The Vishńu Puráńa: A System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition, Volume 5, Part 1

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Trübner, 1864

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Page 27 - Spiritus intus alit: totamque infusa per artus ' Mens agitat molem, et magno se corpore miscet ' Inde hominum pecudumque genus vitaeque volantum ' Et quae marmoreo fert monstra sub aequore pontus.
Page 25 - MEDICAL LEXICON ; A Dictionary of Medical Science : Containing a concise Explanation of the various Subjects and Terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence and Dentistry, Notices of Climate and of...
Page 15 - A HISTORY OF THE HEBREW MONARCHY from the Administration of Samuel to the Babylonish Captivity. By FW Newman.
Page 21 - A DICTIONARY, SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH, extended and improved from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor HH WILSON, with his sanction and concurrence.
Page 26 - Printers, and of their Black Letter Books, very few persons ever had the opportunity of seeing any of these productions, and forming a proper estimate of the ingenuity and skill of those who first practised the
Page xxv - Researches into the Nature and Affinity of Ancient and Hindu Mythology«, London 1831.
Page 23 - Vol. II. Part 2.— Papuan Languages of the Loyalty Islands and New Hebrides, comprising those of the Islands of Nengone, Lifu, Aneitum, Tana, and others. 8vo. p. 12. 6d. Vol. II. Part 3.— Fiji Islands and Rotuma (with Supplement to Part II., Papuan Languages, and Part I., Australia). 8vo. pp. 34. 1».
Page 17 - ON THE NATURE OF THE SCHOLAR, AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German by William Smith.
Page iii - Indian scripture is the unity of the Deity, in whom the universe is comprehended ; and the seeming polytheism which it exhibits, offers the elements, and the stars, and planets, as gods. The three principal manifestations of the divinity, with other personified attributes and energies, and most of the other gods of the Hindu mythology, are indeed mentioned, or at least indicated, in the Vedas.
Page 25 - Pharmacy in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. A Treatise on Pharmacy : designed as a Text-book for the Student, and as a Guide for the Physician and Pharmaceutist.

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