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obfcurity and perplexedness of his Stile, which makes his Paraphrafe fomewhat difficult, and of less general Ufe; and befides, it was never printed by it felf withcut his large Notes. The Right Reverend Father in God Dr. Patrick Lord Bishop of Ely, has with admirable Learning and Judiciousness brought this way of Writing to Perfection, in his Paraphrafe upon Jome Books of the Old Teftament; And all who defire to understand the Scriptures fully, will ever wish that his Lordship had gone through the whole Writings both of the Old and New Teftament in the fame Way. Others who have written good Expofitions upon the Holy Scriptures, have either made large Commentaries, of less general and conftant Ufe; or have infifted chiefly on fuch Critical Obfervations, as are proper only for the Learned.

I have endeavoured in thefe Papers to express the fuil Senfe of the Evangelift in the plainest Words, and to continue the Senfe without interruption by the clearest Tranfitions I could. I have all along confulted the best Expofitors, and felected out of every one what seemed to difcover the most natural Meaning of the Text. And where any thing remarkable offered it self to my Thoughts, different from what I met with in Commentators; I fet it down in fhort Notes in the Margin. But other Critical Obfervations I havegenerally omitted,(excep ting what ufe is made of them in the Paraphrafe,) that I might not fwell the Marginal Notes into a Commentary, and trouble the Reader with repeating what others had faid already. Through the whole, I have fincerely endeavoured to reprefent the Doctrine of our Saviour in its Original Simplicity, without refpect to any Controverfies in Religion; And wherefoever I may have mistaken the Senfe of the Evangelift, I shall be always defirous to be better informed.


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