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have made an abstract of the history of the monarchy of Greece, could he have done it in more proper words than the foregoing?

Since these things are beyond dispute, what manner of men must they be, who oppose themselves to such full conviction ; and will not allow those writings to come from God, which bear such an incontestible stamp of their divine original; and record such things, as neither men nor angels could ever pry into, and nothing less than infinite knowledge could foretel?

We have purposely declined speaking of the many prophecies, relating to the mission of St. John the Baptist, or the life, paffion, death and resurrection of our blessed Redeemer ; because, as those momentous articles are so well known, a repetition of them would be needless to those, who either attend the service of the church, or consult the sacred scriptures in their closets ; and if any. have been hitherto incurious in affairs of so high a concern, they cannot fail of meeting with sufficient satisfaction, if they will bus be persuaded to make proper enquiries. Having laid before


this inconteftible evidence of the divine authority of the sacred scriptures, it will be needless, I presume, to enlarge on this topick for its confirmation. It will be no small satisfaction, however, to the serious believer, to consider the purity of the gospel doctrine ; the forgiveness of injuries, which is there fo. strongly insisted

upon, and that brotherly love, which is there likewise so pathetically recommended, as to be made the characteristic of our profession: such arguments as these must, doubtless, have their proper

weight; and upon a comparison of the christian system with that of any other we must earnestly cry out with St. Peter, • To whom shall we go ?-Thou hast the words of eternal life.” To conclude, though we have brought a variety of other

argu: ments to demonstrate the divine authority of the sacred books; yet the PROPHECIES therein recorded, and the testimony of prophane authors concerning the completion of them, is, in our opinion ; lo full a proof, that none but men of the most consummate obstinacy can withstand such strong conviction.


“ Let us then, who have heard with our ears, what our fathers “ have declared : to wit, the noble works that thou, O Lord of “ hosts, hast accomplished in their days, and in the old time before “ them, be unfeignedly thankful for such inestimable mercies, and “ let us with heart and voice approach the throne of grace and say, “O Almighty God, who hast built thy church upon the founda“ tion of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the “ head corner-stone ; grant us so to be joined together in unity of

spirit by their doctrine, that we may be made an holy temple acceptable unto thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."


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