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vate. Whilst the sons of the prophets were enlarging the place of their residence, he wrought a miracle to relieve one of them from distress, by causing iron to swim on the surface of the water. He disclosed the counsels of the king of Syria, and by this exposed his life to the most imminent danger; for an armed host of the Syrians came to apprehend him. His servant, terrified by the multitude of surrounding enemies, cried out, "Alas! my master, how shall we do?" Poor man, he was soon frightened; he did not possess much of his master's courage.

Er.-True, Miss, he did not. This young man it is supposable had

been but a little while with his master; no longer than since Gehazi's dismission; and, therefore, perhaps, had not yet seen any great experiments of his power to work miracles; or, if he had, the great and imminent danger he thought his master in, might well be allowed to excite his fear, and shake his faith.

Amelia. - His fears were soon found to be groundless; but that which quieted his, would have excited mine.

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Ex.-I suppose, Miss, that you refer to the horses and chariots of fire with which Elisha was surrounded?

do Sir; for such a sight

would have alarmed me greatly..

Mrs. N-I must also make the


same acknowledgment: will oblige us with any remarks on the appearance of angels, Sir?

Ex.-A variety of opinions are entertained on that subject, which it would be too far diverging from the intention of my exhibition were I largely to notice: but, in answer to your inquiry, Madam, it is supposed, the general token of angelic presence appears to have been a certain splendour, or brightness, accompanying them. But this seems to have had either a distinction in degree, or a peculiarity, perhaps an identity of appropriation.

Mrs. N.-I am much obliged to

you, Sir, for though I do not expect, while an inhabitant of this world, to have the honour to behold celestial beings, yet, like many others, I am desirous to obtain all the information possible on subjects not fully revealed.

Ex. On this desire, Madam, I cannot congratulate you; for whatever is of moment in reference to our eternal interest or present advantage, divine compassion has clearly revealed; whilst those subjects which are not connected with either, are veiled in obscurity or totally hidden from our view. This should teach us not to speculate on what we cannot discover, but to practise that which God has

published for the rule of human


Mrs. N. Your observation certainly does not gratify vain curiosity, but speaks to my judgment, and shall regulate my practice. Now, Amelia, let me hear you conclude the history of the prophet, for we must very soon bid Mr. Davenport good morning.

Amelia. Another danger threatened the life of Elisha. The inhabi tants of Samaria, while closely besieged by the Syrians, were perishing by famine. The king himself felt the weight of the calamity; but, instead of being humbled before God and renouncing his iniquities, he was filled with rage against Elisha. He deter

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