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mined, therefore, to rid himself of this troublesome man, and sent an executioner to destroy him. The prophet, though aware of his danger, and in expectation of the murderer, sat still in his house, and with the utmost serenity counselled the elders of the city. The king was fired with indignation both against God and the prophet; but Elisha pacified his resentment by declaring, in the name of the Lord, that the very next day would terminate the calamity and produce an astonishing plenty. One of the attendant courtiers, indeed, turned the assertion into ridicule; but he received an awful punishment for his incredulity and contempt of the

man of God. According to Elisha's word, he saw the promised plenty, and yet perished in the midst of it. Harriot.-You forgot, Sister, to mention how Elisha led the men who came to destroy him to Samaria, set great provision before them, and when they had eaten and drunk he sent them away, and they went to their


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Amelia.-I attended to Mamma's direction, and thus followed your example upon a former occasion, by just touching upon the chief points of the history.

Ex.-Very good: your remark, Miss Harriot, proves your attention; the reason which Miss Amelia has as

signed for her brevity is quite sufficient.; your Mamma seems gratified.

Mrs. N.-True, Sir; and I am persuaded my girls have no objection to my acknowledging that I am so. But go on, Amelia.

Amelia.-By Elisha's counsel the Shunamite escaped the distresses of the national famine; and for his sake she recovered her former possessions, of which she had been unjustly deprived. The labours of this prophet were not entirely confined to the land of Israel; for he travelled to Damascus, and Benhadad sent Hazael to inquire of him, whether he should recover of his disease. He told him, that his master might recover, as his

disorder was not fatal, but that he would surely be taken off by some other means. He then burst into tears at the prospect of those miseries, which the very man before him was about to bring upon Israel, and warned him of the wanton cruelty which he was about to exercise. Elisha caused Jehu to be anointed king of Israel, and a consider

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able period after that event he fell sick of the disease whereof he


Ex.-It highly demands attention, that this prophet, above sixty years from the time of his appointment, had continued to discharge his office with zeal and fidelity. Nor was his dying

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bed inglorious; though he did not quit the world in the same triumphant manner as Elijah. Joash, the king of Israel, stood among his weeping attendants, and then acknowledged the value of this eminent preacher of righteousness, as the best protection of the state. Joash received a recompence for the regard he showed to the good man in his last moments. For Elisha assured him that he should be the instrument of delivering Israel from the oppression of the Syrians. This was the last prediction of Elisha, but it was not the last honour which was conferred upon him: for even after his dissolution, a dead body cast into his sepulchre, upon touching his

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