Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan; Or, The Mogul Empire: With an Introduction, Illustrative of the Geography and Present Division of that Country: and a Map of the Countries Situated Between the Head of the Indus, and the Caspian Sea

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M. Brown, 1788 - 295 pages

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Page 267 - Burrampaoter, are overflowed, and form an inundation of more than a hundred miles in width ; nothing appearing but villages and trees, excepting very rarely the top of an elevated fpot; (the artificial mound of fome deferted village) appearing like an ifland.
Page 263 - The bay, so corroded, in time becomes large enough to give a new direction to the body of the canal: and the matter excavated from the bay is...
Page 257 - Its numerous canals are fo difpofed as to form a complete inland navigation throughout and acrofs the lower part of the Delta, without either the delay of going round the head of it, or the hazard of putting to fea. Here fait, in quantities equal to the whole...
Page 261 - During eleven years of my refidenre in Bengal, the outlet or head of the Jellinghy River was gradually removed three quarters of a mile farther down: and by two furveys of a part of the adjacent bank of the Ganges, taken about the...
Page 268 - It is not uncommon for a flrong wind, that blows up the river for any continuance, to fwell the waters two feet above the ordinary level at that feafon : and fuch accidents have occafioned the lofs of whole crops of ride.
Page 53 - Taking the extent of the ruins of Gour at the most reasonable calculation, it is not less than fifteen miles in length (extending along the old bank of the Ganges), and from two to three in breadth.
Page 255 - In a military view, it opens a communication between the' different pofts, and ferves in the capacity of a military way through the country ; renders unneceflary the forming of magazines ; and infinitely furpafles the celebrated inland navigation of North America, where the carrying places not only obftruft the progrefs of an army, but enable the adverfary to' determine his place and mode of attack with certainty.
Page 258 - ... 200 miles for the diftance to which the Ganges expands its branches at its junction with the fea. It has been obferved before, that the courfe of this river, from Hurdwar to the fea, is through an uniform plain, or, at lead:, what appears fuch to the eye : for the declivity is much too fmall to be perceptible.
Page 276 - Bore commences at Hoogly Point, the place where the river first contracts itself, and is perceptible above Hoogly Town ; and so quick is its motion, that it hardly employs four hours in travelling from one to the other, though the distance is near seventy miles.
Page 155 - Seapoy grenadiers, aflembled without being difcovered, and fquatted down under the parapet; but, before a reinforcement arrived, three of the party had fo little recollection as to fire on fome of the garrifon, who happened to be lying afleep near them; this had nearly...

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