted a very full

inuch satisfaction in more private circles, was relouse.

ceived with such approbation in a public theatre.

Very little expence has been incurred in the Scots.

scenery and decorations. We did not observe Earl Glenfllan,..... Mr. Murray.

any new scene till we came to the last, which Scotch Chieftain, Mr. Will.

was rather novel, and certainly produced a good Kilspindie,..

Mr. Frucett. effect. It was so contrived as to represent an Allan, .

Mr. Blanchard. amphitheatre; two circular rows of seats were Donald,

Mr. Bennett. occupied by various persons, in different cha-
Mr. King.

racters, and on the back scene was painted a Flora,..

Miss Daries. succession of rising seats, forming on the whole Danes.

five or six stages, filled with spectators of the Sir Guthred,..

Mr. H. Johnston.

combat proposed between the Danish Chief, Randall,..

Mr. Taylor.

Guthred, and the English Chieftain, Edward, Pierre,

Mr. Bererley.

which was prevented by the appearance of Gilbert,

Mr. Atkins,

Ronald, who was supposed to have been slain, English.

and whose murder was charged upon Edward by Sir Alfred,...

Mr. Munden. Guthred, who intended to murder him, but had Edward,

Mr. Incledon.

been prevented. Guthred, on his detection, is Arthurg.

Mr. Lision. carried off by the soldiery, harmony ensues, the Nicholas,

Mr. Simmons. union between the families take place, and the
Mr. Harley.

demouement of the piece is concluded by separate Butler,..

Pulr. Wilde.

dances of the English and Scotch visitors.




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