Additional Views of Commissioner Weinberg on Indicative Planning

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National Commission on Supplies and Shortages, 1976 - 95 pages

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Page 77 - Full employment in this Report means more than that in two ways. It means having always more vacant jobs than unemployed men. not slightly fewer jobs. It means thai the jobs are at fair wages. of such a kind, and so located that the unemployed men can reasonably be expected to take them: it means. by consequence, that the normal lag between losing one job and finding another will be very short.
Page 12 - Commission shall establish an advisory committee to develop recommendations as to the establishment of a policy making process and structure within the executive and legislative branches of the Federal Government as a means to integrate the study of supplies and shortages of resources and commodities into the total problem of balanced national growth and development, and a system for coordinating these efforts with appropriate multiState, regional and State governmental jurisdictions.
Page 68 - II of S. 2412, were discussed in detail by representatives of the Bureau of the Budget and the Federal Security Agency in the hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Education and Labor on S. 2412 March 31 and April 2, 1942. Prior to the completion of a draft of a bill which became S. 2412, the Veterans' Administration reported February 5, 1942, to the Bureau of the Budget on a preliminary draft.
Page 20 - Committee recommends that a National Growth and Development Commission be created as an independent agency in the Executive Branch of the Federal government. It should have a broad mandate to examine emerging issues of middle- to long-range growth and development, and to suggest feasible alternatives for the Congress, the President, and the public.
Page 48 - Directors to be comprised of 9 members, the appointment of which shall be allocated pro rata among the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader of the Senate and the President.
Page 92 - X that j* essential to assure that when indicative planning becomes reality — as it almost certainly will -- it will take a form that will serve the Nation well. A story told about French Marshal Lyautey is very much in point. His gardener sought to put off the Marshal by reminding him that a tree he wanted planted would not flower for a hundred years. "In that case," said the Marshal, "plant it this afternoon.
Page 81 - Demand for steel products shows an erosion since late spring of 1976, and this erosion is reflected in steelworker layoffs and selected furnance shutdowns. The most recent figures available indicate that capacity utilization in the steel industry is currently below 70 percent. Future demand for steel products is quite uncertain at present in view of the leveling off of automobile and appliance sales and weak construction and capital goods demand. The report found no indication of "any significant...
Page 2 - ... to it regardless of any euphemism used by its proponents. It should be noted that leading sponsors of the legislation that created this Commission did not hesitate to mention "planning" during the Congressional debates on the legislation. How Indicative Planning Would Work Indicative planning Bust be clearly distinguished from the mandatory planning of the communist countries. Under indicative planning, the Government would not intervene in the economy in any different fashion from the way it...
Page 46 - Center (needed in any case to coordinate governmental statistical programs and to improve analyses for policy making) would help the Commissioners to develop options that were coherent and feasible. All the options developed in the Commission would be presented simultaneously to the President, the Congress, and the public. Presidential response — The President would be required to respond to the options in his Economic Report. He could adopt or modify one of the options prepared in the Commission...
Page 4 - Congress would be required to be consistent with those goals and thus wouid become the main instrumentality for implementation of the plan. Follow-up — The President would be required to use his discretionary powers in a manner consistent with the numerical goals. The Federal Reserve Board would be required to provide the volume of credit needed to attain those goals and, if necessary, to allocate credit to facilitate their attainment.

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